Osaki OS-3D Hiro LT Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-3D Hiro LT Massage Chair Review 2023

Osaki is among the most popular machinery manufacturing brands in the market. Since 1928, this company has successfully run the business. Their os-3d hiro lt massage chair is specially designed for orthopedic patients. Indeed, this is a Japanese-made massage chair. Undoubtedly it is known for accuracy, durability, and style.

Osaki OS-3D Hiro LT Massage Chair Review & Buying Guide

Osaki OS-3D Hiro LT Massage Chair

Top Features

  • 3D Airbag with position sensor
  • SL Track Massage
  • Japanese Brushless Motors
  • Auto Leg Computer Scan

This is a high-end massage chair that runs smooth & quiet. Moreover, Osaki OS-3D Hiro LT Massage Chair is an upgraded product from the Osaki brand. In this particular version, users get more facilities than its previous models. Both manual and automatic modes are available in the machine. Patients can enjoy eight types of massage accordingly. The most popular are relax, gentle, therapy, Thai, Swedish, Chinese, and others. Lastly, the price range is much more affordable than competitors’ chairs.

What We Like

  1. It takes up to 260lbs weight.
  2. 16 auto program styles are available.
  3. Six massage types for better relaxation therapy.
  4. Better intensity control for patients.

What We Dislike

  1. Heat padding may lack sometimes.
  2. Fewer auto modes compared with the price.
  3. Take approx one hour to assemble.
  4. Users above 6.2 inches taller are not allowed.

Feature Explanation

Besides, Osaki os-3d hiro lt has more massage options than others. In short, the features are premium and beneficial for pain relief. Below is a detailed explanation of the Osaki os-3d hiro LT massage chair.

Ergonomic L track designs

L-track design helps to align your spine and keep your posture accurate. This ergonomic space offers excellent massage coverage for deep tissue & extended muscles. So that the waves can drive through your neck, back, hamstring, guts, and other muscles properly.

Massaging leg rest

Auto adjustable functions also provide quick shifting and correct posture for your leg. This alignment depends on the user’s height and weight. Everything will be detected by the chair and automatically adjusted for better comfort. The manufacturer recommends “5.0” to “6.2” tall users for this chair.

3D massage Rollers

These artificial hands provide greater comfort and professional massage every time. Users can adjust the pressure and frequency in both manual and automatic modes.

Japanese-made Brushless Motors

This type of Brushless Motor is known for performance & durability. Besides, the operation goes through a slow process every time.

Cushioning Airbags

These cushioning airbags are strategically placed on 3D rollers. Osaki os-3d hiro lt massage chair has fourteen different airbag points. So that your muscles can get accurate pressure every time.

Tri-Core Processor

During automation, the massage chair can quickly respond to your real-time commands. Thanks to their top-quality Tri-Core Processor for faster data transfer.

Body scanning facility

Osaki os-3d hiro massage chair follows the most advanced body scanning function. It provides the most accurate and potential massage points for your muscles. So that no pain will remain after a complete relaxation therapy.

Zero gravity Function

Almost every massage chair includes a zero-gravity function. It allows users to upper their legs above the chest level. So that users can experience a floating sensation daily.

Space-saving facility

For easy adjustment, developers design fully reclined massage chairs for users. It allows maximum space from the wall and takes minimal wall clearance for space-saving. So users can easily fit the machine in small rooms or condos.

Foot rollers

From the ancient period, therapists include several keep points in the foot area. Massaging those areas improves blood circulation, reflection, and overall body function. Similarly, this massage chair’s rollers follow the relaxation for pain sufferers.

USB connection & Bluetooth speakers

USB connection provides faster charging while Bluetooth connects devices quickly. Besides, there are speakers to entertain your massage therapy every day.

Chemotherapy Lighting

This is an additional feature to keep the environment more relaxed at home. Indeed this is a lighting function that lights walls with blue colors.

Why You Need To Buy

Undoubtedly, Osaki os-3d Hiro lt is the most precious and practical massage chair for orthopedic patients. Pain, muscle stiffness, soreness, inflammation etc can be gone through its timely massage. Most users loved its overall function compared with its price range. So below are the reasons to buy this product.

  • It has the most precious body scanning technology that adjusts automatically.
  • The fully recline function can save maximum space in your room
  • The chair has an extended footrest that goes up to 7.1 inches automatically
  • Intensity and body adjustment functions are top-notch
  • Strategically place heating pads for your lumber and calves areas. It provides better comfort during massage
  • Quickly detect your shoulder height and weight for better adjustment

User's Reviews

Mr. Jake

I love every massage program on it, but especially the good nighttime, stretching, and refreshing. I like the 3D roller and the heating pads in the back. The foot rollers and airbags are wonderful. Over I’m not disappointed in buying and highly suggest this product.

Mr. Tim

I am in love with this recliner. I’ve been using it every day and it’s extremely enjoyable. The remote is easy to use as is the seat. It was simple to install.

Mr. Tony

It’s awesome. The only thing I dislike is that the remote is linked to the chair. Additionally, the pillow will reverse when you massage your neck. Overall, it’s a excellent chair at a reasonable price.

Final Thought

So above are the detailed guides about the Osaki os-3d hiro lt massage chair. For any queries, you can visit their troubleshooting page. The chair can be fully reclined for slight place adjustment. Taking expert help may be required to assemble the machine. Still, the overall function is much better than its competitors. Orthopedic patients and workout lovers get the most benefits from this chair. “5.0” to “6.2” inches, patients easily enjoy massage therapy every day.