Best Real Relax Massage Chair Review

Real Relax Massage Chair Review 2023 (All Models) – Buy It or Not?

1954 was the year when the massage chair was first introduced. Since then, the popularity of this furniture has been trending till date. Why are Massage Chairs popular? It’s simple. This furniture offers greater comfort and relaxation therapy at home. Athletes and patients with muscle pain primarily used these chairs. In the industry, hundreds of companies manufacture these luxurious pieces of furniture. Still, few of them achieved huge success in the business. Real Relax Massage Chair is one of those brands who successfully run the business since 2000. They have a goal to provide low-cost but premium chairs for patients. Real Relax company has specialized hands-on manufacturing of Massage Chairs. Their products are delivered worldwide, including in America, Europe, and Asia. So below we review the top 7 Real Relax Massage Chair Review.

Reviews of Real Relax Massage Chair Models

Real Relax Favor-03 ADV Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Dual-core S track robots hands rollers
  • 8-point massage
  • Bigger LCD screen
  • Smart Voice Control

This is the best-customized massage chair from the real relax brand. 4.7 star review and Dual-Core S Track facility makes the product popular among budget buyers. Average height patients perfectly fit on this chair. This chair’s robotic hand rollers provide professional massage on back, neck, and shoulders. An LCD monitor and wireless remote can control everything. So there is no need to move your finger during the massage. Six dedicated auto programs and perfectly placed airbags offer healthy spine alignment.


  • Single-button starts zero gravity angle
  • Takes up to 6.1 inches tall body types
  • Extendable footrest area


  • Need improvement on lower back massage
  • There is no body scan
  • No vibration facility

2. Real Relax® PS3100 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Automatic human body detection
  • 6 preset automatic programs
  • 3 intensity adjustable
  • Full-wrap airbag massage

This is an SL track chair that covers more body areas for massage. Real Relax® PS3100 also has six auto programs and one zero gravity angle. Besides, the massage and airbags can be adjustable as per need. The bottom of the chair has foot rollers for kneading massages. In-built Bluetooth and heating pads are also available. Users mostly love the extended massage area and the construction of this chair. Approx 6.1 inch height people can easily adjust in this furniture.


  • It takes up to 400 pounds weight which is more than competitors
  • The body scanning facility offers better adjustment and intensity
  • 3D massage rollers provide comfort from head to thighs


  • Limited warranty
  • No vibration
  • Required hands for assembly

3. Real Relax® Favor-06 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 6 preset automatic programs
  • 3 intensity, 3 speed
  • 5 airbag pressure
  • weight limit: 400 pounds

This is a premium and advanced massage chair from the Real Relax brand. On average, 4.7-star reviews & free shipping makes the chair popular among users.

Favor-06 is an SL track massage furniture with 3D rollers. Reviewers say this is among the best chairs to relieve back pain and spine improvement. Honestly, this chair promotes shiatsu massage. This technique provides manual pressure on specific points. So the users can enjoy better treatment for pain and muscle tension. Besides, there are six auto programs, three intensity and speed also available.


  • Promotes shiatsu massage technique
  • Strictly ensure the quality before delivering at home
  • Fast LCD monitor for control


  • Limited auto programs compared with the price
  • Not a great space saver
  • Timely cleaning is required

4. Real Relax® MM350 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Air bags kneading massage
  • Multiple Massage Style
  • Humanization Design
  • High grade synthetic leather

This is one of the cheapest but functional massage chairs. 4.7 star review and 30 days return facility included on the online forum. This is also a full-body massage chair with zero gravity recliners. Airbags are perfectly placed on arms, shoulders, heads and legs. Besides, the chair includes eight dedicated massage rollers for better relaxation. Similarly, this AI furniture provides four preset massage styles. However, the footrest area can be expendable, and the body is made from 100% synthetic leather.


  • Eight dedicated back massage rollers
  • Lower back heating promotes better blood circulation
  • Seat vibration is available


  • Persons over 6ft tall may not fit perfectly
  • No audio speaker
  • Limited massage styles

5. Real Relax® SS01 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Back Heat Therapy
  • Foot Roller Massage
  • 6 preset auto modes
  • Footrests extended for taller individuals.
  • Equiped with two wheels

This is another best budget-friendly massage chair for users. The majority of buyers love this AI furniture for back heating therapy. Besides, there are many features available for users. Firstly you get speed adjustable foot rollers. This feature especially helps to overcome foot sore problems. The chair also includes six auto massage programs to apply. In fact the side frames are made from metal. It provides better stability and long-lasting effects. Users under 350 lbs can easily use this chair.


  • Kneading; Rolling; Shiatsu; Stretching massage style available
  • The chair is made from stain-resistant materials
  • Removable cushion, seat, and back


  • There is no vibration
  • Decent massage
  • Limited warranty

6. Real Relax® PS6000 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Automatic human body detection
  • 8 preset automatic programs
  • 5 intensity adjustable
  • Height limit: 6.5 feet, weight limit: 400 pounds
  • Built-in Bluetooth

This is the most premium massage chair on this list. Real Relax® PS6000 is an SL track furniture with advanced features. Firstly, you get eight preset automatic programs. Besides, the massage intensity is adjustable up to five levels. So the users can experience the best comfort and relaxation. In fact the airbags are placed throughout the chair. It can provide effective massage therapy every time. Foot rollers are also available in this furniture. So you can enjoy the best kneading and soothing facility. Lastly, the chair allows up to 6.5ft tall users.


  • More than 350-pound users can use this chair
  • In-built Bluetooth and heating functions are also available
  • Auto scanning for body adjustment


  • Still, there is no vibration
  • Decent foot rollers
  • Timely cleaning is required

7. Real Relax® PS3000 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 3D robots hands rollers
  • 6 preset auto programs
  • 20 airbags placed to arms shoulder and foot
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

Last but not least comes a newly launched model. Real Relax® PS3000 is an SL track chair with 3D rollers. In fact these AI hands are placed from neck to thigh. So the quality of massage can be better than previous models.

Besides, there are six auto program massages. Here you get all professional massage types to enjoy at home. Zero gravity recline and foot rollers are compulsory in these chairs. However, the chair included twenty airbags for better stability and comfort.

Compared with the previous model, the PS3000 comes fully assembled. So there is no need to hustle before use.


  • Auto shut off facility is available
  • Strong, stable, and powerful 3D robotic hands
  • Exclusive massage with manually selected timer


  • Still, there is no vibration facility
  • Wipe clean with dry cloths required
  • Limited warranty

Customers Advice

Real Relax offered full-body massage chairs for athletes and patients. The majority of users give 4-star reviews for overall functions.

They have experience in this field for more than 20 years. Users primarily loved the quality controls of their chairs. Also, their products have strong construction for longer use. Real Relax primarily uses high-quality materials for better comfort and massage. So below are the points that most customers say about their chairs.

  • Real Relax Massage Chair offers affordability
  • Their chairs have the most advanced robotic technology
  • Real Relax provides only custom build massage chairs
  • Their products are easy to move around

Reasons To Buy Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax provides custom-made chairs which make your living relaxing and comfortable. Besides, their products are more cost-friendly than others. So users can achieve maximum comfort at a reasonable price. Not only the USA, they deliver hundreds of chairs across 40 countries. Real Relax focuses more on research and development. So the users can get the best relaxing chairs at home. Now below are the reasons why you should buy these chairs.

  • Faster and safer delivery in the USA
  • One or more year warranty on your purchases
  • On-time installation and maintenance service available
  • 30 days return and exchange offers on every product

Health Benefits of Massage Chair

Massage Chair designed for better comfort and relaxation at home. Athletes, workout lovers, and pain sufferers mostly used these chairs. There is no need for a physician or massage therapist when you have these products. On the other hand, you can save time, effort, and money by investing in this chair. There are many health benefits reported from this luxury furniture.

Pain Remover

Massage Chair equipped with multiple robotic hands and airbags. These facilities provide professional massage with adjustable intensity and frequency. Indeed, it helps to remove body pain effectively.

Faster muscle recovery

Timely massage is the best way to make muscle recovery faster. In this case, a massage chair is a perfect choice for you.

Mental and physical satisfaction

During the gentle massage, your brain releases mood-improving hormones. Besides, many positive changes are happening to your body. So you can experience more calm, relaxed and focused.

Other Massage Chair Choices Under Your Budget

Massage chairs are a great way to get a therapeutic massage without having to spend hours on the massage table. By choosing the right massage chair for your needs, you can enjoy a deep, relaxing massage that is perfect for your needs and preferences.

Final Thought

So these are detailed reviews of Real Relax Massage Chairs. The majority of the product takes weight up to 300-400 pounds. Indeed, the number is much more compared with the price. In fact, this brand is known for affordability and functional chairs. Besides, their customer support is far better than others. So if you are looking for the best massage chair, try this brand.