Kyota Massage Chair Reviews

Kyota Massage Chair Reviews 2023 (Kokoro M888, M673 & M680)

Kyota Massage Chair is a full-body massage chair covers the entire body from the head to the feet. First, it scans your entire body as soon as you start taking a massage on it. Scanning your body makes micro-adjustments in the position of the chair so that you will experience the most relaxing massage. Let’s More Discuss about this Kyota Massage Chair Review in this article.

Kyota Massage Chair Reviews (M888, M673 & M680): Buying Guide

Kyota Massage Chair Reviews

Top Features of Kyota Massage Chair

  • 4 node massage
  • 8 fully automatic programs 
  • Space-saving zero wall technology 
  • Full manual control including air intensity

Kyota Massage Chair has 8 exciting massage sessions which are fully automatic. Thus if you are new to this chair then you can experience these 8 different demos of the massage to get used to it. Also, you can use one of its modes directly to save your idle time. These quick massage programs are very helpful to get to know about every massaging mode.

Kyota brand also introduces a true zero gravity massaging position for maximum comfort and proper blood circulation to the overall body. The heating therapy with zero gravity position helps to remove any blood clots from the body thus improving blood circulation rate in the body.

The regular usage of this chair will help to stabilize your blood pressure to a normal level. Thus further avoids expensive surgeries and health hazards.

Moreover, this massage chair has advance traveling L- track 4 node massage. That means the critical regions of the body such as guts, hips can be manageable with the help of this massager. More specifically the roller extends from back up to the gluts to massage the entire back region completely.

What We Like

  1. This chair has 4.6 stars out of 5 as per comfort parameters.
  2. This massager chair is the best value for money product as it comes with all the necessary features and advances massaging modes.

What We Dislike

  1. Advanced connectivity features like Alexa compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity are not present with the massager chair.
  2. Available only in 3 similar colors moreover color is not that attractive.

My Experience on Kyota Massage Chair

Kyota massage chair has an attractive-looking remote which is capable of quickly changing the modes as per your requirements. Moreover, it has all the necessary buttons so that you will not get confused while handling the same. Also, you can switch between 9 automatic programs whenever you need them. Overall, The Kyota Massage Chair is the perfect choice for athlete who want reliable and effective Muscle pain relief. We recommend this product to anyone.

Kyota Massage Chair Reviews by Customers


My boy friend managed to try out it too well and he says it’s amazing!!

Mrs. Lina

In the beginning I was skeptical, particularly with regard to voice controllers; however after giving the documentation a fantastic read – I am happy to say It works as advertised.


It has five intensity massaging modes. Thus whether the pain is regular or intense it doesn’t matter. You can rely on this machine for any type of pain relief. Moreover, the intense mode of this chair is very powerful which can be used to relieve intense pains from the deeper tissues of the body.

The average size of a person who can take a comfortable massage on this chair is 4.8to 6.3 inches. The five intensity modes are gentle, relaxing, moderate, vigorous, intense, etc. it can bear the load of 300 pounds at a time. Its advanced scanning technology scans the body for perfect arrangements of the rollers and machines. It stretches your body by extending shoulders and legs at a time to give gentle stretch to your spine.This massage chair is available in the market from $1999.

Fact Check: Can a massage cause brain fog?

Brain fog is an overall term for a bunch of manifestations influencing the psychological cycles. It’s anything but an ailment in itself, but instead happens as normal component of different conditions. At the point when cerebrum mist strikes, an individual can experience difficulty recollecting things and handling data. They may likewise think that its hard to focus that their considerations are disrupted.

Despite the fact that mind haze is neither reformist nor related with declining acumen, it tends to be totally confusing and dissolve an individual’s certainty and confidence.

A few group with brain fog experience issues with discourse and language; it very well may be hard articulating their contemplations and tracking down the right words, and their discourse may be moderate and confounded.
A familiar way of thinking is that massage might cause migraines by delivering poisons from the muscle tissue into the circulatory system. There isn’t any examination to help this thought.

In any case, the facts really confirm that many individuals do encounter cerebral pains during or after a massage. Here are almost certain clarifications for getting a migraine during or after a massage, and how you may forestall it.

To comprehend cerebral pains after rub, we should recap some broad data about migraines. Migraines range in force from gentle to extremely serious torment. The aggravation is depicted sharp, shooting, pounding, dull, pressing, or hurting.

The most well-known kind of migraine is a pressure cerebral pain. It frequently feels like a band being fixed around the head and might be joined by neck torment. In case you’re encountering a cerebral pain after a massage, it’s most probable a strain migraine.

Here are some normal reasons for brain fogs overall:

  • Circulatory strain changes. One system that might deliver different kinds of migraines is the fast choking or expanding of veins in the head. This can be the consequence of dehydration, hormonal changes, stress, eating certain food varieties, muscle pressure, sex, outrageous warmth or cold, working out, or resting excessively.
  • Unpredictable timetable, stress, and less rest. Contributing variables for strain type cerebral pains incorporate pressure, enthusiastic and mental struggle, sporadic eating regimen, an unpredictable dinner plan, arduous exercise, wretchedness, and disturbed rest designs.
  • Chemical changes. Another normal reason for cerebral pains are chemical changes. Albeit huge chemical changes are frequently considered in relationship. With monthly cycle, pregnancy, menopause, or usage of chemical substitution. And oral contraceptives, chemical levels normally change in all kinds of people.
  • Insufficient water. Lack of hydration, or not drinking sufficient water, is another normal reason for cerebral pain.