Crystal massage

Crystal Massage – Everything You Should Know About Crystal Massage

Crystal massage is a completely different and unique massaging experience. First of all, it is not much like massage therapy. It is a combination of positive affirmations, deep meditation, light background chanting, and very important crystal vibration and energy.

Is crystal massage therapy is scientifically true?

Before discussing in detail crystal therapy, you should know its scientific results. It is important to know that scientists do not support such therapy. Because of such facts, many people ignore this kind of therapy. But at the same time, humans do not know even 10% of nature. Moreover, spirituality starts where scientific concepts start fading.

Thus it is important to feel this crystal therapy before commenting or making your mind. Many people take crystal therapy for getting rid of chronic body pains. In addition to that crystals that they use are known to have the very purest geometrical forms. Moreover, you cannot deny the advantages of meditation only because it is not explainable by science.

Crystal massage is more about experiencing rather than explaining. Even the person how is giving this massage is not able to explain its benefits properly. Additionally, this massage therapy adds some placebo effect. Because a therapist creates a very deep suspicious environment around you. Which makes you feel that something magical is happening around you. Moreover, their low chantings feel you energetic.

Crystal massage therapy also depends greatly on the therapist. Because the timing of chantings and way of carrying the activities also add very deep feelings on the mind.

History of the crystal stones

Many of the eastern countries are using such stones for a long time. The ancient kings where use these stones as a sign of royal families. Because their old generation believes that wearing such stones attracts huge positive energy. Moreover, these stones define the rank of the warriors in their kingdom. The higher the size of the stone greater will be the rank of the worrier.

The touch of these geometrically pure forms of entities left a magical feeling on your body. The experience is so unique that everyone has different thoughts on this crystal therapy.

The best part is after sharing the experience of crystal therapy you can think whether you feel something similar that your friend is feeling.

Is it worthy to take crystal massage at least once?

it Because the benefits of this massage are uncertain. However, if any other therapy or consultation for the doctor is not giving you beneficial results then you must try this massage. In that case, it is worth beneficial to take this massage. Because crystal massage can may bring you happiness while all other therapies are fading away.

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