Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review 2023

Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review: We have tested Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair For a month on Various parameters of Comfort, Safety & Pain relief Performance. We observed, This advance Best massage Chair has some smart features like ache sensors which automatically senses concentrated aching points & this information is processed further for giving best massaging experience. For that you just need to seat down on the chair and put your hands on the armrest.

This feature is the most advance development in the field of massagers. Let’s More Discuss about this Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair so that you can easily decide your purchase. We request you to buy from our discount button it will give you lowest price without adding additional cost.

Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review: Buying Guide

Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review

Top Features

  • 2-Step Zero Gravity Mode
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • 6 Auto Massage Programs
  • Space Saving Technology

Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair is having multiple airbags to give compression to overall body. Airbags are present to massage the regions like shoulders, arms, feet and calf area. There are total 24 airbags to massage different part of the body. The circulation of the warm air through these airbags improves blood circulations and relief pain from the body.

You can enjoy deep kneading and reflexology massage at your feet. The massager has rollers on the bottom portion of your feet. The position of the rollers is such that they can easily reach up to the acupressure points. Thus pressing the acupressure points off the feet causes pain relief in most natural way. This massager maximize the comfort of the massage by adjusting itself in zero gravity position. In zero gravity potion your legs are lifted up to the eve of your heart and back is fully supported by the arch backrest. This scientifically proven technique for maximizing the comfort during the massage.

For the people having taller heights a smart adjustment is there to support the leg perfectly. Which is extendable footrest. Moreover up to half feet adjustment is allowable in case of these footrest.

What We Like

  • Osaki massager gives all types of massage. Moreover, it is operable on every body part.
  • This is the only massager which has heat treatment for every body part of the body that too in compression mode.
  • What We Dislike

  • It is bit expensive. Also it is bit heavy in case of transport.
  • Massager ranking and review are not convincing to buy this expensive massager.
  • Features

    • OS-4000XT comes with one special and highly useable feature. Which is its ability to provide 6 standard massage which feels like real therapy level massage. These standard auto programs are neck/shoulder, strengthen, thai, relax, recover, and sleeping massage.
    • Moreover massager has 6 massage modes like kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Clapping, Rolling and shiatsu etc. every mode has its different purpose. Tapping massage is just for refreshment. It doesn’t cause any pain relief. Shiatsu massage is for deep pain relief etc.
    • For convenient and effortless massaging sessions OS-4000XT is having manual controllers for changing the mode or positioning of the chair. Moreover it has speakers for listening music during the massage. These small speakers are present near the headrest.
    • The Bluetooth connectivity of the massager makes this system more reliable and handy for the use. You can adjust the sound levels or change the music patterns with the help of your phone easily. In addition to that it has 4D music system to listen the most original forms of the music.
    • Also, all the running information is easily available to see on the machine. The remote controller has buttons to switch mode, position, massaging area and the intensity of the massage. The heating therapy adds most comfortable massaging experience to this system. Also heating pads are having good quality fabric material that soaks all the sweat during the massage. Also, they can be easily washable. You just need to take care while taking them out of the massager chair.
    • OS-4000XT has 4 stars rating out of five on the amazon market. Though the ratings are good but there are only three reviews listed. The massager is available in the market between 850-1000 dollars.
    • LED lights of the massager gets on automatically as soon as it detects night vision appereance. LED lights are sufficient to control all the buttons comfortably.

    My Experience

    Overall, The Osaki OS 4000XT massage Chair is the Best choice for people who want Relief From Tiredness . We recommend this product to anyone.

    Reviews by Our Expert

    • @Mr. Erica

    I take pleasure in the seat and also the features. The massage is very adequate
    Do not read too much in to the pitfalls. It’s there in the event that you’ve got extreme preference for the your features. I dropped asleep on it. I shall use this each single day also it’s the very best thing since sliced honey bread. I think it’s great and termed it Snuggle Puff Omega.

    • @Mrs. Erock

    Costly but great. If you enjoy using these seats at the least a handful of days each week, I’d consider it.

    • @Mr. Tom

    Purchased a white . The longer I utilize the longer I want it. In case the foot rollers ended up only just a little stronger along with also the L trail has been a 6″-12″ more, this seat could be five stars.

    Why Should You Own A Massage Chair?

    Now and again you awaken and settle spontaneously to book a massage meeting. To get the best out of your massage meetings, stay away from the accompanying normal blunders. Picking your massage meeting with someone without Knowing trustworthy person can be dangerous. So you should need to know everything about experience of a person before taking hand massage. This is a fundamental inquiry many individuals neglect to consider. You should have a thought of the result you anticipate from your meeting. For example, in case you have some muscle injury & if you take wrong massage than it can harm you. So that’s why you need a massage chair that can replicate the actual massage experience. Here Osaki massage chair can help you to solve all your problems.

    When Should Avoid Actual Massage?

    • Fever becomes an extreme condition when you shouldn’t take massage
    • If you have fracture, rashes or serious burn from the sun.
    • If You have serious nerves problem in your back or neck.

    In these cases, balance out your ailment first. After you have recuperated, or the condition is under the administration of a clinical supplier who concurs that massage would be useful, you can call to plan an arrangement.

    Massage Procedure Should Follow During Medical Conditions

    • Massage should not be done Just Get-togethers Significant Medical procedure. A significant medical procedure is any surgery that infiltrates and uncovered a body depression – medical procedure that has the potential for causing perpetual anatomic or physiologic debilitation, any strategy identified with muscular health or broad tissue exchange or examination.
    • Patients with meningitis can’t be knead. Other than meningitis being a dangerous condition since it influences the cerebrum and spinal string, meningitis can likewise be infectious.
    • Patients who are encountering extreme unexplained inward agony. Can’t have a massage treatment. They should promptly see a specialist.
    • Patients with exceptionally Metastatic Tumors eg. lymphoma, threatening melanoma ought not be massage.
    • Patients who have Diabetes Mellitus 1 or 2 with heart disease or kidney illness or progressed vascular confusions, can’t be kneaded.
    • Massage is for abrupt beginning of extreme undiscovered cerebral pain. When there is no past history of comparable serious headaches, and deadness or drowsiness.

    Final Thought

    Hope you like the above review about Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair & decided your purchase. Now you are just one step ahead of getting wonderful massage at your home. Osaki is the most trusted brand & provides fast customer service so that you can’t fell alone or cheated. Enjoy your daily massage & get away from tiredness.