Theragun Prime Massage Gun 4th Gen Review 2021 [Buying Guide]

Theragun, which as of late rebranded as Therabody and delivered a CBD sub-brand called Theraone, certainly has a fortification in the percussive back massage industry.

Theragun has gotten inseparable from “knead gun” and percussive treatment and it’s apparently the most notable part in the game. Just Hyperice (which makes the Hypervolt rub gun) approaches as far as brand mindfulness and status.

Therabody truly did something extraordinary for itself with its new line of Theraguns, the fourth era of items. Remembered for the G4 line are the Theragun PRO, Theragun Elite, Theragun Prime, and the Theragun Mini.

This survey covers the Theragun Prime from specs and highlights to my own involvement in the item throughout the span of a couple of months.

Theragun Prime : Specs and Features

  • Like I referenced as of now, Theragun truly ventured up its game between the age three items and the new age four items. The Theragun Prime is the most un-lavish of the bundle (beside the new Theragun Mini), yet it actually sneaks up all of a sudden and is stacked with huge loads of highlights.
  • The Prime has five paces (contrasted with the previous Liv’s single speed) and accompanies four thick, cell-froth connections for kneading distinctive muscle gatherings. The Theragun Prime additionally coordinates with the Therabody application, though the Liv (the Prime’s archetype) didn’t.
  • The gadget’s QX65 engine infiltrates muscle strands up to 16 millimeters underneath your skin and can reach up to 2400 percussions each moment (PPM). The slowest speed in 1750 PPM, which is still beautiful quick. The Theragun Prime takes the state of the organization’s trademark three-sided plan, and the ergonomic handle feels durable close by.
  • With a two-hour battery life, LED setting markers, and numerous outsider application mixes, the Theragun Prime is really a take at the rundown cost of $299.

Theragun Prime : What I Love

  • There’s a great deal to cherish about the Theragun Prime. Like I said, I wasn’t too intrigued with the past age of items, yet I was overwhelmed when I initially utilized the Theragun Prime in April 2020.
  • I’ve been utilizing the Theragun Prime one to three times each week since I got it back in April, and I can say with certainty that it does what the organization says it does. Also, as I would see it, it is thus, such a great deal better compared to whatever else Theragun has at any point put available.
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5 out of 5

What We Like

The Theragun Prime uses Therabody’s new QuietForce innovation, so it doesn’t make your cerebrums clatter. It’s amazing, productive, and makes a quick improvement in touchiness and portability.

What We Don’t Like

It’s as yet not as calm as other back rub massager available. There’s very little else I don’t care for.

Customer Review : More intelligent Sweat Takeaway: The Theragun Prime is a trillion times better compared to its archetype, the Theragun Liv. It’s as yet costly, yet great for individuals who are not kidding about exercises and exercise recuperation.

The Best Things About Theragun Prime Massage Gun 2021

I really like the Prime more than the best in class model, the PRO.

This is what I cherished the most about the Theragun Prime:

  • It’s calmer than the entirety of different models. The Theragun site asserts that the Prime is 70% calmer than past Theragun models, and I trust it. At the point when I utilized the previous Theragun Liv and the Pro G3, I generally felt like my mind was shaking around inside my skull. It was so boisterous it was regularly too overpowering to even consider utilizing. The Theragun Prime, then again, doesn’t sound or feel like a force drill. It’s not difficult to utilize even around the neck and shoulders, which is a huge in addition to on the grounds that that is consistently where I need it most.
  • It’s incredible when you need it to be. The Prime has five velocities you can handle with the application or on the actual gun. With speeds up to 2400 PPM, it gets pretty amazing. I ordinarily don’t utilize the higher rates since I like a gentler back rub, yet I like realizing that in the event that I need the force, it’s there.
  • However, it’s not all that much for sore muscles. The initial three paces on the Prime are ideal for respectably irritated muscles. I wouldn’t utilize the Theragun on excessively sensitive muscles by any means — a froth roller is presumably a superior decision — however a few group with a higher torment resistance can most likely do as such with no issue.
  • It has a long battery life. The two-hour battery life keeps going me for quite a long time, since I regularly utilize the Prime for five to 15 minutes, one to three times each week.
  • It accompanies numerous connections. The Theragun Liv just accompanied one huge ball connection and one little ball connection, yet the Prime accompanies a dampener, ball, cone, and thumb connection for use on various muscle gatherings. For instance, the dampener is incredible for delicate regions like the neck or hips, while the cone can arrive at trigger focuses in your back and the curves of your feet.
  • The Therabody application and incorporations are awesome. In case you’re the sort of individual who likes information and schedules, you’ll love the Therabody application. Inside the application, you can make exercise recuperation schedules, versatility schedules, and monitor how regularly you utilize the Prime and for how long. The application additionally makes constant suggestions dependent on your use of the application and the gadget.
  • Theragun Prime : What I Don’t Love
  • At the point when I audit items, I generally search for the most noticeably awful. That may sound unreasonable, yet the primary objective is to help different purchasers settle on the choices that are best for them. However, I must be straightforward: I don’t have any terrible comments about the Theragun Prime.
  • I have some “eh” sentiments about some specific highlights, yet I didn’t run into anything while at the same time testing this item that would keep me from getting it or from prescribing it as a decent buy to other people.
  • This is what I didn’t totally adore about the Prime:
  • It’s not as peaceful as the marking makes it appear. Try not to misunderstand me here: The Prime is altogether calmer than the age three Liv. Be that as it may, it’s as yet not as peaceful as the Hypervolt line of items or some less expensive Theragun hoodwinks. However, Theragun knead guns are undeniably more impressive than different choices available, so it’s difficult to thump them for commotion.
  • The handle could be more ergonomic. Despite the fact that Theragun claims the three-sided configuration is ergonomic, I actually struggle arriving at specific pieces of my back. Except if you have excessively long arms, you’ll certainly have to enroll the assistance of another person to completely knead your back with the Prime.

Theragun Prime : Smarter Sweat Takeaway

At the cost point, the Theragun Prime offers a ton. You can discover less expensive back rub guns, without a doubt, however they’re simply that — less expensive.

I for one think that the other Theragun models (the PRO and the Elite) are altogether too much for the ordinary individual. Indeed, even the Theragun Prime is more than what the vast majority need.

In any case, on the off chance that you work out at least three times each week — particularly in case you’re doing extreme focus exercises, significant distance intense exercise, or substantial weightlifting — the Theragun Prime can lift your daily schedule by assisting you with recuperating between exercises, improving your versatility, and lessening muscle touchiness.

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Why You need To Buy Theragun Prime Massage Gun?

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4.5 out of 5

Top Features :

  • Qx65 Motor With Quietforce Technology
  • 120-min. Battery Life
  • 5 Speed Range & LED Screen
  • Ergonomic Multi-grip
  • Smart App Integration

I’m not frustrated in the smallest with my decision. While I’m certain the Theragun Pro is magnificent, the Prime does all I require it to, and that’s just the beginning. On the least setting, I feel good utilizing it on touchy regions like my neck. I turn it on high to cover bigger, more solid zones like my back, quads, and glutes. It really feels like have a live-in masseuse. It’s simple enough to use on yourself, yet you can likewise get another person to use it while you lay back and unwind. I would now be able to go an entire week without feeling like my spine is attempting to escape from my body. Furthermore, in the event that I do have an intermittent throb, five minutes with my Theragun clears it straight up.

The Advantages of utilizing a Theragun Prime

You can utilize the Theragun prior to preparing as a component of your warm-up, present exercise on keep DOMS (postponed beginning muscle touchiness) under control, before bed to support a superior night’s kip, or to calm constant muscle torment as and when required.

Ask any physio, and they’ll wax expressive about the powerful advantages of back rub. Overall similar advantages stretch out to the Theragun – and even better, you can harvest them from the solace of your own home. A portion of the numerous advantages include:

  • Expanding blood stream
  • Diminishing lactic corrosive
  • Improving scope of movement
  • Hydrating tissue
  • Forestalling grips
  • Quicker warm-up
  • Quicker recuperation
  • Expanding adaptability
  • Diminishing aggravation
  • Improving stance
  • Diminishing muscle irritation
  • Improving rest quality

Be that as it may, don’t simply believe us. Until now, the Theragun group has distributed three edited compositions, and has another 16 investigations in progress on an assortment of subjects crossing the expansiveness of percussive treatment, from athletic execution to torment treatment and most as of late, rest.

In a little report directed in relationship with Biostrap Labs​, 87% of members nodded off quicker in the wake of utilizing a Theragun at evening. What’s more, 70% experienced improved rest proficiency, with essentially less enlightenments and rest disturbances.

Highlights :

  • Exclusive brushless engine with QuietForce Technology​™
  • Keen Percussive Therapy​™​​with Bluetooth network
  • Application guided schedules
  • 5-Speed range with adaptable speed through our application
  • Conveys up to 30 lbs of no-slow down power
  • Interior lithium-particle battery (120 minutes)
  • Theragun Triangle ergonomic handle plan
  • 1-Year guarantee

Includes​ :

  • Travel pocket
  • 4 simple to-clean shut cell-froth connections in pocket
  • Dampener – Used for the most part for delicate or hard regions. Ideal for generally speaking use.
  • Standard Ball – Perfect for in general use on huge and little muscle gatherings.
  • Cone – Used for the most part for pinpoint muscle treatment, including the hands and feet.
  • Thumb – Used for the most part for trigger focuses and the lower back.
  • Force connector

Specifications of Theragun Prime Massager

  • Features : Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun
  • Brand : Theragun
  • Assembled Product Weight : 2.2 lb
  • Manufacturer : Theragun
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) : 8.9 in x 6.3 in x 2.9 in

Pros : Prepare Perform Recover,Powerful deep muscle treatment,A truly personalized wellness routine.

Cons : little bit costly, but it is worth it.

Customer Reviews

Thought the cost was somewhat high, yet was influenced by the audits and an article I read in Esquire about it, so took a risk thus happy I did. I’ve had ongoing lower back torment – and rehashed wounds – throughout the long term. Not a lot appeared to help – MRIs, spinal docs, PT, alignment specialists, drugs, rest, heat, ice, and so forth After my latest physical issue, I contemplated whether possibly I just had horrendously tied/swollen muscles that expected to quiet down. So I began pounding my lower back zone with this thing and over the course of the days every one of the muscles at last began to streamline and unwind and my agony disappeared. It resembles you’re pounding the muscles into accommodation. It’s been astounding. Practically addictive. I would say simply be cautious with it and get going gradually – don’t put on the hardest connection and press it against you as hard as possible, and so forth Start with the slowest setting and mildest head and be delicate with yourself until you figure out it.
. @ Rob

Best massager, I limb second one for my folks, yet needed to trade [email protected] Tim

This thing is extraordinary. It’s more remarkable than I expected and the distinctive connection heads hit spots I didn’t realize I had.@ Decan

This item is extraordinary for me as a competitor. After I go on runs I utilize this on my leg and my legs feel better compared to common after runs. Love this item. @ BOB

Theragun Prime Massage Gun 4th Gen











  • Trusted Brand
  • Long Battery Backup
  • 4 Massage Heads


  • No Variation In Color
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