Does Hair Massage Help Hair Growth

Does Hair Massage Help Hair Growth?

Yes, actually massage can help to circulate blood in your head so that scalp get evenly distributed hair protein. But Nowadays many people start thinking that is there any natural way to grow hairs instead of any medications Because there are many fake institutes out there how to claim that they can grow hairs with the help of some tablets or pills. During 5-6 months of treatment, people think that they will able to grow their hair by just taking some pills. But it is not the case always. After taking lots of medications and pills people get bored and start thinking about other sides of hair loss.

Thus, by skipping the above methods to grow hairs you can save a lot of time and money. More importantly, hair massage is the only natural way to grow hairs. Because by doing so roots of the hairs get proper nourishment and hair follicles able to grow thicker hairs. Also, by doing so the collagen protein absorption capacity of the roots of hairs improves. Thus, they can easily cope with hair loosening agents in the body. Let’s more discuss about question “Does Hair Massage Help Hair Growth” in Detail.

Misconceptions about hair loss?

We will talk about the exact way of growing hairs but it is necessary to clear your misconceptions about hair growth.

First of all, your diet plan and healthy lifestyle don’t relate to your hairs much unless there is an underlying deficiency of any constituent. Moreover, do not even think about any kind of pill that will help you to grow your hair. Because the main cause behind hair loss is right there in your genetics. If your body mechanism is programmed in such a way that it will shut off hair growth on your head at a certain age then you cannot do much about it.

However, you can slow down the rate of hair loss by applying some shampoos. For example, too much and rough hair causes hair loss then you can buy anti rough shampoo to avoid such growth.

Some studies suggest that avoiding some bad habits will help in hair loss. But again, no study defines artificial hair growth by some external means.

Why hair loss occurs in male?

Many external factors cause hair loss. Those may be a lack of a healthy lifestyle, deficiency of some vital vitamins and minerals, excessive consumption of drugs, bad habits like smoking, etc. However, we are going to discuss some of the root causes that lead to loss of hair.

Hair is not affected much by any means unless they get sufficient time for growth. Having said that there is one hormone that causes loss of hairs which is known as DHT. More specifically people who are sensitive to DHT more often suffering from hair loss. DHT shortens the life cycle time for hair growth. Thus, hairs will get sufficient time to grow up to the maturity period. In course of time, such week hairs fall certainly.

This sensitivity to DHT when gets activated in the body starts affecting the hair growth cycle. Which in turn causes thinning of the hairs. Thus, thick and strong hairs will get weak and thin. After some time, the large portion of the hair gets weak and starts falling heavily. Here you can notice that hair loss is a natural phenomenon that can only be treated well with the help of some natural treatment.

What causes an increase in hair loss?

Many people use drugs like steroids and testosterone for boosting their performance levels. This causes excessive levels of testosterone production in the body which further leads to an increase in DHT production. Thus, if any male is sensitive to DHT then it will lead to loss of hair. Besides this smoking frequently may also cause an increase in the hair loss rate.