Cranial sacral massage

Cranial Sacral Massage: Benefits, How To Do & Who Should Avoid This Massage – Explained

Cranial Sacral Massage (CST) is a delicate active method that utilizes a light touch to inspect layers and development of the liquids in and around the focal sensory system. Alleviating pressure in the focal sensory system advances a sensation of prosperity by wiping out torment and boosting wellbeing and resistance.

A run of the mill CST meeting keeps going from 45-an hour, and happens in a tranquil, private setting. CST is performed with the customer completely dressed and lying on an agreeable massage table. Utilizing a light touch, the specialist assesses or “pays attention to” the body for pressure examples and lopsided characteristics

What is Cranial Sacral Massage?

The cranial sacral massage focuses on relieving stress and strain on the bones of the brain. Because of excessive stress on the body dis-functioning of the brain may occur. Which leads to structural changes in the brain. Moreover, this may be the main reason behind the headaches.

Thus cranial sacral massage can be defined as a non-invasive massage on the brain to fix any structural changes in the brain due to excess pressure or stress on the body.

How to Do Cranial Sacral Massage?

It is important to note that cranial sacra massage looks simple but must be done with the help of a therapist. Because they know exactly how much pressure needs to apply at which portion of the brain. Though the pressure is not more than equivalent to 5 grams. However point of application of such pressure is very important.

The headache or migraine patients need to take cranial sacral massage in dim light and lower noise rooms. Because such disturbances during the massage may be quite annoying to these people.

It is important to note that cranial sacral massage not only includes the brain but also the spinal cord along with ribs and lumbar segments. Thus massaging these parts of the body for the overall good functioning of the body is also important.

Is Cranial Sacral Massage Helps in Pregnancy?

Cranial sacral massage doubles the health benefits of pregnancy massage or oil massage. Cranial sacral massage does not use any kind of oil. It is a very light massage that focuses specifically on the region of the central nervous system.

Pressing the spinal region not only causes flexible back but also helps in relieving stress from the brain. Thus there is no doubt that cranial sacral massage assists pregnancy massage.

Who Should Avoid Cranial Sacral Therapy?

People suffering from any kind of brain stroke should avoid cranial sacral massage. Moreover, people with internal bleedings and any minor fracture should also avoid cranial sacral massage.

Though there is no need for such massage for children below 12 years of age. But at the same time if needed then at most care should be taken. As they have a loose connection of lambdoidal suture which is present behind the skull.

Moreover, it is important to note that cranial sacral massage is not just pressing your forehead. The person giving this massage should have good knowledge of human anatomy. A doctor is the right person to take this type of massage. However, trained physicians or massage therapists are also fine unless they have proper certification related to this course.