Is It Good To Massage Sore Muscles

Is It Good To Massage Sore Muscles?

Yes, after hard workout massage helps to early recovery of Muscles. Massage boosts muscle & helps to extract more oxygen that is essential for muscle gain. Bodybuilder & Sports person should also take Deep tissue massage after there workout. There are many Best massage gun available in the market that can help for easy recovery. Let’s More discuss about your question “Is It Good To Massage Sore Muscles” in Detail.

What is the difference between pain and soreness? 

The ache you feel during exercise and lasts for 24-48 hours is known as soreness. It also defines your strength and in turn endurance. But the pain that can be felt during the exercise and lasts for 2-3 weeks even after proper rest and recovery is known as muscle injury which in turn causes pain. Thus, pain should not be confused with soreness.


Pain in the body shows intense feelings that the body will not able to cope with. If you are ignoring pain then it leads to fatigue and large degradation in the performance. Moreover, there is some hidden pain that occurs in the body. We get to know about this pain when we perform some particular types of exercise.

For example, your knee is paining after doing physical exercise such as sprinting. But at the same time, you will not able to feel pain in your knees while doing jump ropes. The reason behind this is the muscles and ligaments do not activate equally during performing a particular exercise. Such pains may cause typical major injuries in the body if not properly handled.


Soreness causes a stretch in bones and ligaments. It also includes tearing of the connective tissues and muscle fibers. But this tearing is within curable limits to enhance the strength of the body. You must push your limits within a particular zone of improvement to enhance overall body performance.

Besides this soreness makes your body stronger to sustain a particular amount of pain. Hence no need to stop your daily exercise activities in case of soreness. Having said that proper rest and recovery diet is recommended. In case of soreness, you can stop activities related to that portion to strengthen different muscles of the body.

How to cure soreness?

Soreness can be easily curable. If you are suffering from the soreness that results from intense workouts then the body has a self-mechanism to cure it. But in case of a shorter recovery period, you need to do take some extra for faster recovery.

First of all, you need to consult your physicians to know more about the soreness. It is important because if you are not used to such body ache then you must have proper knowledge about it. Discuss your problem with that physical therapist. If you get to know that the pain in the body part is because of soreness then you can follow the below-listed therapies to cure them.

Instead of taking pills, you can ask for some natural therapies to cure that pain. If you find some needful advice from your physicians then you can try without any hesitation. Because everyone’s body has a different way of adapting to different medications or therapies. Thus, you can find out the most suitable one by just experimenting with it on your body.

Some of the first aid medications to cure soreness are 

  1. Soreness causes tens of muscles. Thus, to make them flexible you need to stretch your body properly. After intense workouts, you need to do proper cooling down exercises. If you don’t know them then you can do some yoga exercises which are easily available on the internet.
  2. You can also overcome soreness faster by doing oil massage to your body. Oil helps in releasing tension in your body thus helps in faster recovery. It is advisable to put lukewarm oil into your muscles so as release pain faster. It also nourishes your muscles to avoid any obstacle in blood circulation. Which in turn improves metabolism and increases strength in the body.

Things that you need to consider before massaging any part of your body

  • Do not apply massage in case of swellings.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure while massaging your body.
  • Keep your massaging sessions fix for maximum benefits.
  • Keep your massaging body parts steady for some time to get faster results.
  • Heating compression massage right after the workout schedule will be more beneficial.
  • ice shock is recommended after taking a gap of an hour after completing heating compression. This works well in case of soreness.
  • Take proper rest after massage otherwise it has no beneficial effect on your body.
  • After doing all this if your body is not showing proper response then you must make an appointment with your doctor to take further advice.