Sharper Image Massage Gun Reviews

Sharper Image Massage Gun Reviews (2023), Powerboost Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Sharper Image Power Percussion offers an almost endless array of high-tech products. Sharper Image Massage Gun has 5 unique heads. Those heads are cone shape, flat, fork shape, pentagonal bar, and ball shape respectively which makes it a best massage gun choice. Sharper Image is a high-tech luxury brand that sells consumer electronics. It has cone shape which is a point-like structure that helps relieve stress from deeper regions of the body. A flat base head is used to massager the back region more specifically spine muscles. Let’s More Discuss about this Sharper Image Massage Gun Reviews.

Sharper Image Massage Gun Reviews

Sharper Image Massage Gun

Top Features

  • 5 attachments to target your different needs
  • Power boost your sports recovery 
  • lightweight and compact device
  • Long battery Life

Sharper Image Power Percussion Massage Gun forkheads have a cup-like structure that relieves stress from the neck region effectively. The pentagonal bar has a flat head that feels like a rolling massage when operated on the regions like the biceps and shoulder. The ball head is having a soft and smooth structure which is best suitable to massage thighs, calves, head hair growth and other larger muscles of the body. The carrying case enables easy portability and safe handling of the massager. Thus no need to buy additional accessories.

Sharper Image Massage Gun claims that massager is whisper quiet in operation. Thus you can maintain proper discipline while using this massager. Sharper Image Massage Gun has 4.5 hours of battery life which such an amazing thing. Moreover, vibration does not fall weak with the usage. You need to recharge this massager once a week in case of weekly family usage. 

The manufacturer is in this field since 1977. Thus they have made all the essential changes in the quality and cost department. This confirms that you are paying the right amount for the right product. 

What We Like

  1.  Sharper Image Massage Gun has a longer life span because of exceptionally good build quality. 
  2. It has 4.6 stars out of 5 based on 250 reviews. Which promises its working.
  3. It has better customer reviews and operating modes are finely tuned. 
  4. The company provides better customer service in case of any help.

What We Dislike

  1. No digital display is available for this particular product. You need to pay an additional amount to buy its advanced version.
  2. Heating therapy and related adjustment are not present in this massager. 
  3. Some of the advance featuring massagers are available in the market at a much lower cost. However, their working abilities are not sure. 

Reasons To Chose Sharper Image Power Percussion

  •  Sharper Image Massage Gun size is 13.89 x 11.93x 4.61 inches. Moreover, it weighs 5.42 pounds which feels weight less in the case while taking a massage.
  • The sharper image massager is at #273 rank in the case of the electric back massager. Those numbers are exceptionally good for such a huge demanding market.
  •  Sharper Image Massage Gun is available in the market for $127 only.
  • This massager has three different intensities of working. Low moderate and high intensity works at a constant rpm without any lagging.
  • If you are comfortable then the advanced version of this product has some use full features that makes the massager more comfortable. Some of the advanced features are a digital display unit, 2 additional massaging heads, a better handle design for firm holding of the massager, etc.
  • Moreover, you need to consult with a physician before massaging the injured part at high-intensity levels. As high intensities are high which may cause sudden achy pains.

My Experience

As per our testing & survey, the Sharper Image Massage Gun is best suitable for athletes and other people involving in high-intensity sports activities. Moreover it advisable that for deep shiatsu massage, heating compression massage, kneading massage, massaging chairs are best suitable. Overall, The Sharper Image Massage Gun is the perfect choice for anyone who want reliable and effective Muscle pain relief on daily basis. We recommend this product to anyone.

Reviews By Experts

Mr. Tim

Fantastic item. Purchased this for my son, he’s sport man. And he’s using massage daily to assist him to massage muscles. I would suggest this item.

Mrs. Lina

I enjoyed the way the product came in time. It gets deep into your muscles and will be calming. The item came in good packaging and arrived with a storage kit.

Mrs. Pooja

My wife actually likes the massager, says it actually helps her.

Final Thought

The overall look is attractive with a smooth surface on the exterior. We especially like the orange accent rings that run around the back, which add just enough visual sparkle. Sharper Image works well on parts of the body, such as the shoulders and arms. Although the Sharper Image Power Percussion is definitely an excellent option, depending on your preference you may want to look at a different model. The Sharper Image massage gun certainly will meet your needs.