Lowes Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Lowes Zero Gravity Chair Reviews 2023

In case you’re experiencing difficulty getting settled in your current porch furniture, take a load off with a zero gravity lounge chair. Dissimilar to bulky, zero gravity lounge chair assist you with leaning back a smooth, elegant position. This year, we’ve investigated some zero gravity chairs to help you purchase down the correct one for your open air space or office. We’re featuring here the best one for you, so let’s continue with Lowes Zero Gravity Chair Reviews.

Lowes Zero Gravity Chair Reviews (Buying Guide)

Lowes chair

Top Features

  • Zero Gravity Effect
  • Steel Frame
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Portable Design
  • Zero gravity lounge chair gives a peaceful weightless feel for ideal rest & tiredness relief.
  • Steel frame for strength and lightweight transportability.
  • It can sustain up to 200 pound weight limit & having cushioned headrest, delicately shaped arm rests.
  • Measures dimension is 31.5-60.2 x 26 x 33.9-43.3 inches (LxWxH) & comes with 1-year warranty.

What We Like

  • Compact Design for home & office use.
  • Foldable & space saving design.
  • Frame made up of high strength material.
  • Variable color options available so you can choose according to your home décor.

What We Dislike

  • Although replacement available but it tooks so much time.
  • Can reach customer support easily.

Things you should know

Zero Gravity Effect

Outdoor lounge chairs lets users to effortlessly transition from a seated upright posture to reclining to enjoy the complete zero-gravity effect.

Steel Frame

With a strong steel frame coated in powder and double bungee support that joins the fabric with the frame. The frame can hold up to 200 pounds.


The chair’s weatherproof Textile fabric can withstand elements outside, provides an airy feel, and comes with cushioned headrests.

Portable Design

Lightweight and portable, the chair folds for storage , or taken on trips towards the ocean, the parks or camping.

Customer Opinion About Lowes Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Mr. Rick

I’m excited to see what it’s likely to look like once we go on a trip to Lake Michigan this year. I love it so much and my wife loves it too, that we’re considering about getting another one to have two.

Mr. Jimmy

It’s very comfortable, folds easily, appears sturdy, and at a reasonable price. The only star I docked is because of the locking position mechanism. It is an easy wedge idea. It’s a steal for the price and extremely comfortable.

Mr. Kolly

It is a very comfortable chair, which is built for the money. The first time we used such a folding chair, I was a bit skeptical. My wife has a great time with the cushion and flexibility to set the chair any way she wants. Highly recommended ! !

Mr. John

This is a fantastic outdoor chair! I like that the chair is of good quality. It’s robust and well-constructed. The cushion can be easily removed or moved upwards, or off completely. My favorite feature about this chair is its ability to fold down flat. This allows it to be extremely mobile for transport to children’s sporting events , or wherever additional seating is required.

Final Thought

The chair is extremely comfy for people who are small and the material appears to be long-lasting. This chair appears to be of good quality and is robust and well-constructed. The pillow is easily removed or moved upwards, or removed completely. It’s a fantastic, comfortable recliner, and it is fully put together and ready to use.


Can You Use Lowes Zero Gravity Lounge Chair As Outdoor Chair?

Yes, You can use this chair in your home and outside. it’s fantastic! I’d guess it will work equally well in sand, as when it’s opened you can recline and then reposition yourself, but the base stays fixed.

Will Lowes Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Get Rusty?

No, it has rust resistance paint. so you can use this chair anywhere.

What’s The Height of The Seat?

The standard seating height for a chair is 17-19 inch. The chair is reclining, which means it is different.

Which Material Fabric Lowes Zero Gravity Lounge Chair?

Yes, It’s like a woven material.