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Lymphatic Massage – Find Best Lymphatic Massage Around You

Lymphatic drainage massage is among the most well-known massages. It offers numerous health benefits. It claims to aid in the elimination of the toxins in your body and boost your immunity. Lymphatic refers to an intricate system of organs and vessels located under the skin. The lymphatic network functions as a sanitation system for the body.

Is lymphatic mass a form of massage?

Lymphatic massage can be described as a form of massage that is gentle and that is applied to the body. It increases the circulation of lymph fluid across the body. The lymphatic system is a reservoir of fluid. It is composed of water, protein and immune-related elements. But, it also assists to eliminate every ounce of waste out of the body. These lymph nodes are mostly found in neck and armpit region. So, all nodes collaborate to deliver pure lymph fluid to the heart via blood veins.

Lymphatic Massage Near Me

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The types of massage for lymphatic drainage

There are four types of lymphatic drainage massages offered by doctors or therapists.


In this form therapy, the therapist makes sweeps of the area of treatment.


The therapist employs a mixture of hand motions in circular patterns and relaxing moments in between. It is the extension to the Vodder method.


Massage involves circular hand movements. The therapist applies the hands’ palms and sides of the hands.


In this form of therapy it is possible to collect lymph fluid through hand movements before it is absorbed back into the lymphatic system.

Each type of treatment works similarly. The therapists stretch the skin in an upward direction to facilitate lymph flow. The massage is available over 15 to 60 minutes.

When is the best time to have the lymphatic drainage massage?

In general, it can be beneficial for those suffering from lymphedema, fibromyalgia and other disorders.


Lymphedema is characterized by swelling of any of your body organs. The swelling is caused by the accumulation of lymph fluids in soft tissues as a result of injuries, surgeries or infections. The symptoms can include discomfort, weakness or swelling, dislocations of the skin or other structures, etc. It is usually treated with tightly-spaced bandages. In addition, if you receive an lymphatic drainage massage you’ll get many benefits. Additionally, it can help alleviate the symptoms that come with post-surgery.

Rheumatoid arthritis

In this situation, a the lymph fluid is not flowing properly and this is observed. The symptoms include swelling, joint pain or in the skin, changes in color and so on. To reduce the symptoms, the lymphatic drainage massage can be extremely beneficial.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

If the vein walls aren’t functioning correctly and venous insufficiency is chronic, it can occur. This causes the circulation of blood from the leg to the heart is a challenge.

To increase the circulation of blood, the lymphatic drainage massages play a significant part. The massage helps muscles in the thigh to function better. The effect of the massage could last for a short time.


Signs of Fibromyalgia can be seen as inflammation of the skin nerves skin discoloration and swelling. lymphatic drainage massage is helpful in the treatment of stiffness, depression and improves living quality.

Does Lymphatic Massage help in losing weight?

Yes, you read it correctly. Massage helps cleanse your body and can help reduce the weight you carry. If you’re a healthy lymphatic system, it can easily detox itself, and you’ll be healthier. Additionally, in order to increase your immunity, your lymphatic system plays an important part. Your body can easily eliminate undesirable substances, such as bacteria or infections, waste materials and more.

Within the lymphatic organs, there’s no pumping mechanism. It is constant breathing and movement that keep the flow of lymph fluid within the body. If you are suffering from low lymphatic drainage, it is likely that you will are tired, and you can’t be able to sleep well, be prone to hormonal imbalances, may suffer from frequent infections and you may suffer from puffiness. To avoid these issues it is recommended to have you should consider a lymphatic massage is suggested.

It is the pressure that is applied in an appropriate technique during this treatment. The pressure is designed to increase lymph fluid circulation. But, it also assists in get rid of contaminants and wastes out of your body. It also reduces additional accumulation of waste in cells after massage. It will be evident that you lose weight gradually.

But, you don’t have to shed pounds just by getting a massage. It is essential to eat an appropriate diet and should exercise regularly and exercise at a moderate pace. Drinking plenty of water is essential to ensure the health of your lymphatic system. It assists your body to stay well-hydrated. Additionally, you can drink lemon water. So, if you live a healthy diet this massage can help increase weight loss by removing the toxins from your body. You can get your body back healthy and in shape naturally.

So, lymphatic drainage massage is an all-round weight loss plan.

What exactly do you perform Lymphatic massage performed?

Therapy comprises a series of massage techniques like stretching compressing, gliding and cupping movements. With no hard pressure on the vessel, gentle motions help increase the flow of lymph through. This assists in the flow of fluid through the lymph nodes and tissues. Make sure fluid doesn’t get blocked.

While performing lymphatic massages Keep these points in your mind:

  • This treatment is only applicable for the face. Apply gentle pressure. There is no reason to apply massive tension on your muscles.
  • Relax and keep your mind at ease. body.
  • Massage only under normal conditions. Avoid pressure on the affected or swollen areas.
  • Drink 3 to 4 glasses of water after having a massage. It helps to cleanse your body without difficulty.

Are lymphatic drainage massages painful?

If you are able to master the fundamentals of massage it will be easy to feel no pain following the massage, if you have prepared your body prior to massage. Prior to undergoing an lymphatic massage, it is important to prepare your body in a way that it will stimulate your lymphatic system, and the lymph fluid will flow better. The following steps:

Lymphatic breathing

Place your hands onto your stomach. Through your nose, inhale and then expand your stomach. ensure that your shoulder is straight. Exhale with your mouth. Do rest in between breaths.

Making neck frontal preparations

Place your hands on the area of your neck that is below the ears to either side. Begin to move your hands upwards and downwards slowly.

The preparation of armpit

Lymph nodes are located beneath the armpit. It is important to prepared to take in fluids from other areas of the body. Put your hand under the armpit. Begin pressing upwards and downwards using a palm. You can repeat the process for the other side as well.

Making the knees more comfortable

Place your hands behind the knee and point fingers toward each the other. Press the palms , then move them around the area beneath the knees. Repeat this for a second knee.

Do I have the ability to do an exercise for my lymphatic system on myself?

You can master fundamental massage techniques that you can practice at home. But, you should consult with your physician before attempting it yourself. Additionally, you can do this message from any position. When you are sitting, at a table or even standing it is possible to choose your position the position that is comfortable for you.

Let’s talk about massage techniques in depth so that you can test it at home.

Technique for Upper body massage

Massages can be performed on the upper regions of your body, such as the shoulder, arm or upper arm, as per the guidelines below.

Massage to the Shoulder

Set your arm over the table or the armrest. Make use of your other hand to go further. Another hand should be placed on the shoulder, and begin moving from behind toward the neck. Repeat the exercise.

Massage the upper arm

Set your arm over the armrest. Use the middle and the two fingers of the other hand. Place your fingers on the upper arm and below the shoulder. Move your fingers out and inside the arm.

Massage your entire arm

Begin from your the shoulder. Utilize your hand to press the arm upwards. Continue to press the entire arm. Keep in mind that the direction of stretching is always upwards.

Massage the fingers

Start at the bottom of your finger. Utilize the thumb and index finger for massage. Your skin on your fingers should be stretched toward your hand. Always try to move your lymph fluid toward the hand.

Technique for Lower Body Massage

If you are dealing with lower leg and upper the lower one and toes, begin the massage by placing the affected areas on a cushion or stool to provide support.

Massage to the Upper leg

From the upper part of the leg to toward the outer thighs, press to the palm. Extend the skin and repeat the stretch.

Massage the lower leg

Begin by bending your knee towards the ankle. After that, press the lower leg region using the palm. Always press upwards.

Massage the toes

With the index finger and thumb use the thumb and index finger to press the toes. keep pressing until the foot. Move your lymph fluid toward the foot.

Can lymphatic drain massage actually works?

You will notice that the symptoms like swelling and pain will decrease slowly. Particularly, those who suffer from lymphedema or fibromyalgia, are able to see improvements in their well-being.

Massages can reduce swelling. The swelling is caused by water retention. This massage assists to eliminate the water and in turn aids in losing weight. This massage aids in proper circulation which helps ensure that important organs like kidneys, liver, and kidneys function well.

You can increase the effectiveness in massages by taking lots of water. Also, make sure to take healthy meals. In addition, you should be physically active. So lymphatic drainage massage performs best when done by using natural methods.