Finelife Percussion Massager Reviews (2021), Worthiness, Pros & Cons

If you want to massage your sore body parts with your own hands then this massager is the perfect choice for you. Many times it happens that no massager in the market are specific design so that they are not appropriate for different parts of the body. But this is not the case with this massager.  You can massage almost every major body part with the help of this massager. Moreover, this lightweight handy massager can be easily portable everywhere.  Let’s More Discuss about this  Finelife Percussion Massager Also You Don’t forget to Click  Button Below , avail Original product & Support us.

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5 out of 5

Top Features :

  • Quiet and Powerful Motor
  • Cordless and Portable
  • 4 different attachment Head 
  • Perfect for Athletes in recover
  • Deep tissue Massager has 4 different operating heads, 6 intensities from medium to moderate, rechargeable motor with deep penetration ability.
  • This massager has 4 different operating heads such as spinal head, flat head, cylindrical head, round head, etc. all the heads have some specific purpose to operate. 
  • The spinal head is for trigger point massage, flat head for relaxing muscles, cylindrical massage for joints and deep tissue, round head massage for large muscles. Thus it is advisable to purchase a massager which is suitable to massage your overall body easily. 
  • Moreover, it has a 3600RPM robust motor which works perfectly without any lagging in between the massage. Motor the critical part of any machine because if it damages then difficult to repair. This massager has a high build quality and advanced technical specifications. 
  • You can operate this massager on 6 different intensity levels as per your comfort zone. Normally deep percussion massagers do not provide such large intensity variations. 
  • The best part about the massager is its cordless and noiseless operation. Though this massager has a heavy-duty motor but thanks to advanced technology as it works with the minimum noise level. 

Spec Related Details

  • Moreover, its cordless operation makes it very simple to carry this massage gun wherever you want. After full battery recharge, you can massage your body for a minimum of 2-3 hours depending on the intensity of the massage. The battery capacity is 2000mAh.
  • This massager is available in the market from $45.15. Amazon is giving the best discount and shipping facilities for this product. 

What We Like

  1. This is the best massager in the market having good versatile characteristics.
  2. Short handle to massage your back properly. Thus may you need to take the help of your partner. 
  3. Rolling head works well for stress relief and flexibility. 
  4. Different heads are having a different base. For example, round heads have soft tips to massage muscles of legs, or thighs. 

What We Dislike

  1. Heating therapy is not possible with the help of this massager. 
  2. Automatic modes are not available to experience customize the massage. 
  3. These types of massagers are mainly suitable in the case of deep tissue massage. Thus not suitable for some portions like head or fingers etc. 
  4. The special head for faster workout recovery is not available with the package. You need to pay some extra money for that purpose. 

So you can use this massager right after your workout session. Moreover, this massage gun has a special head. This head is designed for faster recovery and muscle growth. By using this head after high-intensity gym it gives maximum relaxation and relief from soreness. 

Overall, The Finelife Percussion Massager is the perfect choice for people who want reliable and effective Body pain relief . We recommend this product to anyone.

  • @Mr.Sinu

This is an wonderful item. It functions flawlessly and also the battery life is very long lasting. 5 rates to select from. Highly recommended especially for the purchase price.

  • @Mr. Ton

Like that it is held and user friendly.

  • @Mr. Loki

I tried this to my muscle knots therefore that I remain loose and elastic. Wonderful!

Finelife Percussion Massager











  • Variable Intensity Massage
  • 4 Heads
  • 3600 RPM Motor


  • 2-4 Hour Battery Backup
  • Serviceability
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