Tao massage

Tao Massage – Everything You Should Know About Types Of Tao Massage

Tao massage is very popular in the northwestern part of the world. Some countries which regularly practice this massage for years are Italy, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, etc. This ancient technique has many different types of methods. Moreover, all these methods have specific benefits.

” Tao massage is a special diamond among all massages. You can enjoy your physical and emotional self being relaxed not only by firm touch but also by soft, peaceful and sensitive strokes. ” By Official Definition

Some types of TAO massage are as follows.

TAO Deep Massage

Tao deep massage is very useful for stress relief as it gives a feeling of deep relaxation. It improves sleep quality and hence decreases the sleep quota by relieving deep stress from the muscles. Moreover, as the name suggests TAO massage deep therapy uses the pressure of the legs for maximum relaxation. In addition to that is also improves the flexibility of the tight muscles.

TAO Calm Massage

The calm massage helps for better tuning of the overall body. It provides better growth of the body. Moreover, it is also helpful for good hormonal balance. Which in turn leads to greater mental stability.

This massage therapy uses the medicinal advantages of hot stones.  Heating such stones and putting them on the body causes the generation of positive waves. Which in turn relaxes the muscles and helps for faster recovery.

TAO Glow Massage

Glowing skin is not the result of expensive cosmetics. Moreover, many creams have a natural basis for treatment. But the removing the toxin from the skin should be the first step. This is where you start building good habits for your healthy skin.

TAO glow massage uses medicinal oil to for removing all the impurities from the skin. Moreover, it is a certain thing that clear skin glows naturally. The oil also removes extra fat and breakdowns unnecessary cellulite over the face.

As you can see TAO massage focuses on fixing the root problems, results are pretty good after the therapy.

TAO Float Massage

The unique float therapy of the TAO massage relaxes your body within a short time. An hour of floatation in high-density water gives you all the benefits of four hours of deep sleep. The sleep that will release pleasure hormone in your brain.

Moreover, this type of flotation is not like the usual swimming experience. TAO massage makes it unique by controlling the environmental aspects like noise, light, etc. This helps in disconnecting you from your stressful thoughts.

Moreover, it is scientifically true that taking a cold shower or swimming after work releases all the pressure from the body.

TAO Heat therapy

It is very similar to the steam bath. Heat therapy in a proper temperature environment benefits the body in many ways. Regular heat therapy 2-3 times a week will make a distinct difference in your moods.


Tao massage works by moving only the little stray pieces inside your body with the impact of making a profound feeling of unwinding.

Tao massage is an uncommon precious stone among all massages. You can partake in your physical and enthusiastic self being loose by firm touch as well as by delicate, serene and touchy strokes. You will be bewildered by the normal and basic progression of this massage.

The beginning of this remarkable massage comes from 1,000 years experience of taoism. It enacts jing and jang channels which are arranged on the front and back piece of the body. Contacts and strategies of the tao massage have rather distinct titles being both lovely and functional including, for instance, Opening the Gate of the Spine, Pounding the Front Gates of the Crimson Palace, Harmonizing Fire and Water, Greeting the Five, wattering the bloom, Awakening the Dragon and so forth.