Theragun Elite Massage Gun 4th Gen Review 2021 [Buying Guide]

For competitors and wellness fans that focus on exceptional preparing, recuperation is absolutely critical. Back Massage give alleviation, however they’re costly, and froth rollers can indeed do a limited amount of a lot. Theragun, then again, claims it offers a superior arrangement. 

The Theragun Elite is an amazing percussive back Massager apparatus that guarantees knead quality help in the palm of your hand. Truth be told, the gadget evidently enters 60% more profound into muscles than the normal back rub weapon. Furthermore, in contrast to other percussive massagers available, the Theragun Elite offers calm activity to convey a back rub experience that is felt — not heard. 

To see whether the Theragun Elite satisfies its case as perhaps the most remarkable percussive massagers around, we chose to scrutinize it. This is what we found. 

How we tried the Theragun Elite 

We tried the Theragun Elite among perseverance competitors and work area laborers, having them utilize the back rub weapon instead of modest froth rollers. We likewise contrasted the Theragun Elite with sports and profound tissue rubs. 

Our essential concerns included touchiness and strain identified with work and working out. Following a monotonous day sitting before the PC, we ordinarily experience moderate neck and upper-back irritation. We additionally needed to address post-exercise touchiness, especially in the significant muscle bunches in the lower back and legs. 

Does the Theragun Elite work? 

We felt the Theragun Elite offered an agreeable and successful recuperation experience. Not exclusively does the interaction take a small portion of the hour of the froth roller, it’s likewise considerably less work serious. Recuperation is faster, and we didn’t have to get on the floor and reshape our body across a froth roller. 

The Theragun Elite was especially compelling at separating a huge bunch in the shoulder that had been available for quite a long time. Utilizing the Theragun Elite on enormous bunches, similar to the one in our shoulder, left us with a similar remaining touchiness we recollect from when we would have a masseur work on our bunches. 

We sensed that we had the option to boost results by following the percussive back rub with short meetings of profound extending and a hot shower. Subsequently, we encountered significantly less irritation for the duration of the day following longer or more extraordinary exercises. Amazingly, we additionally encountered a critical reduction in muscle touchiness the day after our ride. 

Here we have Listed about Theragun Elite & why You need to buy?

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4.5 out of 5

What We Like

  • Simple to utilize & Hearty
  • No slow down with pressure
  • Reliable application
  • Incredible feel in the hands
  • Spare battery
  • PDA application similarity & Power marker

What We Don’t Like

  • Cost
  • On/off catch can be abnormal to utilize

Customer Review : The Theragun pro is the perfect massage gun for sports people and professional therapist alike. The four-position adjustable arm allows for the perfect grip to reach the hard to reach spots. The two batteries and external charger extend the use of the device out to 300 minutes according to the documentation

The Best Things About Theragun Elite Massage Gun 2021

Solidness, Quality, and Feel

Specialists note that you generally can evaluate a recuperation instrument’s quality immediately, so I remembered that as I unpacked the Theragun. Admission: When I saw the Theragun Elite box, I was threatened. The cutting edge handheld gadget accompanies five distinctive froth cell connections, a genuine charger, and a small scale case that resembles an innovative lunchbox for conveying everything.

When I unpacked it however, I felt more certain. The Theragun Elite is shockingly minimal, somewhat more modest than a standard hair dryer, and considerably less awkward than a froth roller. It likewise looks and feels top caliber and has held up during my testing period and past (in spite of the fact that it should be noticed that it’s expensive, so that will be normal).

It likewise wasn’t at all muddled to get moving. The connections—which fluctuate in solidness, size, and shape to treat various regions of your body—fly on and off without any problem. What’s more, when the Theragun Elite was completely energized, all I needed to do was press the force catch, and it was all set.

At that point, a significant inquiry emerged. How would I really manage it? Fortunately, I had the response to this inquiry directly readily available, as its intelligent Therabody application, which synchronized to my gadget. The application took me through guided meetings—separated by muscle gathering (think: quads, lower back, or shoulders) or action (I utilized the running and weight-lifting ones, however there are additionally span preparing, tennis, and cycling choices, to give some examples). This ensured I was hitting the correct territories for the perfect measure of time at the perfect pressing factor with the correct connections.

One major advantage of this, I believe, was ensuring I didn’t race through it, particularly when I was dealing with territories that were sore. It unquestionably made me more aware of what I was doing—something I hold back on when utilizing a froth roller.

When working with the Theragun Elite, I quickly saw it seemed like quality: It had a weight to it, sure—at 2.2. pounds, it wasn’t actually a featherweight—however it was truly simple to oversee, on account of its smooth, ergonomic three-way multi-hold, which fit effectively in my little hands to give better particularity to which areas I needed to hit. I utilized the standard hold (farthest away from the connections) when I required somewhat more space to hit the rear of my body, while a base grasp (nearest to the connection) turned out extraordinary for effectively available territories. I generally utilized the dampener connection all through the testing period (it was less brutal on delicate, sore zones), and I saw no debasement in the froth during that time.

Cost and Worth

One thing both Reinold and Dorworth underscored in testing recuperation gadgets is to be cautious about items that are gimmicky or are making claims that simply aren’t correct—particularly those that guarantee to “change sash, protract tissue, or flush terrible things from your body,” says Reinold. They additionally note to consider an item’s worth particularly contrasted with something you can discover for a lot less expensive (ie, a tennis ball).

At the point when you purchase something through our retail connects, we may acquire a commission.

Theragun Elite’s fundamental case is emotional: “to liquefy away strain and delivery irritation,” as indicated by its item portrayal on its site. In the wake of testing it thoroughly for seven days, I discover that guarantee to be exact (as far as I might be concerned, in any case), since I had a feeling that it caused me get better and fight off touchiness/distress as a standard for-me running issue.

With respect to its value, indeed, it is expensive: At $399, it’s more costly than contenders like the TimTam All-New Power Massager ($250, or the Hypervolt ($299,, in addition to other percussive treatment gadgets on Amazon. Yet, it’s significant that percussive treatment instruments accomplish something that can’t be effortlessly recreated with more affordable family protests.

Commotion Level

While this was my first time utilizing a Theragun item myself, I was in the workplace when a past form was being tried. Try to keep your hat on, it was uproarious. So despite the fact that the Theragun Elite vowed to be 75% calmer than its past age, I was marginally concerned I planned to impact out my neighbors when I turned it on.

No concerns—the Theragun sounds pretty harmless, to such an extent that I was even ready to sit in front of the TV (raising the volume a smidgen) while utilizing it. What could be compared to occupied traffic. That was three decibels over my climate control system—which likewise estimated as “occupied traffic”— and 11 decibels underneath my movement hair dryer (which was named what might be compared to a manufacturing plant floor).

So while I can’t verify or refute that the Theragun Elite really is 75% calmer than its archetype, I can unhesitatingly say that its clamor level didn’t trouble me the slightest bit.

Pressing factor Control

The gadget is natural and takes into consideration pressure control (something that our specialists said was significant): You turn it on, and it essentially begins its vibration. What’s more, you have a ton of command over that pressure, something Reinold considers vital. The gadget defaults to 1750 percussions each moment (PPM)— you can change the PPM to one of five settings by squeezing the in addition to sign to build (it goes up to 2400 PPM) or the less sign to bring down it. When I began, I principally kept the PPM at 1750, however bigger, less-sore muscle gatherings (like my quads) could deal with up to 2200 PPM.

Battery Life

Out of the case, the Theragun Elite was easy to set up, and charging it to full just required about 30 minutes. All through my testing period, where I utilized the Elite after six exercise meetings, the battery didn’t should be re-energized. After my testing period (which endured about seven days), the Elite’s battery life was still at half-full.

In general Effectiveness and Performance

  • I began testing the Theragun Elite with previous irritation, solidness, and blocked portability: My hamstrings and glutes were at that point sore because of a lower-body strength exercise two days earlier that was weighty on the offbeat moves (moderate bringing down, single-leg deadlifts, anybody?) and a progressive increase of my running mileage. Early that day, I completed a 9-mile run—my longest since the previous summer. No doubt about it I wasn’t strolling incredible when I utilized it interestingly sometime thereafter.
  • I utilized the Theragun Elite on my correct side, permitting the application to control me through glute, hamstring, quad, calf, and shin meetings (I utilized a froth roller on the left side for examination). It felt astounding on my quads, however a little awkward on the territories that were at that point sore. In any case, following I finished the meeting, I saw I was moving significantly better on my correct side—I just felt looser—than my left, despite the fact that I was as yet sore.
  • I saw this theme endured all through my testing period: I felt altogether better following a Theragun meeting, particularly with respect to versatility and firmness. It’s difficult to clarify, however after each Theragun meeting, my body just felt very light and my muscles smooth. I even utilized it on my feet, which soothed pressure I didn’t realize I had.
  • While it never felt incredible it the second on territories that were at that point sore, I feel like my body began to become accustomed to the pressing factor as the meetings went on. Before the week’s over, the gadget felt much more agreeable, even on my delicate glutes. It didn’t totally back off my irritation—particularly in my hamstrings—however it caused me move better. I saw pretty comparative outcomes whether I utilized it previously or after an exercise, however I do think utilizing it before a run improved the firmness that normally takes a half mile or so to shake off.
  • The most astonishing adequacy advantage sprung up with the one-sided testing. At the point when I begin sloping up my running, the primary spot I feel it will in general be in the muscles at the edges at the lower part of my shins. At the point when I went out for a short shakeout pursue the morning my 9-miler, I felt that all around recognizable distress back up once more—however just on my left side (the froth moving side). I believe that is on the grounds that the dampener connection of the Theragun Elite permitted me to arrive at that little territory such that an enormous froth roller can’t. The side-of-shin distress persevered on my left side all through the testing period, while it never surfaced on the Theragun side.
  • The percussive treatment gadget likewise proved to be useful for non-exercise things. It plied out ties in my shoulders and traps from slouching over a PC the entire day. My solitary desire? I would have wanted to utilize it on my back, yet I’m not exactly adaptable enough to hit the correct spots, in any event, when messing with the various grasps on the gadget.

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Why You need To Buy Theragun EliteMassage Gun?

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4.5 out of 5

Top Features :

  • Qx65 Motor With Quietforce Technology
  • 120-min. Battery Life
  • Customizable Speed Range & Oled Screen
  • Ergonomic Multi-grip
  • Smart App Integration

Theragun Elite versus froth rollers

We felt the Theragun Elite offered a considerably more pleasant client experience than the froth rollers. As opposed to going through 20 minutes carrying out different muscle gatherings, we had the option to slice our recuperation meeting down the middle. It likewise felt like to a lesser degree an errand since we could without much of a stretch watch Netflix or tune in to music through our earphones while utilizing the Theragun Elite — it’s that calm.

We likewise experienced alleviation inside only minutes in the wake of utilizing the Theragun Elite. The percussive massager enters profoundly, bringing about a close prompt arrival of strain. This outperforms the general short-and long haul help we felt from the froth roller.

Theragun Elite connections

The Theragun Elite accompanies five connections that let clients tweak their back rub. We tracked down the diverse head shapes make the gadget amazingly flexible — also exceptionally skilled at focusing on different muscles.

For an essential back rub, we utilized the standard adjusted head across all muscle gatherings. Notwithstanding, when we favored a focused on rub, we delighted in the wedge and cone connections the most.

The wedge was particularly viable at calming strain across the upper back and shoulder bones. More modest muscle gatherings, similar to the lower arms, were best presented with the tightened cone connection. While these connections turned out best for us, we’d recommend evaluating the entirety of the connections with the goal that you can sort out what turns out best for you.

Theragun application

We tracked down the natural plan of the Theragun application made figuring out how to utilize the Theragun Elite a lot simpler.

The application, which associates with the gadget by means of Bluetooth, accompanies a huge load of premium highlights. It additionally coordinates with mainstream wellness applications like Apple Health and Google Fit. Not at all like numerous items with pointless friend applications, we thought the Therabody application really improved the adaptability and ease of use of the Theragun Elite, particularly for those new to recuperation works out.

From the application, we had the option to decisively tune the speed of percussion. The application additionally gave various focused on recuperation meetings, in which it strolled clients through where to put the massager and consequently changed the speed as the head got across various zones of the body.

Theragun Elite sound

The Theragun Elite guarantees super calm activity with its bleeding edge QuietForce Technology. Notwithstanding, we found that it was stronger than anticipated.

We ended up expecting to utilize earphones to stare at the TV or tune in to music. As far as we might be concerned, this wasn’t a dealbreaker, yet it’s an interesting point in the event that you share your living space with somebody who may be troubled by the commotion.

We’ve attempted various other Theragun gadgets, and we do feel the Theragun Elite works significantly more discreetly in examination.

Theragun Elite accommodation

Contrasted with other percussive massagers available, we feel the Theragun Elite is perhaps the most advantageous choices.

As a handheld gadget, the Theragun Elite is profoundly versatile. It’s not difficult to throw inside a carry-on or duffel bag, particularly in light of the fact that it accompanies a convey case with a lot of space for its connections. The connections, similar to the actual gadget, are likewise simple to keep clean.

The absolute battery life goes on for an astounding 120 minutes. In any event, when the Theragun Elite is utilized every day, it went on for us around fourteen days on a full charge. It’s an alluring property on the off chance that you expect to go with it since it implies you will not have to make sure to welcome the charger on more limited excursions.

We were likewise intrigued with the ergonomic plan of the Theragun Elite. It’s not difficult to grasp and agreeable to hold for a full back rub meeting, in any event, when held at abnormal points.

Theragun Elite expense

The Theragun Elite retails for $399. It’s accessible in three tones: white, dark, and red.

The gadget is outfitted with a QX65 brushless engine and offers five inherent paces. The Theragun Elite bundle incorporates five connections, a defensive convey case, and a force connector. Clients likewise get free and full admittance to the Therabody application.

Theragun Elite stars

Generally, we found the Theragun Elite satisfies its guarantee of unmatched profound tissue alleviation. It’s an amazing, fit gadget that offers a snappier, simpler recuperation. It’s a significant advance up from a froth roller, as it’s ready to target explicit muscle gatherings, similar to a masseur giving a remedial games or profound tissue rub.

The Theragun Elite offers a considerable amount of flexibility. Notwithstanding five connection heads that are formed to target diverse muscle gatherings, the partner application permits clients to alter the speed of their back rub.

We additionally see the Theragun Elite as an authentic efficient device. It gives help definitely more rapidly than a froth roller, and the impacts can last into the following day.

Theragun Elite cons

While the Theragun Elite cases it offers calm activity, we actually feel it was stronger than anticipated. So, it’s calmer than most other Theragun gadgets.

Given its smaller plan, the Theragun Elite can be to some degree restricted in reach. Certain regions of the back, for instance, may expect help to contact them for certain clients.

There are infrequent availability issues between the application and the Theragun Elite. Notwithstanding, this could be because of organization issues in certain homes or offices.

Is the Theragun Elite awesome?

It does not shock anyone that Theragun has been embraced by perseverance competitors, the CrossFit people group, and actual specialists. The individuals who maintain work area sources of income have likewise discovered help with Theragun gadgets.

In light of our experience, we feel the Theragun Elite is a keen speculation for anybody encountering irritation or strain from work, their wellness schedule, or both. The Theragun Elite is outstanding amongst other percussive massagers — and remedial gadgets — available today.

Specifications of Theragun Elite Massager

  • Features : Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun
  • Brand : Theragun
  • Assembled Product Weight : 2.2 lb
  • Manufacturer : Theragun
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) : 9.5 in x 6.7 in x 2.9 in

Pros : Weight, Ergonomic Design, Powerful, 
Massage Heads / Adjustable Massage Head

Cons : little bit costly, but it is worth it.

Customer Reviews

TThis thing is a lifeline! Before COVID constrained us to remain at home, I used to get ordinary back rubs to hold my body under tight restraints. With that not, at this point an alternative, I needed to rotate to something different. The Theragun is simply the ideal other option and pays in only a couple meetings.
. @ Ron

My sister got a knockoff hypervolt for $150 some time back. I was not dazzled. It was made of modest materials, and back rub activity was [email protected] Tom

The Theragun Elite embarrasses every one of the contenders. It accompanies 5 connections, the battery endures as long or more than guaranteed, and the back rub is STRONG. @ Dezzi

His has been an extraordinary buy for me. I’m a 60 year elderly person and I cracked my neck YEARS prior and have had back issues for 10+ years. I requested this not knowing whether it would help, yet it has surpassed every one of my assumptions. @ Tim

Theragun Elite Massage Gun











  • Long Battery Backup
  • Best in Design
  • 5 massage Heads
  • Trusted Brand


  • Availability
  • Costly
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