Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review 2023

Have you had a long day? Do you want to relax your body and get rid of muscular pain? I’m sure, No one would say no to it! But, Instead of spending a lot of time and money visiting massage places, here is what I found one of the best massage guns & here I come with my Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review.

Bob and Brad are famous as the most well-known physical therapists on the internet. They are famous for their YouTube channel which has over 4 million subscribers. Emphasizing the importance of “physical therapy”, Bob and Brad created their latest invention, the C2 massage gun making it an affordable and budget-friendly massage gun that is accessible to all.

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Review By Me

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Top Features Of C2 Massage Gun

  • 5 Speeds and 5 Heads
  • Easy To Carry Anywhere And Easy To Pack
  • Max Speed up To 3200rpm
  • Type-C Fast-Charging Port
  • 10 Minutes Automatic Shutdown
rating C2 Massage Gun

To be honest, I’m blown away by the product. No wonder, this flagship model has 5000 5-start reviews. It all started with a cool package that caught my eye and it didn’t stop there. This portable device is easy to use, lightweight, rechargeable and works effectively for every body part. The Bob And Brad C2 Massage Gun is super strong, emitting high-intensity vibrations that are great at easing muscular tension yet acting soft and gentle on the skin. Furthermore, It targets deep tissue and helps one feel much better instantly. I am very impressed by the way it creates a great impact on the body with its five attachment features and five-speed modes.

Simply, I would say I believe the bob and brad massager is the perfect handheld device to relax your sore muscles and get great muscle massage therapy personally.

Keep reading to know why this C2 massager gun tops the list of bob and brad recommended products

Key Features That You Like

The following are the features that I found most appealing about this bob and brad massager gun.

User friendly

Bob and Brad made sure that it is easily accessible for everyone. No complications, it is as simple as using any other electric device. Besides, the instruction manual is pretty straightforward.

Extremely portable

Since it is the lightest massage gun and roughly weighs only 1.5 pounds, it makes it simple to carry anywhere.


$140 is not too much for a product like this massage gun with high quality, efficiency, and user friendly. All things considered, it is worth every penny.

No Noise

This device produces 45 dB of sound when used at lesser speeds and rises to 55 dB when used at greater speeds. It is very quiet compared to other massage guns with 60-70db.


This massage gun is an ideal solution for anyone suffering from muscular aches, pains, tightness, and the like.

Reviews By Customers

Main Features that Can Be Taken Into Consideration

In this section of the Bob & Brad C2 Massage gun review, I am going to talk about the main features that you should know about this bob and brad massage gun before you buy it.


This bob and brad C2 massage gun is a high-quality design. It has 5 attachments targeted at different areas of the body. C2 has a tight grip made of silicon to hold it. It comes with a bag and hence it is convenient to carry and use it whenever you want.


Performance-wise, it is remarkable. The speed of the C2 massage gun is 2000 RPM at the first level and that increases up to 3200 RPM on the fifth level and up to 35lbs of force. And, its amplitude is 8-9mm. This gun penetrates the muscle deeply to relieve pain, promote blood flow, enhance muscle strength and flexibility, and relieve muscular stiffness, among other benefits.


The C2 has a strong Lithium battery with a 2500 mAh capacity. Depending on the speed level you want to use, this machine gun works for up to 3-4 hours on a single charge. Whereas, a single charge might take around 3.5 hours.


It is a unique oval-shaped handle with a silicone grip. Thanks to the single button functioning, switching gears is quick and easy. The built-in LEDs determine the current speed you are utilizing and make changes accordingly. Additionally, It also has an inset power button. It protects the user from accidentally pushing it down if they apply too much pressure.


A Brushless motor, super blocking torque energy production, twin shaft drive construction, and intelligence chip are all features of this machine gun. It also makes use of the most up-to-date noise reduction technologies. Overall, this C2 machine gun simplifies technology and provides steady operation.


  • Brand: BOB AND BRAD
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Item Size: 6.8×5.1×2.4 inch
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Product Benefits: Muscle Therapy
  • Speed: 2000-3200 RPM
  • Force: 35 lbs
  • Noise Level: 55dB

How is Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun Helpful For Health?

Bob and Brad physical therapists, together found this affordable, portable, standard C2 massage gun for anyone to use in their comfort zone.

The massage gun offers deep tissue massage. It helps to break down scar tissue and relieve pain and constriction. Faster muscle recovery, reducing muscular soreness, tiredness, and lactic acid are all can be offered by the great pounding speed of this massage gun.

This massage gun is an ideal solution for post-workout therapy sessions daily. It can aid in the relief of muscular spasms and stiffness that might occur after a strenuous workout. This also helps to enhance blood flow, and strengthen muscles and mobility.

Massage guns function by activating neurons in the central nervous system. The nervous system promotes and controls muscle action and keeps the body in a state of homeostasis due to this massage.

Moreover, its various attachments make it easier to target muscles while still being softer on the skin. A dedicated attachment takes care of specific parts of the body and provides instant relief.

Massage is very crucial for both physical, healing, and mental health. It not only reduces the physical pain of the body meanwhile it helps to reduce mental stress as well. However, attaining that kind of pleasure at your own pace and own time is a gift. And, that is what Bob and Brad are offering- a handy massage gun.

Purpose of Each Head Attachments Bob And Brad C2 Massager

Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun comes with five different attachments that were created by physical therapists for certain muscle areas and ailments.

Fork Head Attachment

Back massage is done using the fork head. Place the forks on both sides of the spine and vibrate and massage the entire spinal region slowly.

Ball Head Attachment

The ball head attachment is used for muscular areas. You can use it for your lower waist, neck, arms, and legs. Please be careful and do not use this attachment on your skull.

Flat Head Attachment

This attachment is a strong one that will be helpful for areas like the waist, scapula, back, and strong muscular areas.

Bullet Head Attachment

A bullet head attachment looks like a focus. It is very useful for palms and feet.

Air Cushion Head Attachment

It is designed for less muscled and thin areas to prevent pain and discomfort. It works perfectly for the back, neck, arms, legs, hip muscles, and abdomen.

Best Way To Use C2 Massager

Bob And Brad C2 Massage Gun is unique in its style. It has a single button-multiple function ability. There is a power button on the device which does multiple functions. If we press that button for 2 seconds then it will either turn on or off.

If you want to change the frequency to the first setting, you need to press the same power button once it is on. And, to change to the advanced setting, press the same button again. In case you want to pause it, you need to press the power button for 2 seconds.

Hence, you can operate everything with just a single click. As a result, It is very user-friendly.

Other Expert Thought About Bob And Brad C2 Massage Gun

Construction of C2 Massage Gun

Construction of C2 Massage Gun

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun have a very ergonomic quality design, to make it user-friendly brand provided it with 5 massage head to reach each & every part of the body. It has a silicone handle so that it can fill the grip & it helps to absorb vibrations. If you are worried about battery then it has an indicator to show battery percentage & you can select massage mode from the gear indicator. It is provided with a C-type charging port so that charging can be fast & easy.


Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun is the most powerful tool available out there. It is easy to use, portable has less noise, and lightweight design which is quite impressive. This machine can reduce muscle aches, pains, tightness, and many more with one go. Although this might not cure the problem it will help in reducing the pain. This acts like physical therapy. Daily 10 minutes of massage by this significant massage gun can ease all your pain. Also, considering its USB-C charging ability and battery durability, I would say it is an extremely must-have product.