Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Review 2023 [Ultimate Guide]

If you are searching for the best foot massager for daily use at your home. Cloud Massage features varying levels of speed and pressure. There are other massagers that just provide an uncomplicated foot massage however, with an adjustable base, cloud massager machine can be placed with incredible comfort to massage. Cloud foot and calves massager is an top massager, specifically designed to pamper your heels, feet, calves and ankles. It utilizes the traditional Shiatsu massage techniques such as air compression, heat vibrating, as well as a variety of rotating styles to give the perfect massage for your specific needs. Check out everything here about cloud massager review of the shiatsu foot machine.

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Review & Recommendation

Cloud Foot Massager

Top Features

  • 3 distinct levels of intensity 
  • 5 modes for comfort
  • Pain relief and self-care
  • Adjusts mode easily

This Cloud Foot Massager has 5 amazing modes of massage such as rolling, compression, Sway function, quiet mode, etc. Also, the intense vibrations are replaced by compression massage. It has 15 min massage programs for pain relief and recovery. Moreover, the massager comes with a handle that can be movable through 360 degrees.

It has 5 buttons on its head. They contain operations like speed change, mode change, power off-on, temperature change, etc. The massager works with 3 different intensity levels with 5 different modes.

You can use this massager for massaging your calf and feet. Moreover, its soft cushion further increases the comfort of the massage. This massager is at 4.5 ratings out of 5. The total numbers of reviews listed are 6390. Thus no need to explain the credibility of the massager. It is not too heavy. It weighs about 22 pounds. The massager is available in the market in affordable price.

What We Like

  • This massager relief pain from both the calf and feet.
  • It has the good build quality and customer service.

What We Dislike

  • The remote control is not available with the massager.
  • You need to adjust your position more frequently to massage different parts.

Expert Review


cloud foot massager is adjustable and angled to ensure that your feet aren’t at 90 degrees when you are sitting down to make use of the device. It’s well thought out and designed. It’s solidly constructed.

Air cushion

The air cushions that are affixed to your feet & give you great pressure but not a hard surface pressure that makes you want shout.

Shiatsu massage

Cloud foot massager is based on a type of massage referred to as ” shiatsu”. Traditional shiatsu massage is based on the use of the fingers thumbs, palms and fingers to apply pressure to help relieve pain as well as support and better circulation. In this instance the Cloud massager makes use of rolling balls, heated, and compression to replicate the same shiatsu method in a systematic and mechanical manner.

Control and settings

There are five buttons that can be used to control (Heat, Vibration, Intensity, Modes, Power). When a button is selected, it will flash a light colored to indicate other setting.


The heat mode is simple to use. If it is turned on it will illuminate an red light. When the button is not activated, the light is in a blue or purple shade.

5 Modes

The Cloud massager for the foot and calf is equipped with the option of five modes. Within each mode, users are able to adjust all three of the features mentioned (heat, vibration and the intensity).


The vibration settings are just below the heat settings. Vibration that is activated sends a vibration stream of energy through the entire massager. It is possible to use this vibration to increase the depth of the massage of your calf or foot depending on the need.

3 levels of Intensity

There are five intensities available to this Cloud massager. Based on your personal preferences you can modify the intensity of the massage and remain at the level you have set throughout the massage.


The final button of the series of controls is also the most user-friendly. It’s called the power button that is situated on the bottom of the control panel. It’s as simple as it is, this button will turn the massager on and off.

My Experience

Cloud massager is a truly great for massages on the foot and calf. Cloud Massage is a truly unique device. Cloud Massage machine is extremely easy to place and adjust in a variety of ways by shifting the bar that is adjustable. It provides Shiatsu rolling pressure and compression therapy, as well as gentle warmth, soothing swaying and stimulating vibration in one device. The massage that is deep and kneading Shiatsu massage will be a blessing for your feet as well as your overall wellbeing. If you suffer from low circulation The Cloud foot massager helps increase blood flow as well as relieving pain.

Overall, The Cloud Foot Massager is the perfect choice for people who want reliable and effective Foot pain relief . We recommend this product to anyone.

Customer Review

Mr. Tim

I’m over the top thrilled with this brand new foot massager I purchased out of Cloud Massage. This is actually really just a hot, vibrating, deep kneading shiatsu form of foot massager and contains these air-bags which squeeze and outside at various pressures that’s awesome for flow problems. I am going to be recommending this to everybody I know. Inside my own mind, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this particular specific Shiatsu Massager!

Mr. Cook

I waited around a month later to write a summary of this massager.My feet had been ostensibly perishing from playing at work daily. I lift heavy boxes and i’m always sitting in my own feet. I desired to undergo yourself a foot massage but had been too bashful to ask some one simply to massage my awful hideous dying feet. Then along comes with this particular massage machine. This Cloud massage foot massager is indeed strong, the very first time I tried it, that the result lasted a week.  so well that is strong like ox. I enjoy deep veins, powerful massages. Customer care appears excellent with their mails they distribute ensuring that your experience is five stars.

Final Thought

The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine to obtain the results you desire It’s like getting an individual massage in the convenience of your living room. It’s also quite large and requires quite a commitment. We suggest it to people who require relief throughout the day due to chronic pain issues like arthritis and plantar fasciitis.