Best Massage Chairs Under $5000 

Best Massage Chairs Under $5000 In 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular options to help you to choose among the best massage chairs under $5000 from the top brands. Check out the features of these chairs can provide for a reasonable price. These chairs have more advanced programs as having more features, better stretching capabilities and overall higher quality design. Massage chairs offer more space between the seat and between the shoulder. Additionally, some of them are able to accommodate higher Wight users in much better way & also help for weight loss. They are certainly worth the price!

massage chair under 5000

Top Picks

Here are the list of top brands of massage chair that you can get under price $5000. These chair will surly help you to relax on daily basis when you come from the tired life. You can choose any of the massage chair as per your choice & budget.

  1. Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair
  2. Osaki OS-PRO Admiral Massage Chair
  3. Osaki OS-PRO Maxim Massage Chair
  4. Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair
  5. Osaki OS-PRO Yamato Massage Chair
  6. Ogawa Active L 3D Massage Chair
  7. Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Massage Chair
  8. AmaMedic Hilux 4D Massage Chair

Best Massage Chairs Under $5000 Buying Guide

1. Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 3D Massage Technology
  • Bluetooth for Phone and Music
  • 9 Pre-set Program
  • 5 Massage Styles
  • 5 Speed Control

Titan has designed an incredible chair that gives you the sensation of a 3D massage using an L-Track. It is designed to accommodate people taller than 6 feet tall. There aren’t many massage chairs that are designed for taller people that also accommodate people of over 5’0″ and up. Combining 3D technology and an L-Track massage the experience you experience from this massive massage chair do awesome massage.

The 3D massage feature on Titan Pro Jupiter XL helps to shape the back with precise precision. If you pair it with the L-Track, you’ll get consistent pressure from the top to the bottom. Traditional massage tracks stop at the hips, while the L-Track allows the rollers to go beyond the glutes to reach at the very top of the body.

2. Osaki OS-PRO Admiral Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 24 airbags in the massage chair
  • 3 spinning reflexology massage rollers
  • 15 Auto Massage Programs

The Osaki OS-PRO Admiral massage chair that comes with LED controls comes with an L-Track system that has Zero Gravity and 16 auto massage settings, with full-body massage from the airbag.

The Admiral lets you be able to have total control over your relaxing experience with the help of 6 Massage Styles, 2″ Space Saving Technology, lumbar and calves heat, as well as a wonderful 3D massage. It’s OS-Pro Admiral has 16 different auto massage programs. The chair is also equipped with Bluetooth as well as USB ports.

Top Features

  • 12 Unique Auto-programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • SL Track Roller Designe

The Osaki OS Pro Maxim massage chair has a brand new version with more advanced technology for the ideal massage chair. The chair is equipped with of Bluetooth technology with space-saving technologies, foot rollers that have zero gravity and an S/L-track massage track that provides the user with a total massage experience for your body.

The discount at present makes this chair an affordable price for the amount of features that you can get in the same chair.

Top Features

  • 6 Unique Auto-programs
  • 5 Levels of Speed
  • 5 Levels of Intensity
  • Vibration Seat Massage

It is one of our top-selling products. Its high-end features, color options and a reasonable price make the full-body with foot-massage chair attractive to everyone who wants to incorporate home massage into their routine. This is the most recent version of the best selling Osaki OS-4000 and the Osaki OS-4000T has been updated with brand new foot massage rollers for reflexology and an improved airbag massage system, which offers improved durability. With the addition of massage rollers for feet as well as a more compact design for the airbag, it has greater reliability and durability in this perfect massage chair.

5. Osaki OS-PRO Yamato Massage Chair

Top Features

  • L-track massage roller 
  • Space saving technology
  • Heat therapy
  • Zero-gravity massage
  • Bluetooth speakers

Osaki OS-PRO Yamato massage chair is an amazing new model that comes from the family of Osaki and Titan chairs. It has a contemporary style that has smooth lines, a soft feeling, and an extensive range of options and settings. The Yamato is able to massage from the neck upwards to the glutes and even the upper hamstrings due to rolling rollers called L-Track.

The Yamato is a massage chair that users can select from a selection of massage programs that offer a complete massage experience. It’s OS-PRO Yamato massage chair has 10 pre-programmed massage routines including Relaxation, Gentle Relief Thai, Neck/Shoulder Rejuvenate, Senior Care, Recovery, Swing and the Full Body. Additionally, you’ll receive Bluetooth and space-saving features, as well as an easy side-controlled and a 2 stage zero gravity.

Top Features

  • Smart 3D Technology
  • Customized Massage Programming
  • Zero Gravity Design
  • Smart Tablet Control

The all-new Ogawa Active L 3D massage chair comes with SL Massage track Design. Your body will be held in a cradle as every spinal muscle is treated by the three-dimensional quad rollers. Injecting tension into the tight shoulders and neck muscles and stretching them, lengthening the spine, as well as relaxing your bottom of your feet and the Active L 3D will promote complete body health.

The Ogawa Active L 3D massage chair is equipped with 38 multi-layered air cells which apply gentle pressure using waves, increasing circulation to speed up healing and recovery of muscles. It covers every area with three degrees of intensity. Shoulders Lumbar, Arms, as well as calves and Legs.

7. Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • L Track  Massage
  • Triple Region Heater (Lumbar, Forearm, Calves)
  • Zero Gravity Design
  • Durable Performance Urethane

Jin 2.0 by Inner Balance is a custom-designed robotic massage chair that gives you the full body massage experience that you’d expect from a top-quality, high-priced massage chair that covers up to the tip of your foot. Utilizing it’s ergonomic shape and design, the 51.25″ SL-Track. The Jin 2.0 offers a variety of massage techniques that target your upper hamstring, neck as well as your back and shoulders.

Jin 2.0 also offers automatic body scanning as well as an automatic shoulder position detection system in order for the chair to determine your exact measurements and shape. After a computerized system detects your shoulder’s position, it can alter the position of the shoulder manually over 10 steps, allowing you to receive a massage specifically tailored for your preferences.

8. AmaMedic Hilux 4D Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 18 Airbags Massage
  • Extendable Footrest up to 7.1”
  • Ergonomic 4D SL-Track
  • Heated Back Roller Massage
  • Advanced Latest 4D Technology

AmaMedic Hilux 4D massage chair is made with the latest technology, luxurious and elegant style. Every single detail are carefully researched and designed with the finest quality. The latest 4D massage has been designed to provide massage that is deeper, wider in a more precise way than standard massage rollers. The technology of 4D massage will resemble the hands of masseurs with professional experience.

You can fine-tune your massage using 8 levels of intensity and five speeds as well as five different levels of power. This AmaMedic Hilux comes with an sophisticated Back heating technology. The massage roller is heated, and acts like hot stones and massaging simultaneously. The Hilux 4D comes with 16 different automatic massage options separated into three different areas of massage. There’s Neck & shoulder, lower back and the Automatic.

Why Should You Choose Massage Chair?

Life is difficult in today’s world. Humans are more susceptible to feeling restless, stressed, and fatigue due to their fast-paced and hardworking lives. These chairs offer more space in the back and between the shoulders, making them ideal for taller people. These chairs are well worth the extra cost. Massage chairs, as we all know, are much more convenient and affordable than professional massages.

How To Choose The Best Massage Chair Under 5000?

The best massage chairs are specific to certain purposes. Full-body massage chairs are perfect for massages that involve the entire body. prenatal massage chairs are great for massages that target pregnant women’s acupoints, back massage chairs are ideal for soothing tense backs, and neck massage chairs are perfect for relieving neck pain and headaches. By choosing the right massage chair for your needs, you can enjoy a therapeutic massage that is perfect for your needs and preferences.

Final Thought

These massage chairs under $5000 are ranked in no particular order and have been selected based on the best available features and online reviews from customers. if you have any questions about massage chairs or need a recommendation, just ask, we are always happy to help.