Maternity Massage

Maternity Massage – Everything You Need To Know Before

It is important to note that try to avoid any kind of massage ( Maternity Massage ) in the first trimester. Because the belly is not fully capable of carrying the baby in this period. Moreover, the chances of dis-carriage are greater in case of little inappropriate pressure. In such a case you will not able to claim insurance as well.

More often last 5 to 6 months are usually safe to take a massage. Moreover, 2 to 3 times of massage is okay in the last two months. However, there are no specific rules that one should take massage in the above pattern.

Because it totally depends on who the mother feels after and before the massage. In addition, it is also important that weather she wants to take a massage or not. Thus maternity massage is not the mandatory thing. However useful in many of the cases.

Many times increasing in the blood flow during the massage results in an increase in body temperature. Thus it is important to drink plenty amount of water before taking the massage.

What happens in maternity massage?

First of all, they ask to pay down on your back. The inclination is important with increasing slope towards your legs. Maternity massage starts with low-intensity pressure to your neck and the head. Massaging foreheads will put mothers under deep sleep so that rest of the massage will be more relaxing.

The major parts that need to massage his feet, belly, shoulders thighs, west, joints, and back. The feet of the mother usually pain more as they carry extra weights.

Because of low activities and long sittings mothers are not able to stretch their back. Which puts me back under pressure. The belly needs to be strong enough to put a considerable amount of pressure on the uterus during the massage. Because of hormonal activities, there is pain in joints and ligaments. Which is a natural thing, especially in the last few weeks. Thus do not forget to massage these parts of the body.

Is it risky to massage a pregnant massage?

There is not much risk to massage pregnant women as long as you are massaging the belly and the back. Also, the ankles of the feet need to handle with care. As they have some internal connection with the uterus.

Moreover do not lay on one side for a longer period. Obviously, sleeping upside down is not permissible for sure.

Otherwise, you can massage the other parts of the body with usual precautions.

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