Oways Massage Chair Reviews (2021), Worthiness, Pros & Cons

Oways Massage Chair simple-looking massage chair provides all the benefits of advanced massage. Because of its simplicity manufacturers able to reduce its weight too much lower numbers. Thus this chair is easy to displace from one place to another. Also, it is designed such that it won’t look like a massage chair.

If you are going to use this massage chair at your picnic spot then this chair looks like a normal recline chair. This chair is suitable for normal use like relaxation and pain relief. If you are looking for accidental recovery or fast recovery for surgeries then this is not the right product as it cannot be used for any medicinal purpose. Let’s More Discuss about this Oways Massage Chair Also You Don’t forget to Click  Button Below , avail Original product & Support Us.

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4 out of 5

Top Features :

  • This massage chair provides you three modes of operations like shiatsu, kneading, vibration, etc. Shiatsu massage focuses more on pressing critical acupressure points of the body so that the strain from the body releases naturally. Shiatsu massage is the most healthy way to counter daily life stress as it has a scientific base of relaxation.
  • The kneading massage is done with the help of rollers. Rollers present at the back and spine area rotate clockwise and anticlockwise simultaneously to put appropriate pressure on them to relax tense muscles of the neck and spine. Moreover, it has two sets of a roller which rotates in a clockwise and anticlockwise sense.
  • You can adjust the position of the footrest to five different angles as per your choice. The inclination angle of the backrest is not changeable. However, by changing the footrest angle you will surely able to achieve the most relaxing position.
  • Moreover, it has a hip vibration function that works best to relieve pain from the gluts and hips region. In addition to that, the intensity of the vibrations can be adjustable to the desired level. Moreover, it has two levels of intensity of vibrations.
  • This massage chair weighs nearly 40 pounds and has overall dimensions of 51 x 29 x 19.5 inches. The price of the chair is nearly $7.5/ pound that is $350. The soft linen fabric and entire wooden base of the massage chair are the unique and most attractive parameters of the massaging chair. In addition to that, it has 20 min automatic massage time available for easy massage.

What We Like

  1. Manufacturers are aware of simple and important comfort parameters like anti-sip mats, wide cure armrests, soft linin fabric, etc. Thus promises the most comforting massage.
  2. This massage chair is best for regular purpose massage and many people can afford it as it has an affordable price.
  3. The reviews of the massage chair are great as it has 4.1 stars out of 5 based on 208 reviews.
  4. The product is available in the market from July 2019. thus manufacturers are well aware of customer needs and requirements.
  5. A massage chair can be used for regular purposes. For that, you just need to remove the waist cushion and you won’t feel the sweat.
  6. Best value for money product.

What We Dislike

  1. Advance features like Bluetooth connectivity, a 3D model of the massage, zero gravity massage are not present. However, these are not the significant parameters of the massage.
  2. Rolling massage to the neck may be uncomfortable in case of long duration as they have powerful vibrations. In that case, you need to use pads to cover the roller areas of the chair.

My Experience on Oways Massage Chair

For maximum comfort, this chair has waist protecting cushion which relaxes your whole body like a zero gravity massage chair. Also, it has an attractive and long armrest. The intelligent functioning buttons just below the chair base helps you to achieve proper positioning, selecting the required mode of the massage.Overall, The Oways Massage Chair is the perfect choice for athlete who want reliable and effective Muscle pain relief . We recommend this product to anyone.

Our User's Reviews : Oways Massage Chair Reviews

  • @Mr.Sim

Initially I was doubtful, particularly concerning voice commands; yet after giving the documentation a fantastic read – I’m delighted to say I works as promoted. Instinctively I bought it for certain!

  • @Mrs. Lima

My dad uses it twice per day for a few spine pain he has been having. My mum has used it well and said only fantastic things regarding the item. They said it had been a lot much better than the people they’ve used at the plantations.

Oways Massage Chair











  • Wooden Design
  • Zero Gravity Design
  • Chepl Price


  • Not Fancy Design
  • Product Availability
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