Fitpulse Massage Gun Reviews

Fitpulse Massage Gun Review (2023) – Is It Worth?

If your searching for Best Budget Massage Gun we recommend you to use Fitpulse. Fitpulse Massage Gun has the longest battery life of 8 hours. No other massager has such long-lasting battery life. A perfect manual is provided with the massager so that you will able to use the massager properly for maximum benefits. By using a specific massager at a particular portion and adjusting the intensity of the massage you can experience the best quality massage that will relieve your pain instantly. Let’s More Discuss about this Fitpulse Massage Gun Reviews.

Fitpulse Massage Gun Reviews (Buying Guide)

FITPULSE Massage Gun Deep Tissue

Top Features

  • 17 heads and 2 bonus massage balls
  • Fast Charging
  • 30 adjustable speed levels
  • Quiet and easy handheld

Fitpulse Massage Gun comes with a set of different massaging heads. Moreover, all the heads have their unique purpose of massage. These head attacks paining regions like glutes, knees, spine, hamstrings, arms, chest, lower back, feet, hips, calves, upper back, wrists, shoulders, upper arms, joints, etc. 

A carrying case is provided with the package for systematic use of all the different heads. Moreover, it will also confirm that you will not be going to lose any of the massaging heads. Two unique massage balls, one with spikes and the other round and soft are present with the massager. These ball improves blood circulation and thus metabolism rate in the body. 

The best thing is this Fitpulse Massage Gun is available in different attractive colors. Fitpulse Massage Gun also has a noise reduction mechanism to avoid any kind of excessive noise. An advanced noise canceller is there right in front of a motor fan to reduce unwanted noise. 

What We Like

  1. This massager has the top-notch build quality and the best affordable price range. 
  2. The review is based on 1380 ratings thus no need to think even twice before buying this massager. 
  3. Though this massager is heavily featured its price is affordable for everyone. 
  4. As this massager is specially designed for professional athletes, its moderate level is sufficient for regular usage by normal people.

What We Dislike

  1. The availability of the massager is a bit concerning. As it has huge demand in the market. 
  2. Do not rely on 8 hours battery life as it may discharge much early in case of consistent high intensity. 


Max Stall Force~25 lbs
Stroke Length10 mm
Percussionsup to 3200 ppm
Speed options5
Battery Life6 hours (2550 mAh)
Weight~2.5 lbs
Noise60 dB
Warranty1 year

Why Should You Buy Fitpulse Massage Gun?

  • The most important thing is this massager has separate massaging heads to relieve pain from the shoulders and chest. Which are frequently paining areas in most adults.
  • Fitpulse Massage Gun has an exciting speed range to cover all kinds of pain. It has overall 30 speeds from which 1-10 rage is for minimum pain and tension relief, 10-20 is for pain elimination and improving blood flow and 20-30 is for deep tissue massage.
  • The long-range of speed make this massager usable for every age. Moreover, every family member will get satisfied by using this massager. Thus do not have any hesitation before buying this massager for gifting someone.
  • In addition to that this massager has a nice-looking digital display screen that works best and gives all the necessary information about the massage.
  • This screen tails about the intensity at which massager is performing its task, battery life available, etc. Moreover, it has buttons for increasing and lowering the massaging pressure.
  • Fitpulse Massage Gun has a 4.8-star rating out of 5. Moreover, this brand is at #95 rank in the category of electric back massagers. Because of its excellent functioning, this massager able to achieve such an appreciable ranking.
  • This massager is available in the market from $80.

My Experience

The Fitpulse Massage Gun is the perfect choice for people who want effective Body pain relief & Muscle massage . We recommend this product to anyone. The carrying case comes with one handle to facilitate transportability. The case also comes with a cushioned interior to provide cushioning for the contents inside. carry case is made well. Contrary to some companies we’ve encountered that don’t provide cases or offer an inexpensive plastic case. The case is top-quality and will fit every part. The Fitpulse massage gun might be a good design. However, there are models that outdo its design in every way.

Its exterior is a shiny and matte plastic that is a little expensive. The device comes with a touchscreen display. It’s basically an entry-level massage gun that is designed for people who aren’t interested in intensive massages. The Fitpulse Percussive Massager you’ll receive the 10.3mm long stroke. We also like its fast charge time , which is only 1.5-2 hours. It also has an indicator of battery level which will tell you how much battery is remaining. We suggest it for both home and personal use.

Fitpulse Massage Gun is equipped with 10 attachments. The attachments appear to be constructed of durable plastic and they appear to be of good quality. The attachment also comes with a foam ball head, that is much more soft than the rest. This is ideal for massages that don’t require a lot of force.

Customers Reviews

Mr. Tim

I love this system!! I am a dog walker with a bad back and this product does it all! So several attachments, super silent and strong! This really is replacing one I have over a year ago that was well used but the difference is night and day!

Mr. Rocky

We were searching for something easily accessible for spine pain, and also this really does the job. It is not painful, has good pressure, and comes at a nice sleek case for storage. Thinking about getting one for my parents also!

Final Thought

If you’re searching for your first massage gun then the Fitpulse massage gun would be ideal for you. It has specs that are fairly standard and makes it an ideal option for home and personal use. The percussion massage gun assists to heal the body faster it helps to improve blood flow and repair which reduces the chance of injuries from exercise and is helpful in warming-up exercises.