TISSCARE Foot Massager Review

TISSCARE Foot Massager Reviews (2023), Everything You Need to Know

TISSCARE is a firm which is committed to providing its customers with top quality massage products , while keeping it affordable. They offer massage chairs, back massagers, foot massagers, shoulders and neck massagers. The slim design means that the user to easily store it. The comfortable foot sleeves can be removed by removing the zip for easy cleaning, providing the most sanitary the foot massage of shiatsu. It’s a great circulation booster for feet and legs to ease the pain and improve circulation and also to relax your entire body. Find out more information within TISSCARE Shiatsu Massager for feet reviews.

TISSCARE Foot Massager Reviews & Buying Guide

TISSCARE Foot Massager

Top Features of TISSCARE Foot Massager

  • Unique convex-concave shape
  • Foot or calf area is 5”
  • 15minutes auto shut-off
  • 3 modes just with backward and forward massage

This massager is one of the best foot massager. TISSCARE shiatsu foot massager gives a completely relaxing experience like a home spa. Moreover, it senses all the acupressure points and relaxes them for better recovery. I highly recommend!.

It’s air compression therapy works amazingly to relieve pain faster. Also, it comes with high-quality shiatsu massaging pads for maximum comfort and relaxation during compression massage. The massager can deliver slow heat to the legs to avoid any injury. Moreover, it improves blood circulation to relieve fatigue from the leg. The highest temperature that massager can attain is 104 ℉.

TISSCARE Foot Massager has 3 modes  & 3-speed massager with a manual or automatic setting available. Moreover, its LED control screen shows all the necessary information about the massage. It has 4.3 ratings on amazon out of 5 where total reviews are 1204.

What We Like

  • Wireless remote makes it functioning easily.
  • The massager is less noisy and also provides real shiatsu massaging experience.

What We Dislike

  • Thick socks are recommendable if you are not used to them. As initial pressure may cause uncomfortable pain.
  • The LED display is not available with most of the massager.

Why Should Choose TISSCARE Foot Massager?

Build Quality

The TISSCARE composed of ABS plastic that is strong. It is stronger and has a high strength of tension that can take a lot of physical force and chemicals erosion. In terms of safety, it may become UL approved. The machine is of the best quality as is the carrying bar that is utilized to place the machine at different angles in order to accommodate diverse applications.

Design Technology

The foot massager has a open concave that is large. Some massagers are available equipped with enclosed designs. This design could help keep your feet free of dirt. In an enclosed space is likely to smell! The most appealing feature for these models is the fact that they are able to be adjusted with an angle bar. All of us sit in different ways and our feet are placed at different angles.


It’s elastic enough to allow you to allow you to move your feet and ankle muscles, as well as your muscles of the calf, arms as well as hand. The 360-degree handle is a fantastic feature that lets you put the handle on your lap and utilize your arms and hands, or raise or move the machine, as well as the ability to change the angle and the angle of the machine to meet your needs.

Massage Type

In it are the four types of massages available. Shiatsu massage pads are made of silicon rubber which can provide compressive massage. Infrared heat is contained within the pads to ease your muscles on your feet.

Reflexology massages as well as Acupressure are part of this design. They are targeted to particular areas of your foot that connect to the rest of your body.

Variable Modes

The has three auto modes, as well as a manual mode too. It is crucial to keep in mind that it is vital to know that in the event of switching your machine running auto mode, it is not possible to change either the direction or speed. When you are in manual mode there are three speeds that you can select from. The timer is set between 15 mins and 30 minutes.

Easy To Use

I am awestruck by the fact that it’s easy to maneuver your foot around on the machine to get to all areas on your foot. It’s a favorite among all members of the family and serves as an excellent way to motivate children to finish their chores. It’s easy to use for everyone in the family. It’s more efficient than a spa bath because it doesn’t require changing the water and you are able to get long-lasting heated foot massage. I’m a huge lover of the temperature setting and also the auto setting that has to be adjusted according to my experience.

A Thin But Transparent Style

Other foot massagers are heavier and do not let you look inside, making you think what’s it accomplishing. Its TISSCARE foot massager has an open-plan design. You can clearly observe the air flags expanding and the rollers extend.

Deep Penetrating Massage

Let’s face it no one likes a slight sensation of the person who massages your feet. We require things to go into high gear and start pounding at our tired and painful feet. If you’re experiencing discomfort, consider applying it to your arms prior to trying the massage on your feet.

Adjustable Bar

The bar can be adjusted to allow you to place the foot massager in any way you’d prefer. It is also possible to lay it flat and placed on the foot’s calves, or perhaps the legs. Traditional foot massagers only offer one method to use them and they’re not incredibly flexible.

Experience On TISSCARE Foot Massager

Overall, It’s among the most effective foot massagers I’ve tried. It helps me to relieve the fatigue and tension. TISSCARE Foot Massager has an adjustable 360 degree handle. I can alter my posture so that I can take advantage the benefits of massage for legs, feet as well as hand massage. I often perform leg massages while watching on the television from the sofa. Sleep on your mattress and enjoy a elongated leg prior to going to bed. It’s a great design.

I enjoy deeply Shiatsu massage. This machine is for foot reflexology and comes with massage wheels and acupressure plates that massage the entire foot’s soles. Foot therapy has three options for setting and also the option of selecting speed, time direction along with warming. It gives the user a variety of options which are great.

Our Expert Reviews

Mr. Will

This merchandise undoubtedly is completely amazing. it Instantly took my foot away discomfort, I firmly urge this for those who have any toes difficulties.

Mr. Lory

This massager literally allowed me to walk . I had extreme pain in planters fasciitis for weeks without a rest from purchased and exercises this as a final outcome. Within 3 days usage I had been walking far better and also having a couple more applications that the PF has been much-improved. Worth It!


TISSCARE the perfect option for those who wish to feel at peace. In the event that you’re experiencing medical problems, It will help you be able to return to a more elevated level after an exhausting day! It’s ideal for those who suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis and nerve pain and other neurological problems. Make sure to check out our complete review to get the complete information on the is Tisscare Foot and Calf Massager has to offer!