Wahl Deep Tissue Massager Review 2021 (Buying Guide) For Back, Neck, Shoulders, Muscles & Legs

This specific massaging item was first presented in 2016, and after 3 years it is as yet surpassing a considerable lot of its rivals. This particular model is electric so it will require an electrical plug nearby with the end goal for it to work. ( Related : Best Back Massager )

One of the highlights of this massager that it comes with long handle. This eliminates the dissatisfaction of attempting to get your massage your back. With its long handle, you ought to have the option to arrive at anyplace that needs massage.

Having variable velocities permits you to set your massager from moderate and loosening up Massage. At simply 2.5 lbs., this massager is exceptionally light regarding its weight, so even after a long back massage, it ought not be bringing about any exhaustion in your grasp.

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Top Features :

  • Variable Intensity
  • 4 Unique Attachment Heads
  • User Friendly
  • Long 9 feet power cable
  • Enjoy all the benefits this handheld variable percussive body massager has to offer; Enjoy the restorative power of deep tissue massage in your home & without the pricey spa appointments
  • Features a variable speed dial for gentle to intense massage reduces pain & fatigue from joints, sports injury, arthritis, muscle knots, stress, & improves flexibility
  • Flat disc for extra wide coverage, 4-finger flex to replicate fingers from a massage, acupoint head for pin-point relief of tension, & muscle ball to relax the body
  • Sleek, long handle for all-over muscle comfort for the back, neck, shoulder, legs, hands, feet, full-body, cellulite, & more professional quality & therapeutic to release pressure points, promote circulation, reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, stiffness, chronic pain, & fibromyalgia
  • Durable and stylish fabric guaranteed to last for years of therapeutic enjoyment. Wahl guarantees professional high-quality products, and held to the highest quality standards

What We Like

  • Attachments are easy to put on and remove
  • No batteries to charge or lose power
  • Can be used for chronic pain, back pain
  • Extreme usability
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Good buy for the price
  • The motor is strong and aggressive
  • It’s lightweight
  • Controls are intuitive

What We Dislike

  • No batteries, can’t be used on the go
  • The percussions are aggressive at the highest setting
  • The plastic is not smooth
  • The massage head is fixed
  • Typical Wahl buzzing sound
  • Can crack if overused
  • No carrying bag
  • Only works on 120v current

How Can You Use The Wahl Therapeutic Massager?

  • Like most percussive gadgets, you shouldn’t utilize the Wahl percussion massager on your spine, eyes, ears, crotch, beat focuses and head.
  • We discovered the massager is powerful soothing pressure in the neck and shoulder districts.
  • It functions admirably on your upper and lower back also.
  • This Wahl gadget calm pressure, but on the other hand it’s useful for improving your scope of movement.
  • Joints in the elbows, knees, shoulders, and hips can get some affection too from utilizing the proper connection that accompanies the machine.
  • On the off chance that you have leg/feet cramps or plantar fasciitis the Wahl could assist with this.

For Whom This Wahl Deep Tissue Massager Designed For?

  • The Wahl Therapeutic Massager is intended for the ordinary Joe or Jane that is searching for an economical method to get predictable torment and stress alleviation.
  • While the more costly premium percussion massagers are worked for competitors and coaches, the Wahl Therapeutic Massager is for the regular individual.
  • Like any back rub gadget, the Wahl isn’t a swap or substitute for real expert treatment.
  • On the off chance that you have persistent agony look for clinical assistance.

Our Expert Reviews : Wahl Back Massager Review

  • @Tim

It’s exceptionally powerful. When it’s not, yours is not faulty. This isn’t such as a wand vibrator that you push your skin. This is actually really just a beater. It’s intended to pound onto your own muscles, and it does so well. And . I’d suggest wearing sweat pants. I must sit down to ensure it is not run. On non, it is really a pleasing rumbling. On top, it is going to knock off your socks. If you truly really feel such as wands simply do not have the oomph you require, this really can be what for youpersonally. If you enjoy some thing that’s thicker and got its own time, then stay to your Hitachi — this really can be a completely different creature.

  • @Maggie

I have waited to leave this inspection due to issues previous reviewers said with the massage minds breaking. I will safely say I’ve had no issues at all. I’ve utilised the Wahl massager atleast two times per day since I purchased it at Oct. 20-16. I’ve experienced IT band syndrome in my leg and also this massager has made a massive difference in my own ability to proceed without the pain. I am 77 and also have arthritis in my own hands and, even although this particular unit is quite heavy, I am ready to use it easily — it is really a fantastic design and wellbalanced. I’ve mostly used the rounder deep-tissue go to get the own problem and it truly works — amazing percussion. The level head feels wonderful for are as of muscle strain. I’d absolutely purchase the item again — I really like it!

FAQ : Is massaging your neck bad?

Neck massage is consider as both good and bad. It has both advantages and disadvantages. When neck massage is done it leads to shoulder massage too.

Massaging neck too much can cause severe pain. It also makes or causes stroke in neck. When you massage neck it also affects your shoulder. Shoulder and neck are considered the sensitive parts of ones body. Once there occurs severe injury in neck or shoulder. It gets difficult to come out these injury.

These both have some advantages and disadvantages. So firstly we’ll talk about advantages of it

  • Rubbing sore spaces of the body empowers expanded blood stream and oxygen which relieves torment and diminish aggravation. Consider rubs a characteristic painkiller. After a massage the movement of your neck becomes smooth. Because massage develops lactic corrosive. This causes firmness in muscles.
  • Massages are a characteristic other option, without incidental effects, that help migraines and headache torment. Massage can make the muscles fit. Also it helps in good blood circulation. This helps in blood flow in head.  An examination found that patients with progressing headaches encountered a sensational lessen in migraine torment with neck and shoulder rub treatment.
  • Your body will profit with rubs, yet your temperament hoists as well. We convey uneasiness in our shoulders, back and neck. Studies discovered an expansion in serotonin and dopamine levels in members who had knead medicines. At the point when our body is loose, so is our sensory system. Our pulse brings down thus does our breathing, kneads are a valuable method to realign your body. Organizations like Google offer their workers customary massage medicines since it decreases representative pressure and thusly further develops by and large work fulfilment. Impacts are significantly more grounded when the masseuse utilizes a scented massage oil to additionally conjure quiet and unwinding.
  • On the off chance that you get yourself not coming down with a bug after dreary medicines, you may need to thank your masseuse for that. Members who partook in an examination which comprised of one to two massages seven days had an expansion of white platelets and lymphocytes, which are imperative for fending off ailments and diseases.

There are also some disadvantages in some cases where during massage we should be aware of:

  • There is liquid in the joints. This is required for bones and tissue to move together without any disturbance. This liquid contains oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.
  • In the neck, there are matched joints. These are known as aspect joints. That run all over each side. Every one of these feature joints has a container around it. These are loaded with liquid and gas.
  • The interaction is additionally leads to as “foam” or “high temperature.”
  • A large number of the normal danger factors for injury are things knead advisors can handle. “Ill-advised body mechanics, having the massage table. This is excessively high or potentially working in a space. This restricts the massage specialist’s capacity to utilize appropriate mechanics. That can prompt a portion of these abuse wounds,” clarifies.
  • The sort of massage treatment you practice can likewise expand hazard for injury, especially on the off chance that you don’t consistently change the procedures you use. “Abusing further massage. Procedures appear to be a main thrust. Behind more incessant business related injury,”

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager











  • Variety Attachment
  • Easy to Handle
  • Adjustable Intensity
  • Cheap


  • May be not fit at Your Palm


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