TruMedic Magic Hands Review

TruMedic Magic Hands Massager Review (2023), TruShiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The Trumedic MagicHands Massager is one on the next best masager compare to an actual spa of my friend always have pain in his back and this massager did a nice job of massaging. If you have daily tiredness & pain in your back that associated with your regular desk work or even working out very hard, this massager is for you! Let’s more discuss about Trumedic Magic Hands Massager Review & help you to get best product at your home.

Trumedic Magic Hands Review: Buying Guide

TruMedic Magic Hands Massager Review

Top Features

  • Deep Kneading 3D Massage for Muscle Pain Relief
  • Four deep-kneading massage nodes
  • Travel-friendly massager
  • Activate the heating function for added relaxation

TruMedic MagicHands Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat is the unique, superior massaging gadget. It’s made with a patent massage design system that is made to reproduce the bit of an expert Hand Massage like spa. It deliver an incredible massage that is so exact & you will feel like it is coming from a bunch of human hands!. It has four massage modes that each go about as their own technique to convey viable shiatsu massage treatment. The truMedic MagicHands Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat is your very own special design & appreciated by tissue massage specialist.

The massaging power is similarly as good and effective massager. TruMedic MagicHands works on different part of your body, it’s extraordinary on the lower back. Yet for the majority of us use it for the neck and shoulders that need the genuine work and TruMedic MagicHands can be very effective here.

This high-performance trumedic magichands neck and back massager is available online in 3 color choice i.e. Orange, Green, and Blue.

What We Like

  • Deep tissue massaging modes available
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Made with newest technology
  • Infrared heating effect

What We Dislike

  • Luxury product
  • Availability Issue

This amazing massager device can be utilized as your personal massager. It helps for ongoing back pain, muscle torments, lower back tormen, contracted regions, stiff neck and upper back and sore shoulders.

By using strap nodes and flexible arm ties with a particular warming temprature, the truMedic MagicHands truShiatsu Massager can convey an interesting back massage in each time.

  • Elite patent-forthcoming massaging equipment reproduces the impression of human hands.
  • Heating effect usefulness for deep tissue pain.
  • Customizable design to put in any position.
  • Battery-powered and cordless.
  • Works for more than 2 hours.
  • Accompanies two multi-directional massage modes.

Stylish Design

It has patented design, unique particular materials, movable wrist and different shading choices. Trumedic MagicHands Massager conveys a back massage experience that feels like a real hand massage.

4 Deep-Kneading Massage Nodes

4 deep-kneading massage nodes use patented technology to enter sore muscles for enduring help. Each pivoting hub is intended to reproduce the relaxing feeling.

Adjustable Massage

Trumedic is vey adjustable with movable arm ties, heating effect , Also can convey a great back massage in each session.

Breathable Mesh Covering

The back massage unit is designed with a breathable mesh covering intended to provide comfort massage experience.

My Experience on Trumedic Magic Hands Massager

TruMedic MagicHands Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is made for the regular use & you can easily carry this anywhere. When i used this, i found good results & recommended this to my other family members.

Trumedic MagicHands massager has infrared heating feature, however I never found it as warming as the more previous trumedic product. Sufficiently sure, when I estimated it’s temperature following an entire 20-minute meeting, it scarcely beat 88 degrees above. The previous model hit 95 degrees after a similar measure of time. On the in addition to side, generally battery life stays steady at around 2 plus hours.

Reviews By Experts

  • @Wnkler

Magichands is magic! It’s great for a fantastic massage and also helped mend my rigid neck. I strongly recommend the system for a present or yourself. Think it’s great!

  • @Karen

I Purchased these for my daughter along with her spouse. I enjoyed it I had to buy one for myself personally. I have never needed a more massager that feels really great to help relieve the strain in my throat.


Hope you will enjoy after owning this trumedic magichands massager at your home. Just push few buttons & it will starts working. Trumedic magic hands gives you feeling like spa massage at your home that provides you muscle pain & tiredness relief. The best thing is about trumedic magic hands massager is comes with the warranty & if you feel it’s not good for you you can easily replace.

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