OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

Opove M3 Pro Review 2023: Is This Good?

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun is a genuinely designed with new technology. Here we have the Opove massage gun in the online market, which is 33% cheaper than other massage gun of similar feature. The Opove M3 Pro is a amazing machine also one of the best massage gun. It is a handheld massage gun with features like variable speed (percussions each moment), Long battery life, a strong design, and four separable massage heads. Let’s discuss more about this in this article of Opove M3 Pro Review. This review covers Opove’s M3 Pro details including pros and cons.

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review (Buying Guide & Opinion)

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

Top Features

  • 15mm Amplitude
  • Max 55 Pounds Stall Force Accurate Percussion
  • 4 Hours Battery Life
  • Ergonomic Design
  • MAX 3300RPM 4 Speeds with Auto & Manual Mode
  • Carrying Case & Gift Choice  

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun is  not difficult to utilize and great to calm muscle agony. This deep tissue percussion massage gun is a battery-powered which works as long as 4 hours of continuous utilization on single full charge. It is lightweight 2.3lbs & ergonomic design that helps for easy to easy anywhere.

It is made up with the light material which is having durable design. This massager can easily reach untouched area of your body which is the most important part when you massage with this massager. Opove is very well known brand for making health equipment.

What We Like

  • Incredible form quality
  • Amazing ergonomic design
  • Incredible high-force motor
  • Variable speed and force settings
  • Unconditional promise of 1 year guarantee included

What We Dislike

  • Product availability issue
  • No color variation is available

Spec Related Features

Speed Setting Feature

Opove M3 Pro has three distinctive speed settings to provide a more unique massage. It has a greatest speed of 3,200 RPM but if you need a more slow or more engaged massage than you have the choice of control it down to 2,400 RPM, or even as low as 1,800 RPM.

Percussion massagers with variable speed settings permit you to change the pressing and force as per need. You can go with a fast speed setting to focus on sensitive muscles.

Fast Durable Brushless Motor

It comes with a 24V brushless high-force motor & Power is never an issue with the M3 Pro. You won’t ever feel like you’re not getting enough vibrations. The motor maximizes at 3,200 RPM which is a lot of ability to convey a truly deep tissue massage. It is additionally streamlined to utilize battery power proficiently, so you don’t run out of power too oftentimes.

Durable Shockproof Shell

This percussion massager is ergonomically fit and simple to use. It’s Nylon 66 and Fiberglass material shell won’t break easily. This shockproof external shell makes it very strong for heavy impact. The handheld massager can be drops from up to 3 meters high.

Usable Design

The Opove M3 Pro accompanies four massage head that are:

  • Fork Shaped – This is for applying focused on tension on the spine, neck, and Achilles.
  • Level Shaped – This encourages focused on muscle-loosening up massages that support muscle pliancy.
  • Pointed – This gives Deep tissue massages and upgrades the massager’s accuracy for when you need to target explicit muscle area.
  • Ball Shaped – This instrument empowers you to massage mass muscle bunch like the muscles around your midriff and back, your glutes, your thighs, your arms, and surprisingly your thighs. The instruments are not difficult to change and definitely improve the massager’s usefulness.

Long Battery Life

Opove M3 Pro handheld massager can perform massage for long time and can charge rapidly. It requires around 4 hours to discharge the battery.

My Experience

With everything taken into account, Opove M3 Pro performed genuinely well in all criteria. The principal major advantage is longer battery life. Another Opove M3 Pro review is that the various head connection coordinated with it’s three speed to provide considerably good massage. While choosing the various speed, you can choose from 3 modes as:

  • Level 1: 1,800 RPM/Min
  • Level 2: 2,400 RPM/Min
  • Level 3: 3,200 RPM/Min

I utilize this massage gun for warm-up use and to help speed up the muscle relief of joints like the lower leg. Sometime I utilize the lighter level for post-exercise recuperation purposes. Finally, I have been a devotee of this massage gun and recommend to anyone in my family.

Is Opove M3 Pro Price is worth?

For the Opove M3 Pro, you can hope to pay around $199.00 USD. For a massage gun that has similar to the M3 Pro’s specs and feature can cost you more than double of this. A ton of comparable massage guns in this market are valued for $100-200 but no one can beat Opove M3 pro.

Other Information

Warranty Information

If you buy a M3 Pro massage gun and it has a deformity or issue within a year, You can send it for fixing for free. but in case of misused or intentionally fault by customer then no warranty is covered. 

Returns and Refunds

OPOVE items must be returned within 45 days periods from the procurement if you have been bought through OPOVE’s site. but if the case has been opened, OPOVE will charge a 10% expense.

Contact Information

The Opove support can be reached through their site and their working periods are as per the following: 9:00AM to 9:00PM from Monday to Friday.

Alternate Budget Choices

Final Thought

Hope you have got all information about the Opove massage gun in this review article. we highly recommend this product if you are planning to purchase any massage gun.