Different Type of Massage Techniques

10 Different Type of Massage Techniques: A Complete Guide to Relax Your Body

It is common practice from ancient times to massage the body. People from the old ages are more likely to take massage with the oil or by the hands. It is like taking care of them from the young ones. Though massaging the body is an external treatment, but it is effective as a first-aid therapy. From old times to the recent date there is much advancement in the massage. But all have something in common. Because of advancement in the technology techniques of the Type of Massage get change.

Also the effect it creates on the human body is also improving because of better equipment. However, some people are still comfortable more with the conventional ways of massage. Of course, it is their choice. But the main thing is people are more aware of the massage and its health benefits. Therefore the number of people taking the regular massage is increasing day by day. People are suffering from the spine, vertebral column, neck, legs, calves, knees, joints, etc. obviously massage does not give permanent relief from the pain. But it is helpful as first aid therapy.

What is Mean Massage?

There are many types of massage across the world & many Types of massagers . But people need specific massage according to their health issues. It is not that one should take the massage only in case of health issues. Sports players and health-conscious people take regular massages to enhance their performance. Thus there is no need to relate massage with medical treatment. Massage can be defined as,

Massage is the healing of muscles, joints, bones for better care and also for faster reduction in the stress by controlling or managing the blood circulation, fatigue in the body to the normal level with the help of rhythmic pressing or compressing sometimes warming up the muscles.”

Thus it can be clear that massage is not compulsive action. Moreover, it is not the medical treatment for any specific diseases or accidental causes.

What Benefits One Can Experience From The Massage?

Taking a proper massage from the physiotherapist may be a time-consuming or a bit expensive task. But it is important to note that there are many long-run benefits of the massage. Thus taking regular massage is very beneficial to your body.

Instant Stress Relief

The major and instant effect it produces on the body is relaxation. Compressing the different points of the body improves the circulation to the overall body thus it produces a relaxing effect on the body. When blood reaches every part of the body efficiently pressure on the heart also reduces. Thus massage helps in maintaining the hormonal balance and blood pressure of the body.

Improves Blood Flow

Hormones reach the different parts of the body through blood. Thus blood serves as transporting medium of the hormones. Thus it is obvious that hormonal balance improves with optimum blood flow rate. Moreover, the heart need not put extra pressure on the blood flow for proper circulation. (Related : Best Neck Massager)

Flexible Body And Glowing Skin

The second most important thing is massage increases the flexibility and mobility of the muscles. Muscles get sufficiently flexible during the massage. Thus it avoids cramps in the muscles. Generally, people not doing sport exercises are more likely to muscle catch or muscle cramps. Thus massage can helps to overcome these problems.

Another basic but interesting advantage is glowing skin tone. Massaging the skin regularly with the oil removes dirt and clears the dirt present in the skin. It provides skin nourishment and glowing dirt-free skin.

Must Necessary Session For The Professional Athletes

Professional athletes, bodybuilders, sportsmen need to take massage more frequently. Because due to extra strenuous activities and lifting heavy loads tissue may get a tear. Moreover, fatigue remains in the muscles that will cause a decrease in the performance of the payers. Taking compression massage and heating the muscle for a small-time can reduce fatigue levels and helps in muscle recovery faster. Thus as these athletes having a very short period for recovery, they must include massage for faster and complete recovery. But compression massage is not proper for swelling or impact injury. For such injuries, you need to take ice massage so that clotting the blood flow will help in faster recovery.

Oil massage works excellent in case of headache and sleep disorders. Instated of taking pills and tablets a quick oil massage can helps to relax the body and take a deep sleep. Putting oil on the head for head massage can decrease the sleep quota and improve the sleep quality significantly. It is more applicable to people who spend plenty of job time sitting on the chair.

Types of Massage

Since massage has been practiced for a long time. There are many types of massage across the world. But it is important to note that all the messages are not much different from each other. Because types of massage are based on warm therapy, cold therapy, stress relief, fatigue recovery, sleep therapy, etc.

But if we want to discuss the types of massage specifically then there are more than 80 types of massage. They are main categories into the following 10 different types.

  1. Swedish massage
  2. Deep tissue massage
  3. Sports massage
  4. Chair massage
  5. Shiatsu massage
  6. Thai massage
  7. Lymphatic drainage massage
  8. Hot stone massage
  9. Reflexology
  10. Pregnancy massage

Let us now discuss these messages in detail. Detail description of this massage will help to know well about them. This will also help to find which type of massage is more suitable for your body type and lifestyle.

Several common types of massage are listed below. It was important to know which type of massage does what affects the body.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage focuses more on improving the circulation of the body. It does not include deep pressure exertion. Moreover, it has an average time from 1-2 hours to massage the whole body. If the customer is comfortable then it also includes oil therapy. It has many good effects on the body like tension relief and faster muscle recovery. However, it does not has any effects on particular disease recovery. This massage is not suitable for the body parts which are swelled or injured.

Swedish massage is more suitable for strut body parts. In Swedish massage pressure range use is low to medium. Thus massage does not use any equipment. At the same time, massage can be applied with the use of a massage gun. However, almost all massager uses their hands or just fingers for the massage. Many times people having sleep disorders or minor body pains used to take Swedish massage. This type of massage is done with smooth tapping action, small rubbing frictions with compression pressure ranging from low to medium.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep tissue massage is really deep and sometimes painful while massaging. Due to excessive exercise muscles get fatigued because of soreness. Deep tissue massage focus on relieving this soreness. This helps in faster recovery. This massage needs to be done by a trained therapist. Otherwise, pressure points cannot get activated correctly. Advanced massage guns are available in the market capable of giving deep tissue massage more effectively. But it takes considerable charges to buy them. This massage relieves pain from deep inside the tissue. Thus it penetrates the muscle considerably. Thus it may feel uncomfortable at the start during the massage.

Sports Massage

This massage applies to a particular part of the body. Like cyclist uses their legs more frequently than upper body. Boxers focus more on their hands instated of their legs. Every part of the body has a different size of the tissue. Thus, pressure needs to be applied to the different part is different. Also, only trained therapist know which point need to be press with what pressure to relief exercise fatigue from the body. Sports massage can be done before, after, or sometimes during the massage. Most of the athletes need high flexibility levels to achieve maximum performance. Flexibility is also important for minimizing injuries. Thus message body with the oil with pressure applied in the direction of the heart will give a better result.

Chair Massage 

There are many advancements in technology. Thus massage chairs are available in the market. Moreover, high-standard companies have these massage chairs. So, that employee can make a good decision and make maximum profits. Some of the premium cars have massage seats so that one can take massage during the driving. Which is more beneficial during the long drives. Chair massage usually has small durations so that you can get quick relaxations. Chair massage has a specific area to cover as it considers only the back and thigh area.

Shiatsu Massage

Although this massage looks similar to others it has some medical basis for its applications. Most people are not aware of points known as acupressure points. These are the points where you can apply pressure for maximum recovery and stress relief. Shiatsu massage gives exact information about where and how much pressure needs to be put at a particular point. This massage is the Japanese way of relaxing the body. Thus it has some base of physiological importance from the Japanese medical studies. However, this massage is now popular all over the world for its benefits over blood clots and muscle relaxation.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is like warming up and stretching up the body. Its main goal is to get rid of cramps and muscle catch injuries. Thailand has prominent sport culture in their country. Thus, they believe in massaging the body in the form of exercise. Thai massage works on the mobility of the joints, optimum stretching of the muscles, and relaxing the muscle before doing regular work. Moreover, Thai massage has specific forms that can be learned online. It is important to note that people having greater age limits do not show much interest in this massage. Because it is much difficult for old people to stretch the muscles. However, old people with a flexible body can take this massage comfortably.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage use lubricative like oil to rub the muscles with gentle pressure. Also, it is more common throughout the world. The word lymph is known as fluid present in the blood. This massage regulates the blood flow rate thereby increases the metabolism of the body. The dirt present in the body in the form of bacteria, waste material, etc. carried away from the body through this lymphatic fluid. It is important to note that all the people from the age category must take this massage at least 2 times in the year.

In the subcontinental regions of the world like India etc., this massage is known as ayurvedic therapy. Moreover, this massage is best known for its lukewarm medicinal oil therapy. The oil derived from medicinal plants like coconut etc. has many advantages. Also, more amount of oil gets absorbed into the skin when it is heated to lower temperatures. Which in turn benefits the skin as well.

Hot Stone Massage

In the hot stone massage specific muscles heated with the heap of stones. These stones produce an ultra-wave effect on the muscle. Which helps in faster relief of stress. After some time body is rubbed with regular oil massage. Hot stone massage therapy usually takes more time for the massage. Because it focuses more on curing the tissue of the muscles. This massage helps in improving the strength of the muscle by faster recovery for the next workout sessions.


This massage therapy is most simple but implement but difficult to understand. Because it consists of regularly pressing the points of the palms and the tip of the fingers of the feet. It is important to note that the acupressure study clarifies that pressing these points will relax the whole body muscles much effectively. For that, there should be pressing the acupressure point periodically. this technique is the traditional one. However professional therapists still give reflexology massage after modern one.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage helps to reduce the pain in the woman’s abdomen. Though it needs a trained therapist results are quite pleasing. Because it not only relieves pain but also provides nourishment to the baby. During pregnancy time women go through a lot of body ache. Many of the muscles from the back and abdomen area get tense due to slow activity. Thus, it is important to take a pregnancy massage for the effortless delivery of the child.