Best 4D Massage Chairs (4D Massage Chair Reviews)

10 Best 4D Massage Chairs For 2023

Massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular and have a variety of benefits for the user. Those who suffer from chronic pain, stiffness, or arthritis find that massage chairs offer relief from their symptoms quickly and effectively. A study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that people who used massage chairs experienced significant reductions in pain levels after just two sessions on average. In addition to reducing overall pain, these studies also suggest that 4D Massages can help improve sleep quality by improving relaxation skills, blood flow, lymphatic drainage and improved moods. Here is the information about Best 4D Massage Chairs & provide you 4D Massage Chair Reviews.

Best 4D Massage Chairs

4D Massage Chairs are chairs that use four dimensional motion technology to provide a more intense massage experience. They are often compared to western massage chairs because they use the same massage techniques, but with an added dimension. The technology is similar to that of a roller coaster ride, providing a more immersive and intense massage experience. 4D Massage chairs use hydraulics to move the client’s body in all directions. They also incorporate infrared and sound waves to stimulate the nerve endings in the body, providing a more complete massage. ( 2D Vs 3D Vs 4D Massage Chair)

1. iRest 4D Massage Chair

iRest 4D Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Advanced 4D technology
  • Automatic calfrest extension
  • Automatic calfrest extension
  • 3 Control Methods: AI voice control, TFT touch screen, and quick button access

This is our first pick for the best 4D massage chair. The model number is SL-A710 and the brand is iRest. White gloves service is also available for the buyers. In fact this is an SL track massage chair. This type of furniture has more space for better massages. Users between (5.0ft-6.6ft) can easily use this chair. Automatic body scanning and leg extension are also available. So users can automatically reach a comfortable position after sitting. Advanced 4D technology and zero gravity function make the chair more relaxing.

In fact the chair added full body airbags. So squeezing and bouncing effects are common in this chair. Users can also enjoy whole body heat therapy here. So there are no pain in the shoulder, back, or legs. Have pain in foot or calf muscles? Use this chair. Dedicated rollers on the foot & calf remove stress from muscles. Three controlling functions are also available in this chair. AI voice control, touch screen, and buttons for operating the furniture.


  • More than 6 ft users can enjoy
  • Auto body scanning and AI controls
  • 17 massage styles are available


  • Little pricey
  • Poor Bluetooth speakers
  • Not an excellent space saver

2. Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon

Top Features

  • 4D massage technique
  • Voice or speech recognition
  • Heated Back Roller
  • Heating on Foot Roller

Now comes another best 4D massage chair. Osaki is the most famous name in the industry. Deeper and wide massage areas are compulsory here. Besides, voice command features make the chair easy to operate. In fact users can enjoy nine massage styles here. Osaki OS-4D Pro is an L track chair. So the space is less than an SL track. Still, the features and quality are exceptional than others. Heated back rollers provide effective massage to relieve pain. Besides, the chair added calf kneading and foot rollers also.

Users can enjoy many facilities in this chair. The most common is body stretching, Chinese massage, voice command etc. You can also start zero gravity recline on a single command. Automatic leg extension & covers are also available here. Lastly, the chair takes 3.15 inches from the wall. It is more than enough for a small room.


  • Heated back and foot rollers
  • Auto body scanning and shut off functions
  • Excellent space saving furniture


  • Suited for mid height persons
  • It takes an hour to assemble

3. iRest SL Track Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Thai Stretching Function
  • S shape massage structures in backrest
  • Space Capsule Zero Gravity
  • After-Sale Guarantee

This is another popular massage chair from the iRest brand. People who love to perform yoga stretching should use this chair. Majority users love the design and comfort of this furniture. In fact this version offers better robotic hands for massage. Patients with back pain should use this chair. Here you get three customizing options to relieve back pain. Wide.

Middle and narrow level massages are available. You can place the roller between 6-21 width. Besides, the chair offers three zero gravity levels. So there is no compromise on your wishing comfort. In fact this is an SL track massage chair. It also provides 135cm massage areas. So you feel a complete relaxed session at home. Besides, the chair has an “S” shaped curve in the middle. This design keeps your spine relaxed and removes stress muscles. Again this is a 100% tested product for users. So you may face fewer objections here.


  • Dedicated back massage
  • Three levels of zero gravity angles
  • Lower back heating for more comfort


  • Noise level can go up to 60 DB
  • Need help to assemble
  • Heavyweight

4. RELAXONCHAIR [YUKON-4D] Full body Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 4D Massage Technology
  • Scans your body from your buttocks to shoulder
  • 6 Regular & 6 Specialty programs
  • 5 massage speeds, 3 width control
  • 5 air bag intensity control

If you want a premium 4D massage chair, check this. This furniture added a 4D flexible swing massage mechanism. It is a technology loaded with eight massage styles. The most common are Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Shiatsu, and others. Besides, you get 3rd GEN auto body scanning functions. This feature automatically measures your upper and lower body width. So it goes better to adjust on this chair smoothly. In fact this furniture added a “J” track facility. It is a newly designed tracker system. The manufacturer says it relieves more stress from the spine.

Furthermore, the chair offers 12 preset programs. Six regular and six professional massages are available. The chair added 72 airbags throughout the body. So there is no compromise on your comfort. The heat generator and rollers are perfectly placed behind the body. In fact you can customize the comfort in multiple ways. Firstly you get five massage speeds, power and modes. Secondly, you get extended footrests up to 8 inches. Lastly, the chair takes 2.5 inches of space from the wall.


  • Multiple controls for better massages
  • 72 airbags throughout the chair
  • Powerful rollers with strength controlling feature


  • Higher in price
  • Heavy chair
  • Take hours to assemble

5. iBooMas Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 3 stage zero gravity
  • S-shaped backrest from neck to thighs
  • 12 unique auto programs
  • 6 massage styles and body scan program

Now comes one of the best SL track massage chairs. Ibomas offers budget friendly 4D massage furniture. Three levels of zero gravity provide greater comfort and spine alignment. This feature also distributes body pressure to keep you more relaxed. Four rollers provide 53 massage strokes. It is enough to get rid of body pain. The outline of the chair has an “S” curved. It helps to keep your spine in a healthy position.

Thigh stretching and Shiatsu massages are also available here. It helps to relieve fatigue and keep you in yoga states. 12 preset programs help achieve your wishing comfort. Auto body scanning and wide leg areas are also available here. Most users love the design and build quality of this chair. In built Bluetooth speakers, USB ports, and critical shortcuts are additional. The chair takes 1.97 inches of space from the wall.


  • Three zero gravity levels keep you more relaxed
  • 12 auto programs for better massages
  • Take 1.97 inches of space from the wall


  • The faux leather used in the chair
  • Take time, and professionals help assemble
  • Poor speakers quality

6. Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Scan your body to perfectly customize
  • Inflatable air bags
  • Unlimited customization
  • Deep sense of relaxation

Looking for certified doctors tested massage chairs? Check this. Twenty-five doctors and pain specialists approve this massage furniture.

Auto body scanning function quickly adjusts the massage rollers. It helps to get more dedicated and professional massages every time. Zero gravity position is also available here. It keeps you feeling weightless and comfortable.

This design also distributes weight for better spine alignment. Besides, the inflatable airbags hold your hips and back correctly. These pillows gently stretch your muscles to keep you relaxed. In fact the chair has wheels for easy movement. Users can also enjoy heat massage in this chair. Lastly, the product weighs around 220lbs.


  • Easy to port anywhere
  • Certified and doctors tested design
  • Effective zero gravity function


  • Fewer reviews
  • Average quality massage
  • Take more space than others

7. UIIU Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Intelligent AI Voice &Bluetooth Speaker
  • Smart Precise Full Body Massage
  • Close-fitting Massage
  • 12 massage modes
  • 3 levels of zero-gravity-like angles

This 4D chair is known for shiatsu massage. Intelligent AI voice & Bluetooth speakers make the chair more enjoyable. Speak “hi Alice” to quickly start the imminent action. This feature makes the adjustment hands free. This electric massage chair comes with auto-detection facilities. So it can quickly examine your shoulder width and body posture. This function makes the body adjust faster.

Besides, you get 3D massage hands back of this chair. These AI hands provide professional massage for users. In fact the chair has ergonomic designs and SL track rollers. So users can enjoy more comfortable positions with wide spaces. Besides, the chair added 12 preset programs for massage. Foot rollers and body curve adjustments are also available here. You can also enjoy three levels of zero gravity function. So there is no compromise between blood circulation and your comfort. Lastly, the manufacturer offers three warranties on your purchase.


  • Three levels of zero gravity function
  • Auto body detection
  • 12 auto massage styles


  • Fewer reviews on online forums
  • The chair is not portable
  • Expensive

8. Care XR-923 Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 2 positions of Zero Gravity
  • Intelligent Sensor for scanning body
  • Smart Voice controller
  • 6 airbags at shoulder parts

Are you looking for a durable 4D massage chair, check this. Dr. Care XR-923 Massage Chair comes with ten years of warranty. This is the highest manufacturing commitment than other companies.

This massage chair supports five different languages. Besides, there are comfortable backrest, armrest, and footrest areas available. The chair is specifically designed to remove body pain. Two levels of zero gravity function give a weightless feeling. Users can also enjoy spa heating body massage in this chair. In fact this furniture offers 13 auto massage programs.

So users can enjoy different styles of aromatherapy.

Ai voice command and Bluetooth speakers are also available here. Lastly, the chair added six dedicated airbags for your comfort.


  • Ten years of manufacturing warranty
  • Two levels of zero gravity function
  • Support five different languages


  • Fewer airbags were placed on this chair
  • Expensive than its features
  • The chair is not movable

9. MassaMAX Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 8-roller smart-massage system
  • Zero Gravity Function decreases weight off
  • Local Customer Services available
  • Foot Roller Massage

This is an excellent budget friendly 4D massage chair. The manufacturer keeps the chair simple but effective for users. Here you get foot rollers to remove pain. Besides, there are airbag compressions for easy adjustment. Lower heating pads are also available for patients with waist pain.

High quality design elements and built-in speakers are available to enjoy music. Users can get effective massages for eight dedicated AI rollers. This chair also added zero gravity function for healthy blood circulation. In fact the recline also helps to keep you relaxed. An inbuilt remote is available to operate the chair. Lastly, the product added a three years warranty for buyers.


  • Simple and easy to operate
  • In built speakers available
  • Spinning rollers provide better kneading massage


  • This is not a proper wireless chair
  • Poor quality leather used
  • The chair is not portable

10. Forever Rest FR-6KSL Full body Massage Chair

Top Features

  • Humanized Quad Rollers detect the users height
  • 9 Auto Programs
  • 7 Massage Techniques
  • Experienced and Trusted Brand

Last but not least comes the most demanding 4D massage chairs. This luxurious massage furniture was developed by a famous brand called foreverest. The Dark Brown color and fully leather construction make the chair premium. This is an “SL track” chair with many advanced features. Firstly you get five years frames and three years of electronic warranties. AI rollers detect your body posture, height, and width correctly.

Users can enjoy neck to thigh massages without any worries. Nine preset programs and seven massage styles are added. One button touch enables zero gravity function. So users can quickly reach a relaxed posture after seating. In fact this has been a trusted brand on Amazon for ten years.


  • Trusted and the most popular massage chair brand
  • Nine preset massage available to enjoy
  • Airbags are placed on Calves, Feet, Hands, Arms, and Shoulders


  • Poor lower back heating
  • Users above 6ft should avoid
  • Not an excellent space saver

Benefit of Using 4D Massage Chairs

Some of the benefits of using 4D massage chairs include: increased circulation, improved muscle health, relief from pain, and improvement in the overall sense of well-being. 4D massage chairs can also be used for more specific treatments such as lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage, and head and neck massage.

How Do You Choose The Right 4d Massage Chair For You?

The best way to choose a 4D massage chair is to assess your needs and choose one that will provide the most benefits for you. 4D massage chairs come in a variety of styles, prices, and features, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. This can be difficult, as different people have different preferences and needs. It is important to speak to a massage therapist or assess video testimonials to help choose the right 4D massage chair for you.

Final Thought

4D Massage Chairs are a unique and powerful way to experience a massage. They provide increased circulation, pain relief, and improved well-being. It is important to choose the right 4D massage chair for your needs, and speak to a massage therapist for more advice.