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Lomi Massage – How To Do, History, Everything You Should Know

Lomi massage comes from Hawaiian tradition where people show their love for others by doing this massage. Moreover, Lomi massage is also a sign of caring or showing gratitude towards the leaders. The leaders who protect people or runs the whole system are like executives.

History Of The Lomi Massage

Hawaii is a part of the United States. However, it is very different from the other states of the U.S. As it is away from 2000 miles from the mainland of the U.S the culture and tradition are very different. The people of Hawaii are not so rich. But they are very kind and loving.

They are unable to spend a lot of money for the good hospitality of the travelers. So the Lomi massage is the way of showing gratitude for all people. Moreover, this region was suffering from autocracy for many years. Thus to nourish the leader or army officers Lomi massage becomes the tradition of the Hawaiian culture.

Now as a part of the tradition there are many advancements in the Lomi massage. To maintain the quality of the massage government is giving certification to skillful practitioners. Which is the best part that ensures the genuineness of the massage. Otherwise, this popular technique might be hired by native businessmen to beat the market. Thus we might not able to enjoy the traditional essence of the massage.

Therefore the wise decision of the government is very admirable. This also confirms that people with years of massaging experience and valuable knowledge of the massage only get access to expand their business. Moreover, traditional knowledge of the massage will not perish with time.

How To Do Lomi Massage?

Lomi’s massage technique is the best for making a good connection between your brain and the body. The holistic approach of the massage takes you to a noiseless beautiful world. They use mind-focusing chanting to relax your mind and body. Such mindful chanting literally dissolves your stress so that it will never appear in your mind.

During the Lomi massage, you have to remove all your clothes. They have appropriate sheets to cover a small portion of your body parts. The reason is therapist can comfortably cover the entire portion at once of your body parts. By doing so massage feels more enjoyable and deep.

Before the massage, they ask you some questions about customizing the massage. They ask about which portion you want to focus more etc. They also ask you about past injuries and health problems to get a clear idea of your body health.

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