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Couples Massage Near Me : Just like other types of massage, couple massage is available for couples. It is one of the most popular spa treatments these days. If a couple wants to spend time together, they can book an appointment for a Couple massage. It is much better than a dinner or a movie date. Because, by doing couple massage, you can spend a quality time by taking care of each other. It is a perfect gift you can give to reconnect with your partner. Also, there are many benefits of couple massage for physical, mental, and relationship health. So let us discuss what is exactly a couple massage.

What is a Couple Massage?

Couple Massage is a therapy for 2 people at the same time in the same room, but massage is given by two different therapists on 2 separate tables. Massage is arranged in a private room on 2 side-by-side tables. A package of couple massage generally includes facilities of shower, hot dual tubs, lounging areas, and other spa treatments. At some places, special packages along with champagne, chocolates, and strawberries are given as a lavish treat. The massage room is equipped with soothing music, dim lighting, and scented candles. Before massage therapy, consultation is available to review massage goals. You have to answer a confidential questionnaire. If you have any concerns, special requests, you can communicate them with your therapist. For this, you will get some time alone at the massage area where you lie down on the table with a sheet covering you.

Additionally, don’t get confused with the word couple. It is just not for romantics. A duo of daughter-mother, friends, or with a loved one, you can enjoy such therapies. A unique massage will be provided to each person. It helps to build more strong bonds in any type of relations.

Couple Massage Near Me

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Types of Couple Massage

Swedish Massage

This massage comes from Scandinavian origin. It is very deep which gives the feeling of relaxation. Using various strokes, needs, and circular motions, this therapy helps to reduce muscular tension and boost circulation.

Shiatsu Massage

It is a type of Japanese massage. It is very effective for stress release which helps to promote circulation. Mainly, this therapy helps to eliminate blockages that stop the body’s energy from flowing freely. This massage is given to elbows, knees, feet, back, and limbs.

Thai Massage

For the ones who are self-conscious, this therapy is especially for them. You can take this therapy by wearing your clothes. You don’t need to remove your clothes as this massage is a deep massage that helps to improve flexibility. Also, it helps to relieve pain.

Deep-tissue Massage

In this therapy, you will get a deep tissue massage where the therapist targets the deeper muscle layers and by using the kneading technique, the therapist will give a massage. It helps to relieve chronic pain. Also, it helps to give a range of motion.

Hot-stone Massage

It is a dynamic massage that helps to improve blood flow. In this therapy, hot stones are placed to tackle stubborn knots. This heat in turn provides warm relaxation and relief to muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage

To get the benefit of aromatic oil, this therapy is designed. A mixture of oil is applied throughout the body. After the application of oil, a tension-relieving massage is provided with proper pressure. Thus, it helps to boost your mood, reduces body stress, helps to reduce anxiety and depression.

What is so romantic about couple massage?

In day-to-day life, couples don’t spend much time together. In any relationship, healthy communication is very essential. Spending time in the same house does not mean that you are having a healthy relationship. You have to share common time on few activities such as talking, cooking, or sharing romantic moments.

But, due to hectic lifestyles, people won’t get time. For those, couple massage is the best way to spend relaxing time together. You and your partner will be in the same room with a whole-body massage that induces chemicals in a body that make a person feel happy and affectionate. Due to this therapy, couples will feel more connected with each other.

How do you prepare for a Couple Massage?

Chose perfect time for a Couple Massage

Be careful about the timing for booking an appointment. You can plan it on a holiday or weekly off. If you don’t have the whole day off, you can book your evening slot instead of the morning. Because, it is important that after the massage, you should not have any planned endurance or stress-increasing activities.

Take Bath before shower and Eat light

It is hygienic if you take a shower before going for a massage. If you spend the whole day in various activities, it is better to rinse your body. Because clear skin will easily absorb massage lotions. Also, it feels good to be hygienic and clean while experiencing a massage.

It is necessary to have light food which can easily digest before the massage. You can take a light salad with some protein or you can have fruits that can be easily digestible. It is a good practice that you should feel light before taking a massage. Also, avoid alcohol as you won’t feel anything if you are high with alcohol. So, to get more benefits, avoid alcohol or wine.

Keep healthy discussion while having a massage

As you are going for a Couple Massage, you are going to spend quality time together. Try to avoid discussion on negative topics. Try to experience positivity and increase positive vibes with a healthy or romantic discussion. Also, keep your phones away and relax and enjoy the massage.

Is couple massage awkward?

You can reduce your embarrassment after reading this. Let us discuss some common queries many couples have. After getting those answers, you will be confident while going for a massage.

It is awkward to remove your clothes for a massage

Removing clothes depends on which type of massage you want. They are many types of massage. For some massage such as Shiatsu, Thai, you can wear your clothes. Also, you will get privacy for removing your clothes if required. You need to lie down on a table. After that, the therapist will come into a private room by taking your permission. You can make yourself comfortable by taking your own time.

You feel self-conscious

 It is very common in few people that they are conscious about their body in terms of overweight, ugly feet, scars on the body, etc. Whether it is visiting your doctor or taking massage therapy, you should not be self-conscious while having health care. A trained therapist is not judgemental and they focus on muscles. You can avoid few areas by asking your therapist. Also, you can choose massage where oil or lotion is not required. Also, women need not worry about waxing. Therapists are not at all judgemental as their work is to make customers relaxed by giving them a proper massage. So, feel free and confident after reaching the clinic.

You can sleep during the massage

 Massage is a therapy to get your body to relax. So, it is common to get asleep during the massage. There is no judgment if you snore during massage therapy.

It is okay to have a sensitive body

Because of massage, it is common that your body behaves differently. If you are ticklish, you need to inform your therapist. By doing this, the therapist will take care of it while giving a massage and use different methods to minimize the feeling of ticklish.

It hurts while having a massage

 It is a big myth that massage is effective only if it is painful. While having a good massage, you should not feel any pain. In fact, this pain will grab your muscles which will create difficulty for a therapist while giving a massage. Good communication before a massage can be the best way to get what you need. You can talk to them about your pain areas so that you will experience more experience.

Know your clinic

It is advisory to know your clinic is legit or not. For that, you can check the type of massage they offer. You can check whether they have certified or licensed therapists or not.

Benefits of Couple Massage

It is a very relaxing, enjoyable, and soothing therapy for a couple.

It gives an experience of relaxation, pain relief same as when you do an individual massage. Additionally, it helps to make stronger bonds between couples.

During the massage, various chemicals released in the body such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine which will make you happy and gives a feeling of affection.

It is designed to strengthen the bond between the couple and induces love and affection. Also, it has actual health benefits such as stress relief, skincare, etc.<%


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