BestMassage EC 06 Massage Chair

BestMassage EC 06C Massage Chair Review 2023

Searching for an agreeable yet reasonable massage chair? You might have to read this BestMassage EC 06 Massage Chair Review to confirm your purchase decision.

Before you make an interest in any electric massage chair, set aside effort to think about your necessities, alongside the disadvantages and advantages of a particular model. Here  we have cone with the BestMassage EC 06C Massage Chair Review to reduce your efforts.

BestMassage EC 06 Massage Chair Review: Buying Guide


Top Features

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Functional diversity
  • Air massage system with heat therapy
  • Space save
  • Modern design

The BestMassage EC 06 Massage Chair offers a best of massage as compare to pricier massage chairs. People recommend this product because of it’s durable & extra feature design. BestMassage EC06C Massage Chair  provides you zero gravity heat massage and full body massage through massage focuses inside the rollers. Integrated 21 airbags gives comfort massage in the arms, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet.

The chair retails for just $1200 however can be get online for under $1140. You can get original product on online retailers like Amazon and eBay. This electric full body massage chair may appear as though a great worth as compare with extravagance estimated Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

What We Like

  • Zero gravity w/heat at a moderate cost
  • 21 airbags for pressure massage
  • 3 massage settings
  • 4 kinds of massage
  • Natural, handheld LED regulator

What We Dislike

  • Purchaser pays return dispatching if there is an issue
  • No maintenance agreement
  • Get together required
  • White Glove Service not accessible

Feature Detail

  • Zero Gravity Design : Just Push the zero-gravity button, Zero gravity massage chairs push up your feet to a same level as your heart, easing the inconvenience of back torment. 7 massage modes cooperate with different regions to give a totally loosening up your harden tissues. Your heart can work less and you can loosen up additionally.
  • Prefect Automation : 9 preset auto massage programs have distinctive massage strategies to give you the best massage experience. Including exceptional extending programs for full body, double foot rollers on the feet region are most appropriate, but you can likewise pick power speed and airbag strain to control your own massage.
  • Air Massage With Heat Therapy: There are all out 21 air bags which are deliberately situated in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet. Also with heating effect, your muscles and joints will recuperate quicker with expanded blood course and less agony and aches. Multiple Air bags for your hip and your midsection line which blows up for pressure massage to adjust lower back.
  • Compact Design : Space saving innovation just requires small space to place. Expertly made for style & luxury, this massage chair can be the ideal product for living room, home theater, balcony and office.


Zero Gravity gives sensation of weightlessness

The BestMassage EC06C leans back as well as slants in reverse to a 45-degree point to advance a sensation of weightlessness, known as Zero Gravity while empowering a more intense massage.

Airbags add to full body massage

  • BestMassage EC-06-C airbags  all out of 21 airbags length from the shoulders to the feet to give pressure massage treatment. In any case, If you want to do any examination on massage chairs, you realize that the quality of airbags that matter.
  • The pressure may likewise feel excessively close and awkward, particularly for bigger people.

Warmth advances post-exercise recuperation

  • This zero gravity massage chair warms the lower back, giving relief from discomfort and muscle recuperation after an exercise.
  • Not at all like some better quality electric massage chair, the warmth doesn’t stretch out all over the chairback yet is focused.

Four types of massage conceivable

The BestMassage EC-06-C utilizes eight massage heads crossing from the shoulders to the lower back which move to give 4unique kinds of massage: Shiatsu, tapping, manipulating, and thumping. These are not the double or quad rollers found in any Japanese massage chairs. 

Customer Review

We have gotten it seven days prior of writing this review and have utilized it regularly since I got it and I believe that the it is made prefect for me. I have major back and neck problem continually alongside foot pain from being on my feet the entire day at work. I cannot really accept that how much it has helped my feet as of now. I can really feel better, now my day totally pain free. I just use this chair for 20 min daily and my aggravation is no more. for me this is immense I am so happy I bought this massage chair and it was definitely worth the cash.

It doesn’t occupy to much of room space and looks extraordinary in my lounge. I have had my massage chair for longer than a year at this point I actually love it, I have not had any issues with it and I use it pretty much consistently this chair was certainly worth the cash and I would purchase another instantly for my brother. I think it was the best cash I at any point spent.

Final Thought

Yes, you should own this massage chair without doubting the product. It is the best massage chair that you can ever see. Just use few button & it start doing everything automatically.  Pre-programmed in-built massage gives you best feeling in the world.