Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair Review (2021 Buying Guide), Worthiness, Pros & Cons

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair is giving you best looking and most attractive looking massager in the market. Moreover it is available in six different colors. Those colors are black, cream, espresso, grey, red, saddle etc. Thus we can say that company is very conscious about customer choices. Let’s More Discuss about this Human Touch Massage Chair Also You Don’t forget to Click  Button Below, avail Original product & Support us.

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Top Features :

  • Air Compression for Circulation Calf Feet Thigh Massage.
  • Muscle Pain Relief.
  • Sequential Boots Device with Handheld Controller.
  • 3 intensity levels – low, medium, or high
  • Massager has important feature which makes it smart gadget. Its Alexa connectivity feature listen all the orders so as to give massage effortlessly. There are very few massage chair which are compatible with Alexa.
  • In addition to that it has command assistant that customizes your massage according to your preference history. For such advance programming it needs special circuits which works in accordance to the CPU’s. this feature remember your needs and provide same type of the massage repeatedly.
  • This massage chair is not only smart in the technology but also has unique design. It has unibody track design structure that covers some extra percentage of the back. Thus giving maximum comfort and relaxation during massage. This extra relaxing design differentiates this massager form the other  one.
  • Massager has 38 different programs that are suitable for various age groups and professions. Moreover you can directly start your own kind of preset massage to save plenty of seeting time. In addition to that you can control speed, massaging time, intensity and mode of the massage in 4D setting. In 3D setting you can change 3 parameters by keeping one parameter fix. This 3D and 4D features provide most accurate massage which is many times better than a professional therapist Exercise massage.

What We Like

  • This massager looks very attractive and comfortable.
  • It has various colors, nearly all massaging modes and to many features.
  • Most importantly this massager has Alexa compatibility which make this massager really unique and worth buying.

What We Dislike

  • This massager is loaded with too many features thus increases it cost uneccessaryly.
  • Sometimes app connectivity doesn’t work.

Extra Features About Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

  • This NOVO massager has most attractive panel controller. All the buttons and necessary features are available right on your fingertip for easy control. There are separate buttons for changing inclination of the back support, speaker volume, temperature setting etc. For extra comfort and maintaining high standards massager has finely tuned sound system that produces clear tones. Hence no one can complain about even a single feature of the massager.
  • More specifically it has Altec Lancing sound system which is best suitable for listening soothing music. We can’t ignore the advantages of listening decent music while massaging. It take massaging comfort to the next level. It also has one special program which describes all the important feature and advantages of using NOVO massager. It is advisable to listen to any meditative music for better relaxation of the mind which will add some mindful minutes in everyday life.
  • This chair has S and L track massage supports of maximum support to the spine, back and shoulder massage. Moreover this massager has excellent heating characteristics for reflexology massage. Heating massage specialy for the knee is really relaxing.

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair Overall Rating

  • This massager has 4 starts out of 5 as per amazon review system. From which 46% of the people rated 5 stars while 17% people rated 4 stars. Also 38% people thinks that it is an average massager. Massager has 9 global rating. Some customers suffering from back surgery are very satisfactory with the massaging experience. They are feeling very calm and experiencing faster recovery after using this massager. However some are not giving much credits to this NOVO massager because of its price.
  • This massager is available in the market from $9000.

As this massager has Alexa compatibility you will not able to see much of manually operating buttons on it. However for direct control some of the key buttons are available such as heat On/off, power on, changing the inclination etc.

Overall, The Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair is the Best choice for people who are suffering from Daily tiredness & other Muscle related issue. as per my Expirence I recommend this product to anyone.

  • @Tim

I have just had this seat for a brief while,however, I really don’t understand how I lived without it. I had back surgery several decades back and it did I have pain. After working outside or cleaning your house I can’t wait to find yourself in my brand new seat. I put it on sleep mode and that I drift off repeatedly. Beware,after your loved ones members and friends find out about any of this,they even see more frequently. Certainly one of the better investments I’ve made.

  • @cook
Enjoy my seat, it really is $$, however it’s an excellent investment!

This is demonstrated by tests and exploration led on individuals. That is with various body shapes. As they have lost a few centimetres of their body size over the long haul.

Once you are engaged in massage you can experience a lot of weight loss. When you are in massage. Then you are all stress free. You feel comfort and relaxing. Also it makes you energizing. This is the reason also of weight loss.

Massaging is a good method to loss your heavy body. A decent massage can help you loss your belly fat, your tiredness. Consequently it open body pores. This helps in loading weight very well.

This makes digestion, blood flow strong and smooth. Also it assist with quieting the sensitive muscles.  It gives a superior self-perception so an extraordinary background for weight reduction.

Almost, every remedial massage makes a good blood flow in your body. It also decreases pressure and makes you feel something better in your life. These things contribute towards making you fitter, not fatter.

  • It expands good flow better in your body through massage. Implies squander toxins taken out from body. Quicker and all the more viably. A quicker digestion implies less left fat put away. Which implies a more slender you.
  • Large numbers of us put on overabundance weight when we have been buckling down or have been restless and stressed. And can add to surprising weight acquire over only a couple weeks. Massage is notable to assist with decreasing feelings of anxiety and increment the equilibrium of glad chemicals in our bodies. Assuming you start to feel more good about your life as a rule, you are substantially less liable to want to comfort eat to work on your mind-set.

Delivered because of physical and enthusiastic pressure. The chemical cortisol has been displayed to build hunger. And cause fat stores in the stomach region. While practice is the best technique for bringing down cortisol levels. Knead has been demonstrated to diminish circling levels of the chemical. This helps ease pressure, decline craving and lessen collection of paunch fat. All of this support a get-healthy plan.

It’s not difficult to fail to remember the significance of unwinding as you centre around getting in shape and changing your body. Be that as it may, removing pressure is a key segment since pressure powers your body to deliver cortisol, which, as we set up before, makes you hungry. You indulge, put on weight and end up in a cycle that harms.

Just as working on the presence of your skin, and particularly lessening the impacts of abundance cellulite, knead helps tone muscles. In particular, getting ordinary restorative massages can cause you to feel intellectually better. Furthermore, as you feel like you are carrying on with a better way of life. While a solitary massage may not consume enough calories for you to see less fat, it will absolutely help both intellectually and genuinely to in general fat misfortune.

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair











  • Air Compression Massage
  • Variety Level Massage
  • 38 Different Program


  • Costly
  • Availability
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