Healthmateforever Tens Unit Pulse Massager

Healthmateforever Tens Unit Review (YK15AB & YK15RC): Best Electronic Pulse Massager

Healthmateforever Tens Unit Review: Electronic Pulse Massager Digital Therapy provide electrotherapy for faster recovery and pain relief. The electrotherapy technology is new to the market yet satisfactory. This technology uses electrical pads for sending electrical pulses to your muscles. Thus causes movement of the muscles in response to these pulses. The movement of the muscles include contraction and relaxation therapy which in turn gives faster recovery and better muscle development. Here you may feel that how pads can penetrate deep inside to the muscles. But the manufacturers are claiming that these pads can penetrate more than human hands can. Let’s More Discuss about this about one of the Best Electronic Pulse Massager by Healthmateforever Tens Unit.

Healthmateforever Tens Unit Review & Buying Guide

Healthmateforever Tens Unit

Top Features

  • 9 Auto Stimulation Programs
  • 6 Selectable Massage Settings
  • 20 levels of intensity
  • 1 pads holder 3 AAA batteries; 1 Application placement chart; 1 User Manual

For pain relief you just need to attach these Healthmateforever Tens Unit pads on the paining points of your muscles. After starting the massage you will feel instant pain relief and relaxation. Other massagers like vibrators, heating therapy massager has advantages in their own ways. But this electrical massager has unique way of working. If you want to try something new other than vibrators and heater then this palm massager could be the perfect choice for yourself.

If you think that this Healthmateforever Tens Unit can only generate electrical pulses in order to relief pain then it is not the case. As this Pulse Massager able to give you some other modes of the massage like acupuncture, tapping, bodybuilding and auto mode. As this Healthmateforever Tens Unit Pulse Massager induces small currents that shakes the portion near the skins thus relief pain. More specifically electrical pulses passes signal to the muscles through central nervous system to stop receiving signals of the pain. By blocking the pain receptors muscles get time for the recovery. In biochemical studies painkiller are used for this purpose. But there are many side effects of the pain killer. Because same tablet cannot give same results on everyone’s body. Furthermore pharmacutical industries are not thrust worthy as they are producing addictive tablet that make human mind crave.

Its bodybuilding mode not only relieves pain but also helps in muscle toning and skin improvement. It has various different types of programs which are better replacement for some of the massages like cupping, acupuncture, guasha etc. As you can see this Healthmateforever Tens Unit Pulse Massager has remote controller with large digital display. It shows every important aspect of your massage and helps you to guide though it. It has several manual buttons to start, stop or increasing the intensity of the massager.

What We Like

  • Most flexible massager as we can massage each and every part of the body.
  • Everyone including not frequent users of the massager can buy this product for experiment purpose.
  • Customer reviews and brand ranking is fairly high.
  • Easy to carry everywhere.

What We Dislike

  • If someone is not comfortable with electrical current Vibrations then no reason to buy this product.
  • Heat treatment or music application is not available.

Benefits Using Healthmateforever Tens Unit

  • As this Healthmateforever Tens Unit Pulse Massager works externally and has simple electrical mechanism you can use it on everyone body. Moreover you must use it if you are an athlete or some sport enthusiast. Because it helps in faster recovery that no other massager can able to stimulate.
  • Healthmateforever are the manufacturer of this product. This product is showing amazing response and ratings on the amazon. It has 4.4 rating out of 5 on the basis of 2400 reviews. Moreover it is at #142 rank in muscle stimulator and accessories category which is consider to be better rating. The product launched in the market on 14th march 2013.
  • The most important thing about this massager is we can use this massager at every part of our body. Other massager has specific design. Thus it is not possible to use them on every part of the body. But this not the case with this massager. As wire of electrical strings are not only flexible but also stick firmly to every part of the body easily. Thus instated of buying different massagers for different body parts you can try with one like your first experiment. If your body is okay with electrical pulses then no need to find any other massager.

My Experience

Overall as per our testing & use, The Healthmateforever Tens Unit is the Best for people who wants pulse massage on muscle related issue. as per my Experience I recommend this product to anyone.

HealthmateForever devices allow many people to live pain-free, every day. The HealthmateForever device operates on batteries user-friendly portable, non-addictive, Non-invasive method for relieving pain. TENS devices deliver tiny electrical impulses via adhesive electrode pads that are attached to the skin of a person, typically close to or around the site of pain. TENS is a non-invasive approach to ease pain. The people who feel relief from pain through TENS might be able to cut down on their use of pain medications that can be addictive or trigger adverse reactions.

Our Experts Reviews

Mr. Tim

I saw the system on amazon. Read all of the reviews, in addition to the company using sells it. Very excellent results for a variety of needs of annoyance. As people clarified this apparatus really works.

Mr. Jimmy

I just have this particular unit for two days so that I can not neutralize the reviews. But I could say this particular unit will save a lot of money. I did not expect much. However, the machine is fantastic.

Final Thought

TENS is a highly efficient for pain relief. The Healthmateforever Tens Unit Pulse Massager works through sending tiny electrical signals through the body, which block the pain signals that are delivered through the brain. HealthmateForever TENS unit devices are also useful since they are compact and portable. Healthmateforever Tens Unit Pulse Massager can be carried in their pockets or secure it to the belt to ensure they are able to access immediate ease of pain throughout the day. The HealthmateForever incorporates physical therapy and biotechnology into an ultra-compact device that is designed with one reason: to simplify daily life in the areas of pain relief and post-surgery recovery, or overall health.