How To Massage The Lower Back By Yourself

How To Massage The Lower Back By Yourself?

Lower back pain is not only common but also hardly curable. Nearly all people experience this pain at a certain age in their life. Many people think that pain in this region is uncurable. Because they are not able to find out the main cause behind the back pain. The cause is not detectable because pain starts progressing without doing any wrong activity or particular reason.

It is important to note that back pain doesn’t cure by any medications or therapy. People start doing exercises and try a lot of new physicians but it simply doesn’t work all the time.

Back pain shows some uncertain characteristics. Those characteristics are difficult to understand. Because many times this unusual pain get cure by itself suddenly.

Moreover, sometimes you may feel that back pain gets cured because of certain exercise but all the time it is not the case. Some exercises will result in lowering the back pain but for that, you need to go to highly trained physicians.

The main reason that causes back pain is improper sitting arrangements for a longer period. When you start sitting in the wrong positions you will not experience this pain but by the time it starts progressing.

As there are many exercises to relieve back pain you will not able to determine the correct one. Moreover, most of these causes an instant sensation of pain relief but they come after some time with greater intensity. Thus, sitting in the proper position is the most significant way of avoiding back pain. However, once it starts paining then you cannot do much unless you meet the specialist how will charge plenty of fees.

How to cure back pain by yourself? 

There are many ideas to take care of this part of the body. Firstly, you can massage your Lower back with oil with the help of your hands. For that, you need to massage your back with the help of your thumbs. Though it feels like point pressure at the same time it is much effective as well.

Moreover, you can massage your back with the tennis ball. By putting this round soft tennis ball on the ground, you can lay down on it with your back pointing towards it. For massage, you need to put your back pressure on that ball and keep rolling over it. By doing so your back will get a nice and pointed massage at the paining points.

Another technique is using massage guns. There are massage guns available in the market which can easily be fitted over the back such that you can also massage your belly. This massager is round in shape. Thus, specially designed for curing back pain. Besides this, you can also give compression heating massage to your back for maximum pain relief.

It is more advisable to perform the exercise and maintain the right posture while sitting instead of taking medical advice.

Science of the back pain

The major portion of the back is connected to the pelvic girdle and other large muscles of the thighs. Thus, stretching the muscles of the thigh and making your pelvis flexible will get you permanent relief from the back pain. There is some specific exercise for that purpose. Also, you can watch videos related to such exercises. But keep in mind that the trainer is having this knowledge of muscle connection.

Directly stretching the muscles of the back forcefully in opposite direction will not release your back pain. Moreover, such exercises are a temporary solution to this problem. Thus, it is important to note that adapt only those exercises that will stretch your butt along with the upper thigh muscle which is connected to the back portion of your backbone.