Titan Luca V Massage Chair Reviews

Titan Luca V Massage Chair Reviews 2023

Titan Luca V Massage Chair is the leading manufacturer in the USA. They are in this industry for a long time. Moreover, they have the experience to make all kinds of massage chairs like electric massage chairs, conventional-type massage chairs, zero gravity massage chairs etc. From their large variety of products, Titan Luca V B Massage Chair is one of the finest products that they have. This massage chair comprises all the advance as well as necessary features that you will need for making the most comfortable massage. Let’s More Discuss about this Titan Luca V Massage Chair Reviews.

Titan Luca V Massage Chair Reviews: Buying Guide

Titan Luca V Massage Chair

Top Features Titan Luca V Massage Chair

  • 4 Auto Massage Programs
  • 5 Massage Styles
  • Easy to Use Remote Controller
  • Convenient Remote Pocket

Titan has advance L track massage technology. This makes sure that your gluts get a proper massage to release all the tension that happens during the leg workouts. Normally this portion of the body remains unnoticed but if you are an athlete or gym enthusiast then you must strengthen your gluts.

In addition to that this massage chair offers 16 airbags to different parts of your body. It covers your body regions like calves, heel, toes, back, shoulders, neck, spinal area, etc. This soothing compression massage relaxes your entire body. Heating therapy further increases the quality of the massage so that your recovery rate will be faster.

When you set this chair in a zero-gravity position it takes your massage experience to the next level. You will feel like you are floating in the air. This position allows maximum comfort and most appropriate for regulating blood flow to the entire region of the body. Moreover, your spine and back muscles become stress-free and improve with better strength. This chair has massaging rollers at the bottom portion of the feet. Thus no need to worry about taking care of the feet. Moreover, heating therapy to the lower portion of your back helps in better blood flow to all the portions of the feet.

What We Like

  1. It has 4.2 stars out of 5 which is a great thing.
  2. This massage chair is loaded with all the advanced features.
  3. This massage chair comes with 3years of warranty which includes 1 year of labor and parts and 2 years of parts only.
  4. Bluetooth and manual controls are available so that if someone is not understanding the advanced technology then also no need for hesitation.

What We Dislike

  1. Too many features increase the cost unnecessarily.
  2. This a 2D massage chair thus there are chances that manufacturers will upgrade to 3D technology. However, it doesn’t create a significant difference in massaging quality.
  3. Not affordable to everyone because of its expensive price.

Features That Appreciated By Experts

  • The massage chair has extra extensions for your feet as a space-saving technology. The manufacturers are well aware of customer size requirements. Thus no need to worry about size and space.
  • The Bluetooth speakers of the chair work excellently. Also, they give fast response to your activities which is the main concern about such machines.
  • Luca v massage chair provides you 4 customizable massage programs where all your family members can save their time by pre-setting the massage. Moreover, this massage chair provides you 5 different types of massage such as kneading, knocking, both simultaneously, tapping and shiatsu massage, etc.
  • Its remote controller has all the necessary controlling features. You can change the intensity of the massage or mode of the massage by just pressing a single button manually. You can also shift your massage type at any time to select specific customize the massage. There is a remote pocket to put the remote safely after use.
  • This massage chair is available in the market from $2999/ count.

My Experience on Titan Luca V Massage Chair

It is important to note that you need to take care of your feet regularly because they have some of the longest muscle present in the body. Moreover, your feet are constantly working sitting or walking. Your thighs and heels need firm support when you are sitting at a place for a long time. Thus if you are not sitting with proper postures then your body parts get tensed. In such a case rolling massage to the lower portion of the foot like heel and toe will give maximum comfort and relaxation. The Titan Luca V Massage Chair is the perfect choice if you want to get away from tiredness & other type of muscle elated issue.

If you’re in search of an excellent chair that has appealing features, this could be the perfect model for your needs. Titan Luca V has some notable features that are worth mentioning and is a affordable price. It’s the perfect home massage chair for your requirements.

Titan Luca V Massage Chair Reviews By Customers

Mr. Tim

Debated about purchasing a massage chair for many weeks, however finally determined to do it. Up to now, no regrets. The chair scans the entire body and adjusts the mechanisms for perfect recovery. It’s basically like using a massage parlor on your Livingroom. Shipped fast and has been delivered a week before schedule.

Mrs. Lina

It’s meet all of my expectations. It was delivered far in front of the date. The shipping company known and called delivery quite simple. In terms of the chair it does the work. In terms of most of the people saying that the chair keeps saying I am here only shutoff the voice activation feature. I possessed $8K old chair before and frankly the features you receive on this seat was comparable in addition to the massage you get. Anybody trying to find a fantastic massage chair with fantastic benefits this is unquestionably the main one.


If you’re seeking a high-end chair that has a lot of options, this model isn’t the right one for you. It’s got a lot of features, ones that are very beautiful, but it’s not one of the most feature-rich models. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a chair for the first time and has the money and is seeking something appealing. I’d also suggest it to anyone who has started with a basic chair and wants to upgrade their furniture without costing a lot. It’s a great chair. Titan Luca V is definitely a worthwhile chair and you can make a better choice. Test it out for yourself and find out how you feel about it.

A lot of chairs that are priced at this point are S-tracks and, while there’s nothing wrong with this, the fact that this is an L-track is considerably more competitive. The airbag system that is efficient is another benefit for this model. It is a true massage booster absolutely. In general the chair is a success. It comes with a decent amount of features that make it a affordable price point.

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