Breo iDream3 Rechargeable Head Massager with Air Pressure Acupoint Massage Cordless Massager for Stress Relief Better Sleep


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breo iDream 3breo iDream 3

The modern lifestyles comes with many drawbacks. People tend to be so busy that they ignore the obvious signs of physical tiredness such as insomnia, headache, and muscle dumpness. Innovatedly applying Trigger Point Theory, Intelligent Air Pressure and Warm compression technology, Breo iDream3 head massager simulates human fingers to soothe pressure points around your eyes & temples, scalp, and upper neck.

It is designed to improve the energy flow by focusing on center of your head, which is the most likely to receive less blood supply. Breo iDream3 improves your emotional and physical well-being by easing muscle tension and improve blood circulation with trigger point theory to free the energy channels through the whole body.


breo iDream 3breo iDream 3

breo massagersbreo massagers

Breo has been focusing on facilitation of balance, energy and Wind (the bodies response to external stressors) since its establishment in 2000.

Breo’s philosophy is rooted in traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture – we create products whose primary purpose is to help restore the bodies balance. Use of Breo products and the practice of massage supports a balanced,healthy lifestyle by supplying much needed relaxation and life energy through.

Breo iDream 3, Head, Eye, and Neck Massager

360° Fully Adjustable Head Fit, Detachable Eye Massage, Wireless Remote Control

iDream3 is designed to help people restore energy. By adopting Intelligent Air Pressure, Trigger Point Massage, and Warm Compression technology, iDream3 offers an ultra massage experience for your eyes & temple, scalp, and upper neck for effective blood flow, stress and tension relief, and better sleep.

A great gift for friends, families or yourself !

The air pressure offers a human finger-like kneading to head and eyes area acupoints. Heat compression soothes your dry eyes and dark circles

Cordless Remote Controller allows you to switch air pressure modes, change warm compression termperature, and select time duration.

Innovative protein leather is roughly double durability of normal PU leather, being more balanced and pressurized to stimulate a perfect head massage experience.

heat massager

heat massager

Temple Massage

Temple Massage



Remote Control

Remote Control


98F to 107F (35-42℃), gentle heat to relieve eyes & temple, improving blood flow.


Simultaneously massages scalp, upper neck, and temples & ocular areas to help relieve stress and tension.


Skin friendly, Gentle, Softer, Non-irritating, and greater durability than normal PU leather.


Easily adjusting head massage, EASY AND HASSLE FREE.


Since the power switch key is at the back, we suggest you to turn the device on before wearing it. After you turn on the device, a short break will last for 10 seconds for you to wear it appropriately before the device starts functioning.

Important information: Special Considerations Before Beginning Use.

The iDream3 is safe for most people as no serious side effects are known, when used as directed. However, there are few particular cases where it should only be used with the prior approval and monitoring of a medical or health care professional:

Please do not use this product in the environment with excessively high temperature or humidity.

Make sure that no barrette, hair accessories and contact lens worn on before using the head massager.

This massager is applicable for adult with head in circumferences ranging 56crn-64cm.

people with indisposed symptoms like inflammation and blood stasis or surgery on head are prohibited to use this product.

Sluggish patients.or people with physical or mental or intellectual disability should not allowed to use this product.

Please use the stabilized DC 9V adaptor that provided by our company and use it properly.

Please push the power switch key to “OFF” when stop using this product.

It is household electric health care product, thus can not be used for diagnosing or curing known disease or other commercial use.

If it requires cleaning, wipe it with cotton soaked in medicine alcohol. Do not use water to wash the device.

The massager has a hot compressing function, and temperature can reach at 42 °C, users not sensitive to change in temperature should be careful in use.

Full adjustable Size: Easily adjustable, simply using two size adjusting knobs according to your fit.
Hands free + See-through Visor + Remote Controlling: You can enjoy a hands-free head massage with an unprecedented relaxation experience.
Air Release Button: Constantly pressing the air release button four to five times to completely release the air under ANY condition.
Warranty & Safety Guarantee: 18 months warranty, you have our safety guarantee. Any problem on this product could be solved throughout our customer service team.

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Breo iDream3 Rechargeable Head Massager with Air Pressure Acupoint Massage Cordless Massager for Stress Relief Better Sleep


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