Vivaspa Percussion Massager Review

Vivitar Vivaspa Percussion Massager Review of 2023

Getting a massage is beneficial for our body. A good massage relaxes and relieves the body, It also helps for maintaining positivity and increasing the desire to work. But going to the salon daily and getting a massage does not fit in everyone’s budget. It is the reason why we keep looking for a product that can give us a massage sitting at home without spending much, and Vivitar Vivaspa Handheld Cordless & Rechargeable Massage Gun is one of that massager. Let’s more discuss about Vivitar Vivaspa Percussion Massager Review.

Vivaspa Percussion Massager Buying Guide

Vivaspa Percussion Massager

Top Features 

  • 4 Massage Heads
  • 6 Massage Settings
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • New Technology Design

Sometimes our muscles need to rest. A hand-held massage gun helps muscles to get better relaxation with massaging. Vivitar Vivaspa Handheld Cordless & Rechargeable Massage Gun is the first choice for men and women. It gives the benefit of deep tissue massage in our body. Moreover, It is usable at home or even during traveling time.

Vivaspa Percussion Massager is the one of the best massage gun available in the market. The Vivitar Vivaspa Massage Gun is an electronic gadget that uses a motor running at a power of 3200 percussions per minute, which gives better massage to the body. An advanced feature included in this massager that helps you get rid of problems like backache and muscle pain with the help of modern vibration technology.

If you like to do gym workout or are an athlete, this Vivaspa Percussion Massager can fix your physical pain problems. The most memorable thing about this massage gun is that it is quite portable, you can easily handle it with one hand. It also lasts for a long time after a single charge. In this Vivitar Vivaspa portable massager, you are given four heads that massage your back and your neck in many ways according to your requirement and provide you with relief. 

What We Like

  • We get a recharge battery so that we can take this product anywhere.
  • This product is portable and easy to carry.
  • This massager with a powerful yet quiet motor is very relaxing when we use it.
  • We can feel deep massage with the four soft silicone head.
  • It is wireless, which makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • We get a six-speed setting so we can adjust the speed accordingly.
  • Excellent product that maintains industrial standard.

What We Dislike

  • Adjusting the speed of this product can be tricky. If it doesn’t change according to your needs, then you might feel uncomfortable.
  • It will give you more benefit if you hire an expert.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of this Vivitar Vivaspa Massage Gun, which are as follows:

  • With the use of this massager, you get relief from stress. It releases fluids deep into the muscles to increase tissue metabolism. In addition, increased range of motion.
  • Moreover, It helps our body to increase flexibility. Although, The use of this machine stimulates the atrophied muscles.
  • Vivaspa Percussion Massager breaks down the scar tissue by massaging the collagen fibers deeply. Furthermore, it reduces pain and tightening from the body.
  • Regular use of this machine can improve sleep and immunity.
  • The massage from Vivitar Vivaspa Massage Gum improves the mobility of the body and reduces anxiety.
  • It improved muscle and skin as well. Although Regular massage reduces extra fat from the body
  • Massage reduces the level of cartilage hormone, which is responsible for stress and tension in the body.

How to Use a Percussion Massage Gun for Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief?

Why Do You Need Vivaspa Percussion Massager?

Relaxes sore muscles

 We get a lot of relief after using this product. This massager with a powerful yet quiet motor is very relaxing when we use it in the muscle. This product can deliver 3200 percussion per minute, which helps deal with muscle pain and stiff back.

Enjoy a Deep Massage

A massage is a perfect choice for people who want to enjoy a deep massage in the comfort of their own home or even during traveling time to support mobility.

4 Massage Heads

In this massaging machine, we get four variable heads made using soft silicone. So that you don’t have to worry if you massage any part of your body like neck, back, shoulders. It makes you enjoy the whole massage session.

6 Speed Setting

Along with this, it also comes with 6-speed settings, which our massage gun allows you to adjust the speed of the massage with ease. You can experience the massage the way you want.

Cordless and Portable

This product is straightforward to carry anywhere. Additionally, this massage gun provides a comfortable fit in our hands and bags since It is wireless, which makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Rechargeable Battery

In this product, we get a rechargeable battery to take wherever we want to go and enjoy the relaxing massage experience.

Reviews By Customers

Mr. John

As sprinters,I truly like possessing a massage gun. This one accompanies every one of the connections we need for chipping away at different wounds that we can endure, from plantar fasciitis, to pulled ligaments and tight muscles. It has a fabulous time head for all-over massage, a fork device for dealing with things like the neck or calves, a shot instrument for any close muscles and ties and a level head for profound massage of significant muscle gatherings. It is battery-powered and has a magnificent battery life. There are 6 degrees of force to look over, going from delicate to extreme.

Mr. Erock

This is an extremely incredible yet more modest massager. It has 4 connection heads included and is both cordless and battery-powered. It is ideal for alleviating strain and uneasiness in the body just as agony and sore muscles.

Mr. Mac

Purchased a white . The longer I utilize the longer I want it. In case the foot rollers ended up only just a little stronger along with also the L trail has been a 6″-12″ more, this seat could be five stars.

Final Thought

I discover the design of the massage gun is not difficult to hold and move also it can reach on most of my body parts without any problem. It can easily massage at arms, back, legs, and so on also it is lighter weight then compare to many other massage guns. I highly recommend this massager to you.


Is Vivitar Vivaspa Percussion Massager durable?

Yes, Vivitar is the renowned brand in the market & it’s all products are highly Durable & Tested. you can use it for long time.

Is Vivaspa Percussion Massager easy to use?

Yes, Vivaspa Percussion Massager is Cordless Massage gun so it is easy to Carry anywhere &  Help you to Relive your muscle pain.

What is the dimensions of Vivaspa Percussion Massager?

11.77 x 9.76 x 2.87 Inches, this is the approx dimension of this Vivitar Vivaspa massage gun..