Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager

Neckology Neck Massager Review 2021(Buying Guide) – Discount & Coupon

Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager Review : First day I’ve had this and tried it. It powered up first time and I put it on and ran through the settings. It doesn’t get extremely warm or have high electrical current, but it felt generally good. It working fine after a bit of charging. Now it won’t work at all though it powers up. Not sure what’s wrong with it, I’m returning.This device really help relieve my neck pain with the various modes in it. It is really convenient to use due to it’s small size. I highly recommend this. ( Related : Best Neck Massager )

Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager Review : Buying Guide

Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager

Top Features :

  • Builds up with 4 pulse modes
  • 15 intensity levels
  •  Built-in heating function
  • 400 mAh rechargeable photosensitive battery
  • Neckology neck massager isn’t same as customary neck back rub. It is to accomplish profound unwinding of spin.
  • This neck massager develops 4 mode heartbeats. Also, with 15 levels of intensity.
  • The neck massager worked in warming capacity and muscle strain for you.
  • However, This neck loosens up massager utilizes electrical force treatment. If it’s not much trouble, wipe your neck

What We Like

  • The instructions are simple to follow and you can adjust the intensity to suit yourself.
  • Easy to operate and it comes with different levels and functions for different needs.
  • Easy to take with me anywhere

What We Dislike

  • Could feel warmth but massage did nothing.
  • Not nearly strong enough to make an impact on pain!
  • After 3 months, it doesn’t work.

My Experience on Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager

Overall, the Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager is the perfect choice for people who want reliable and effective neck, back pain relief . We recommend this product to anyone with a sore neck.

Neckology massager is different from traditional neck massagers, it combined with modern electronic technology and several patents to simulate variety of massages to achieve deep relaxation of cervical spine, that can help relieves your aches, knots and muscle tension, relax your muscles and promote blood circulation.

Why You Need a Neck Massager?

  • If you feel tried or muscle soreness after a long day in front of the computer
  • You need a neck massager help you to relieve pain for your neck.
  • Recent studies suggest massage may help to reduce inflammation in the body,which can help with a range of medical conditions including Crohn’s disease and arthritis.
  • If you are stressed or just need to unwid, this small smart neck massager will be a nice choice for you

Our Expert Reviews : Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager Review

  • @Tom

This apparatus help relieve my throat pain with the numerous ways init. It’s actually suitable to utilize as a result of it’s limited size. I Suggest this.

  • @Tim

I Purchased these for my daughter along with her spouse. I enjoyed it I had to buy one for myself personally. I have never needed a more massager that feels really great to help relieve the strain in my throat.

Neckology Neck Massager Review 50$
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Power
  • Durability


Neckology Neck Massager: Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager with Heat, Neck Relax Portable Neck Massager, Wireless Neck Massager for Women, Men, Pain Relief White.



  • Variety Pulse Mode
  • Adjustable Intensity
  • Powerful Battery


  • Not Easily Available
  • Remote not work 2+ Meter