Best Made In Japan Massage Chair

10 Best Made In Japan Massage Chair (2023 Review)

If you are looking to experience the benefits of a massage, a quality Japanese massage chair is the perfect choice. You can find a variety Best Made In Japan Massage Chair that will cater to your specific needs, and choosing the right one will provide you with the best massage experience possible.

Before you choose a massage chair, it is important to understand what type of massage you want. For example, you can get a full-body massage or a Swedish massage. You can also choose a Shiatsu massage, a deep tissue massage, or a massage with oils.

Below Are Best Made In Japan Massage Chair Reviews

To find the best made in japan Massage Chair for you, visit a variety of massage shops. You can also check out online retailers, such as and websites that specialize in massage chairs. If you are not sure which chair to choose, speak to a massage therapist to get advice.

1. Osaki OS-Champ Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Champ Massage Chair

Top Features

  • L-Track Roller Design
  • 2 Stages of Zero Gravity
  • Space Saving up to 9″
  • Extendable footrest up to 7.6″
  • 18 Airbags

Osaki OS-Champ is the best Japan made massage chair. It weighs around 180 pounds and has black & brown. Besides, this chair offers 18 inches of seat depth. This is an “L” track massage chair with handful of features. 

Firstly you ]get two stages of zero gravity function. 2D hand rollers make the chair affordable. Besides, there are five auto massage modes available. Users can enjoy stretching, relaxing, upper & lower back massages. The Osaki brand is known for durability and comfort. That’s why the OS champ placed 18 airbags throughout the chair. So users can enjoy premium comfort every time. This chair also added foot rollers for comfortable foot massage.

The chair material is made from synthetic leather. So it takes less maintenance than others. Users between 5ft – 6ft can easily fit in this chair. The maximum recommended weight is fixed at 260lb for users.


  • It takes more than 250lbs weight
  • Five auto massage modes are available
  • Extendable foot ares


  • Take more than 8 inches of clearance from the wall
  • Fewer zero gravity levels
  • Not perfect for above 6ft users

2. Dr. Fuji's EC-9800 SL-Track Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Made in Japan
  • Truly Ergonomic SL-Track
  • Body Scan Technology
  • Zero Gravity
  • RollerHeat

This is the top model massage chair from Dr Fuji’s designs. It has better ergonomic designs for easy adjustment. This “SL” track massage chair covers wide body areas. So your neck, back, waist to leg muscles get massaged easily.

This chair added 4D rollers that move in four dimensions. This feature provides deep tissue massage effectively. Furthermore, 4D rollers are more advanced and efficient than others (3D/2D). You can read the difference between 2D Vs 3D Vs 4D.

These AI hands added extra soft ends and deep massage. In fact you can control the speed of these rollers. It helps to achieve wishing pressure and comfort every time. Auto scanning provides quick body adjustment for users. This function also finds targeted pressure points for better massages. The single zero gravity stage is also available here. The chair placed 54 airbags throughout the shoulder, neck, arm, back, and other areas.

So users can achieve maximum comfort without interruption. Lastly, this chair takes a 5 inches gap from the wall.


  • More advanced 4D massage rollers
  • Support more than 23 automatic massage modes
  • A zero gravity recliner is available


  • It takes more than 4 inches of wall clearance
  • Best for average height persons
  • Expensive than others

3. Mynta Massage Chair 3D SL-Track

Top Features

  • 7 Automatic Modes Including Thai Stretch
  • 32 airbags focus differently
  • Extended SL Track + 3D Massage Rollers
  • Deep Zero Gravity
  • 1 Year Warranty

Now comes a luxurious made in japan massage chair for you. Myntra Massage Chair comes with seven auto massages and thai stretching. This is a perfect household massage chair for users.

The chair has 32 dedicated airbags for your comfort. The most sensible places are the neck, shoulder, arm, back, thigh, and foot. So all these body areas get enough comfort while sitting.

This is an SL track chair with wide massage areas. 3D rollers are also available for your therapy. Ergonomic design and extended curved rail offer better spine alignment. This chair is perfect for enjoying the shiatsu massage style. Indeed, three levels of zero gravity recline quickly enabled on single touch. This facility provides maximum comfort and a feeling of weightlessness.

During the recline, your head and legs achieve a healthy position. It helps to improve blood circulation and heart health. This chair takes a 6 inches gap from the wall. Customized body massager and foot rollers are also available.


  • Control massage speed and strength in three levels
  • Multiple zero gravity recline
  • One year warranty and world class services available


  • Take a higher gap from the wall
  • Need help to assemble
  • There are no USB ports or speakers

4. Osaki JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 12 Stages of Strength Adjustment
  • Double Sensors for Shoulder
  • Double Heater
  • 41 types Kneading
  • Triple Mode Air System

Now comes another best japan made chair from Osaki. This chair takes a maximum 250 pound weight of users. In fact this is a 100% japan made product. Osaki JP premium added 4D massage rollers for users.

This is the most advanced AI hands in the market. So you get a more organized, powerful, and human-like pressure. This technology makes these rollers capable of deep tissue massage. Twenty five preset massage modes are also available here. It is more than other massage chairs.

Three levels of whole body stretching is additional for users. This chair also added heating pads in two different locations. It helps to loosen tight muscles and remove waist pain effectively.

Osaki JP premium added 34 airbags throughout the chair. Indeed the pillows increase the comfort and relaxing quality effectively. Lastly, users above 6ft can easily fit in this chair.


  • Maximum auto massage programs than others
  • Takes more than 280 lbs weight
  • Control speed, power, and massage strength


  • There are no foot rollers
  • No zero gravity recline
  • Expensive

5. RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Body Scanning Technology
  • Recline from 115° to 160°
  • 7 auto programs including stretch functions
  • 42 Total Air Bags

This japan made massage chair is perfect for budget buyers. Users get a 50 inches wide “L” track roller system. The design of this roller helps to minimize pressure from your spine.

Besides, it helps to adjust 5.2ft-6.5ft users easily. In fact the luxurious furniture comes in 100% assembled. Three stages of zero gravity function offer 115° to 160° recline quickly. It helps to enjoy comfortable positions every time. The chair also added seven auto massage programs for users. This feature allows targeting specific pain muscles.

“Relaxonchair” has 42 airbags for premium comfort. All pillows are strategically located in your vital muscle areas. The most common body parts are arms, shoulders, calves, and feet. Besides, the chair added lower back heat therapy for patients. This function allows effective muscle recovery and better blood circulation. Users can also control massage speed and strength here. So the chair is cable to provide your wishing comfort. Extendable footrest, remote, and 30 min auto massages are addition.


  • Three stages of zero gravity function
  • Seven auto massage programs
  • Wide massage areas and high quality leather material used


  • Take more space from the wall
  • The chair is not movable
  • It takes less than 300 pounds of weight

6. Kurodo Commercial Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Made in Japan
  • Executive Level Commercial Massage Chair
  • Adjustable Massage Strength by Region
  • 4D Commercial Grade Deep Tissue Hitachi Made Massage Robot
  • Commercial Grade Synthetic Leather

This is another best japan made chair from kurodo brand. A commercial massage chair, perfect for office use. This luxurious furniture gives you complete therapy during an office break.

Superior comfort and performance are the main key factors here. This chair added 4D hand rollers. So users get a deep tissue massage every time. You can also adjust the speed and strength of the massage. The chair is made from synthetic leather. In fact, this material takes minimum maintenance and is scratch free.

A single remote control operates every function. Indeed, this luxurious furniture is perfect for offices and employee break rooms. Lastly, the chair provides single zero gravity recliners for comfortable positions.


  • Perfect massage chair for commercial uses
  • Most advanced hand rollers
  • Hustle free control for users


  • Poor quality massage
  • Not suitable for above 6ft users
  • Best for relaxation purposes

7. JP970 (Black) - Made in Japan 4D Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Made in Japan
  • 36 Aircell Massage
  • Heat (Foot and Back)
  • Adjustable Massage
  • 35 Massage Techniques
  • 21 Auto Courses

This is the perfect japan made massage chair for living rooms. Touchscreen control and stability make the chair convenient. A total of 36 airbags are placed throughout the chair.

So your head to thigh muscles is safe between comfortable pads. Black coated leather material gives a premium look to this chair.

Besides, you get 4D ultra robotic hands for an effective massage in this Best 4D Massage Chairs. A total of 35 preset massage styles are also added here. So no pain will stay after using the chair. The manufacturer offers twelve levels of strengths for different persons.

This function makes the chair comfortable for thin to muscular users. Motorized leg extension also gives wide footrest areas for users.


  • 35 auto massage programs available for users
  • 12 strength level adjustment is enough for everyone
  • Strong, stable and has the most advanced robotic hands


  • Expensive
  • Fewer reviews
  • Take an hour to assemble

8. Forever Rest FR-9KS massage chair

Top Features

  • Yoga Stretching
  • Built with Intelligent Voice Control function
  • Draining Massage for Legs
  • SL Track

This is the most popular massage chair brand in the market. Their manufacturing products are known for the highest quality and budget price.

Now they offer an affordable, premium, and long lasting massage chair. Unique style and space saving quality make the chair more demanding. In fact, the alloy steel construction provides more excellent stability in the chair.

Indeed, this is a full body massage chair with 3D robotic hands. Users can also adjust the speed and strength of rollers accordingly. Furthermore, total six AI hands are placed behind your back area.

Inbuilt heaters relieve pain from the waist. Full body airbags are also available for your wishing comfort. In fact, the chair enables zero gravity recline on a single button. So users can reach their comfortable position quickly. This chair also added LED panels and built in speakers.


  • Strong, affordable, and long lasting massage chair
  • Provides excellent deep tissue massage
  • Heating pads with massage customizing abilities


  • Has smaller space for muscular users
  • It doesn’t allow above 6ft users
  • Single zero gravity recline

9. MassaMAX Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 8-roller smart-massage system
  • Zero Gravity Function decreases weight off
  • Local Customer Services available
  • Foot Roller Massage

Indeed, the budget buyers find this chair perfect for them. MassaMAX edition comes with voice control and yoga stretching facilities. This is specifically good for leg pain. Draining Massage functions provide excellent relief for the patients. This feature is designed to relax your calf muscles effectively. It helps to prevent arthritis and other pain. Besides, the chair offers five auto yoga stretching facilities.

So you can perform such exercise by sitting on this chair. This 53.15″ Long SL track chair perfectly adjusts body curves. Around 6.3ft tall, users can use this chair easily. The maximum weight load is recommended at 330lbs. Lastly, the chair takes up 1.98 inches of space from the wall.


  • Perfect for lower body & leg pain
  • Multiple stretching facilities for users
  • It takes more than 320lbs and 6.2ft tall users


  • There are no vibration facilities
  • Lack of dedicated massage functions
  • Poor heat theory pads

10. Titan Pro Commander 3D Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 3D massage rollers
  • Zero-gravity massage chair
  • L-track massage roller system
  • 12 airbags located
  • 4 massage styles

Last but not least comes our final japan made massage chair. This is the most affordable luxurious furniture on our list. Cream color coated with faux leather makes the chair luxurious. This is an L track massage furniture with 3D rollers.

The design offers outstanding flexibility and control over the back. Indeed, The system provides better comfort to the back and upper hamstring areas.

A total of 12 airbags are located throughout the chair. Users can enjoy four common massage styles for daily relaxation. The built -in Bluetooth function also allows you to enjoy music during therapy. This chair has a single zero gravity recline facility. With a single button, you can reach a comfortable position here.


  • Best for budget buyers
  • Flexible 3D rollers
  • Extended footrest areas


  • No preset massage programs
  • Not perfect for more than 6ft tall users
  • Track hours to assemble

What Is Made In Japan Massage Chair?

A Japanese massage chair is a chair that is used for massages and is often called a “yukata-so”. It often has a low, square seat with a padded neck rest and a shaped back that wraps around the body. The chair has a number of massage balls that can be adjusted to various depths and pressures. The massage chair is often used in conjunction with a foot bath and a treatment table that the masseuse can use to apply pressure to specific areas of the body.

Japan massage chair is a type of massage chair used for massage in a Japanese way. The design and construction of this type of massage chair are specific to the needs and preferences of Japanese people, as opposed to those found in other countries. 

How Was The Design Of The Japanese Massage Chair Developed?

The design of the Japanese massage chair developed over a period of many years. The massage chair was initially designed in the mid-1800s, but it didn’t become popular in Japan until the 1930s. At that time, Japan was in the midst of a mass depression and many people were looking for ways to relieve their tension and stress. The massage chair became popular because it was a simple and affordable way to get a massage. It was also a comfortable option because it was easy to move around and it was easy to clean.

Benefit of Using Made In Japan Massage Chairs

Everyone should get a massage at least once in their lifetime. Massages are beneficial not just for the body, but for the mind and spirit as well. When you give yourself a quality massage, you are releasing endorphins, which are natural chemicals that reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, massages have been shown to reduce pain, decrease stress levels, improve blood circulation, and improve the quality of sleep.

Why Do Choose The Best Made In Japan Massage Chair?

There are many people who believe that the best way to get a good massage is by using a Japan massage chair. This is because these chairs have been designed with special features that make them ideal for providing massages of the highest quality. Some of the benefits of using Japan massage chairs include:

  1. They offer deep and comprehensive massages, which can help reduce tension and pain in various parts of the body.
  2. These chairs are easy to use, making it possible for anyone to receive a professional Massage without difficulty or fuss.

Why Are They Popular?

The popularity of the Japanese massage chair is largely due to the fact that it is a simple and affordable way to get a massage. It is also a comfortable option because it is easy to move around and it is easy to clean.

Final Thought

The Made In Japan Massage Chairs are simple and affordable way to get a massage that is often used in conjunction with a foot bath and a treatment table. It is popular in Japan because it is a comfortable option and it is easy to clean.