Insignia Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

Insignia™ 2D Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Review 2023

You’re working hard all day, and you deserve a break. Massage keeps away your pains and aches by using your Insignia Zero Gravity Massage Chair. The unique upper body scan detects and adjusts to your body’s measurements to create a totally personalized massage experience. With a blend of rollers as well as the use of heat and air pressure this recliner will provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation. You can choose from six different pre-programmed programs or completely customize your own personal massage, from head to the toe. Relax, kick back and indulge yourself in this long-lasting, durable polyurethane seat. Let’s more discuss about this Insignia Massage Chair Review.

Insignia™ 2D Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

insignia zero gravity massage chair Review

Top Features

  • 5 Types of Massage
  • Intelligent AI programming
  • Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair
  • Remote Controlled

Insignia massage chair is the most desirable chair in the market nowadays. Not only it is very affordable but also it has all the necessary and advanced features. The quality brand with an affordable price tag is the specialty of this chair.

It covers your body & gives massage to your overall untouched muscles parts but also senses strain in your muscles and modify the program accordingly. The compact size and attractive looks of the chair make this product the most desirable ones. (Also Read: Oakworks Massage Chair Review)

Moreover, you will be the luckiest customer if you buy it from its flash sale. Where you will get a 60% discount on the MRP of this chair. In that case, you need to pay very less. I think buying this chair from the flash sale and using it for long term will going to be a smart choice as the product has very high demand in the market.

What We Like

  1. Insignia™ 2D Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair has 4.6 stars out of 5 based on 600 ratings. Thus very heightened and popular product among all the massage chairs that cost very high.
  2. It has a 1-year manufacturing warranty on Parts and maintenance.
  3. The maximum weight recommendation is 350 pounds which is fairly suitable for almost every person. The weight of the massage chair is 190 pounds.
  4. The massage chair has an SL track that covers the massage of the entire spinal cord very effectively.
  5. The total number of airbags is 24. Which are present near the shoulder, calf, feet, spinal cord, etc.

What We Dislike

  1. The massage chair has no speakers. Thus not suitable in the case of a more engaging message.
  2. Because of it’s high demand all over the globe massage chair goes out of stock many times. Moreover, it is hardly possible to go to the store to try this massage chair. You can mostly afford this chair online.
  3. Not suitable for doing other work because of its recline angle.

Benefits of Insignia Massage Chair

  • You can enjoy different 5 types of massage on this chair. Those include shiatsu, knocking, kneading, tapping, etc. all those massage techniques uses different amounts of pressure and rolling speed.
  • You can get to know more about this message type by just pressing a single button. Also, you can design customizable massage by using this technique.
    I am using this chair for the past few months. Also, I can confidently able to determine the difference between all these massaging techniques. This chair has very accurate programming for all types of massage. Thus no need to pay frequently on all those costly medicines for recovery.
  • This massage chair has intelligent AI programming. It is actually able to determine the requirements of the body. Moreover, it constantly makes changes in massage therapy as massage session progresses. This personalized experience feels very caring and lovable that you feel bless full to have this chair.
  • Infrared heating therapy takes no time to heat sore muscles. Also, it works absolutely stunningly in accordance with AI sensors. The high-quality leather helps to soak the sweat, relaxes your muscles, and delivers heat very efficiently to your muscles.
  • The corded remotes help you to adjust the temperature, pressure, type of massage, etc. the manual change in the setting will get you exact results every time. No need to calibrate the readings or change the sensors of the machine frequently.

Reasons To Buy

  1. No need to assemble the different parts of the chair. You can directly use it as soon as you unbox it.
  2. The headrest pad is easily removable for washing the sweat and dirt.
  3. Moreover this zero gravity full body massage chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.
  4. The remote control cord has 81 inches in length which is very comfortable and easy to handle. Just read the manual at once if you are not used to such machines.
  5. The upper body scan feature works amazing. It detects the body requirements accurately and delivers the most accurate levels of the massage.
  6. There are no extra charges on the product if you are willing to pay the exact amount at once. However, in the case of installation, the matter is different.
  7. You can also enjoy 6 pre-set programs and feel the maximum advantages of the machine. Moreover, these programs help you to deliver maximum comfort, relax all your muscles, feels energetic for further work and massage the entire body from your neck to the feet.

Reviews By Users

Mr. Rocy

I purchased this chair to present to my dad for Father’s Day and he totally adores it! It is delicately yet solid enough to give brilliant massages. It has various capacities which are effortlessly changed. I certainly suggest it.

Mrs. Tim

This chair is astounding, it works effectively, explicitly in my feet, I stroll more than 20 miles regular and since my better half got this chair I feel assuaged, 20 min ordinary and I feel like new. It additionally help me a ton with the lumbar back pain. I truly like the various levels and power of the massager. The lone things I need to say is I’m just 5 feet 3 and the neck roller isn’t flexible so the roller hits the center of the rear of my head and not my neck. This additionally impacts the shoulder air sacks, I can’t feel them and the foot massager could broadened somewhat more.

Final Thought

It is the best choice if you ever think to buy massage chair. Insignia is a well known brand in health equipment & easy to available in the market.

  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Easy to set up

It works great & well worth of money. I highly recommend this massage chair for your home, office & Spa bussiness.


Is Insignia massage chair worth buying?

Yes, Insignia massage chair is worth of buying because of their amazing features in affordable cost that you only get in costly massage chair.

Is Insignia Good Brand?

Insignia is very famous brand in the massage equipment market. With their durable design & presence in market since very long time makes it trustworthy.