Ogawa Master Drive AI Massage Chair review

Ogawa Massage Chair Review 2023 (Master Drive AI And Smart 3D)

Ogawa is a premium quality massage chair with stunning product design that you can think to own at your home. It has an intelligent AI base technology capable of producing outstanding relax on your health and wellness. Let’s More discuss about this massage chair in this Ogawa Massage Chair Review.

Ogawa Massage Chair Review (Master Drive AI And Smart 3D)

Ogawa Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Variable the Massage Pressure
  • 54-inch Long Massage Roller
  • Senses your Blood Oxygen Levels
  • 26 Automatic Programs, 500 Customizable Options

Ogawa massage chair is researched so well that it has properties of medicinal therapy and provide innovative massage experience at the same time. Nothing is better than this if you go to the market nowadays. If you want a massage chair that understands your health and takes action accordingly to produce quality results then this will be the right choice. The manufacturing of the chair is done by considering all the requirements of the health physicians. All the advanced innovations in the machine are just to make it smarter and more competitive.

Top Features

  • Variable the Massage Pressure
  • 54-inch Long Massage Roller
  • Senses your Blood Oxygen Levels
  • 26 Automatic Programs, 500 Customizable Options

Ogawa massage chair gives you the best precise massage. It has all the important features thus meets every requirement for faster recovery. For knowing more about this machine I went to my friend’s spa center. He has Ogawa chair at his every center. Thus he believes that faster recovery of the customers improves his goodwill in the market. Thus he is able to handle more customers with delivering quality results.

Basically, a businessman helps him to invest in these machines. Moreover, the return that he produced from this investment are really amazing. After his suggestion i bought Ogawa massage chair for my home.

Note: ogawa imelody massage chair review currently now available due to it non availablility.

What We Like 

  1. The massage chair is perfect for all purposes and a lot of people can afford it since it is priced at a reasonable price.
  2. The reviews for this massage chair are excellent because it’s got 4.1 five stars out of five from more than 208 reviews.
  3. A massage chair is a great option to perform regular tasks. In order to do this, you must remove the waist cushion , and you’ll not feel sweat.
  4. A great value product.

What We Dislike

  1. Neck massage rollers could be uncomfortable in cases for long periods due to the fact that they produce intense vibrations

Health Benefits of Ogawa Massage Chair

  • The AI technology assists Ogawa chair to calculate many things like blood oxygen levels, the stress in the body. Thereby provide proper calculated pressure to every part of the body.
  • All the muscles of the body are not at the same size. They are different in many ways. For example, the muscles present in the leg are the largest ones. While the muscles present near the neck and the back are the most delicate. Thus it is important to determine how much pressure and time should be considered to massage different parts of the body. Because in the absence of this smart system total stress relief is not possible. The smart AI system helps the chair to make decisions based on such computational data. Thus the processor of the machine can make suitable adjustments according to the data provided by such a system. (also read about: Lifesmart Massage Chair Reviews )
  • It is important to note that even a professional therapist cannot be able to determine the amount of pressure that must be put to relax the muscle. But this is not the case with this chair. Thus its cost is not comparable with other products in the market.
  • The results are very clear and distinct. One can feel the exact difference in their own body after taking a Zero Gravity massage.

Why Should you Buy this after reading Ogawa Massage Chair Review?

  1. It has 4D massage rollers. The depth of the rollers is automatically adjusted. Thus pressure and speed of the rollers changed.
  2. The smart L track senses all the acupunctural points and puts proper pressure sufficient enough to clear difficulties in the blood flow.
  3. The regular massage or taking even small calm naps on this chair helps you to improve your back and hip posture. Thus giving permanent stress-free back.
  4. The chair not only provides massage but also covers all the ancient massaging techniques to apply to your body.
  5. It covers overall 6 different massage techniques and 26 automatic programs for a more engaging and exciting massage experience. It has foot and sole rollers to cover the entire portion of the legs.
  6. The other advanced feature includes Alexa voice control, biometric health tracker, precise full-body scanner, chromotherapy includes 7 different lights, the maximum massage time is 30 minutes. After that, it automatically gets switch off.
  7. The best quality two speakers are controllable with the help of Alexa technology. Also, there is not much lag in the functioning of any part of the machine.
  8. Moreover, it has 500 options to set customizable programs with 3 memory settings to store the same.

Customer Reviews


This chair is stunning, it has every one of the fancy odds and ends. Simple to set up you should simply attach the legs. Exceptionally simple to utilize controller with another simple to arrive at regulator on the handrest. This massage chair does everything and seriously including voice control and Bluetooth speakers. The zero gravity is my #1 position. I disapproved of the conveyance however after with Ana from client care it was taken consideration if ASAP despite the fact that it wasn’t their deficiency. Extraordinary client support.

Mrs. Lima

I expected something stunning and Ogawa conveyed. I have different difficult issues with my back thus far this chair has helped colossally. It’s a long way from modest and I’m honored to have the option to manage the cost of it. It’s groundbreaking.


I think you are now able to decide your purchase after reading this review, hope Ogawa massage chair gives you comfort massage at your home, office & to your customers. The best part of this massage chair is that it can be place at any corner at your home. 


Where are Ogawa massage chairs made?

Most chairs, these days, are made in China. The plan and designing, assembling of parts, and gathering are completely done in China. The Ogawa chairs, for instance, are 100% made in China.

Where are massage chairs made?

We will say that purchasing a massage chair is unquestionably worth the venture in case you will utilize it more often than not. Getting it and simply utilizing it scarcely couple of times each month is simply not worth the venture.

Is Ogawa made in Japan?

Ogawa is a Japanese maker. However, it’s known to make 100% of its chairs in China.