Bosscare Massage Chair Review

Top 3 Bosscare Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity Review (2023)

In the market, hundreds of Massage Chair available for users. Some are best for functionalities, and others are known for aesthetic value.

These luxurious furniture pieces are designed for comfort and managing health issues. Truly says, everyone loves to enjoy massage therapy sessions at home. That’s why the best relaxing chair is perfect for you. Now here we discuss a brand that is best in the market.

Bosscare is a company that focuses on developing health care products. They also design solid, functional, and aesthetic massage chairs under your budget.

Honestly, the Bosscare brand offers simple and vintage designs which are perfect for both decoration and relaxation.

Below Are The Reviews of The Top 3 Bosscare Massage Chair

To choose the right massage chair for you, you need to consider your needs. You should look for a massage chair that is comfortable, has a good design, and is rated high by users.

1. BOSSCARE Massage Chair GR8012

BOSSCARE Massage Chair GR8012

Top Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Back Heat Therapy
  • Zero-gravity Technique
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Faux Leather

Unlike other manufacturers, Bosscare primarily follows improvement and advanced technologies. This is the main reason why this brand is gaining massive popularity. Honestly, BOSSCARE ( GR8012 ) is a full-body massage chair.

It weighs around 134 pounds and can be installed within 5 minutes. 5.3′-6.1′ inches tall patients can easily adjust in this chair. If you have back pain, must check out its heat therapy technology.

These headpads offer a 45℃ constant temperature throughout the session. In fact the message is targeted and gentle enough for users. So it can provide better blood circulation and pain relief every time.


  • Improved back heat therapy
  • Six Auto Programs
  • 14 dedicated Massage Balls offer greater comfort


  • Decent Bluetooth speaker
  • May not be available sometimes
  • Used Faux or synthetic Leather

2. BOSSCARE Small Massage Chair GR8526

Top Features

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Shiatsu Recliner
  • Stylish SL Track Massage
  • LED Ambient Light

This is an SL Track Full Body Massage chair. Reviews say these chairs have the most advanced roller tracking technology. In fact this luxury furniture has a better space-saving design. You can enjoy relaxing and professional home therapy from this fantastic chair.

Here the manufacturer offers four different auto programs. So you can change the modes in swing, refreshing, partial care, and spa modes.

Moreover, there are solid artificial hands available in this chair. This technology allows us to enjoy six different massage techniques anytime.


  • Enjoy Kneading, Shiatsu, Knocking, Guasha, Clapping, and Tapping style massages
  • Users can choose zero different zero gravity angles
  • Takes weight up to 75kg


  • 6ft tall users may feel uncomfortable
  • 53(dB) is decent
  • Indeed, This is a small massage chair

3. BOSSCARE Massage Chair GR8601

Top Features

  • Heating on Abdomen, Waist & Back
  • Dual Electric Linear Actuators
  • Airbag Massage Chair with 3D Robot Hands
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • 6 Massage Techniques, 12 Auto Modes & Foot massage

Last but not least comes the BOSSCARE GR8601 SL Track Full Body Massage chair. The ergonomic design and quick recline facility make this item popular among users. Patients with years of back pain should use this chair regularly.

This chair includes the most precious heating pads in it. Users can enjoy a 55℃ Constant temperature with those cushions. No doubt, it offers a satisfying shooting and pain-relieving facility. This chair also has an Ergonomic Long SL-Track. It helps to cover your head to foot for a luxurious massage.

This chair is also equipped with flexible massage hands. Each one can cover different body parts for an efficient massage.


  • Three different zero gravity angles
  • Automatic 12 preset modes
  • Footrest and massager available


  • Patients with 5.1 feet tall may feel uncomfortable
  • A ventilated room may require
  • Fewer reviews

What Do Customers Say About Bosscare Massage Chair?

The massage Chair is primarily used for personal therapy and pain-relieving. Some furniture is best for functionalities. Others offer good quality massages with limited features. you can wait for the Massage Chair deals like Black Friday when you get the best discount on a massage chair.

Bosscare Massage Chair is known for durability, quality, and professional massage. However, the functions and programs depend on the price range. Still, the build construction and facilities are exceptional in this brand’s chairs. So below are the reviews that most customers say about their product.

  • Efficient controls offer quick action every time
  • Scans your height and automatically adjusts for ideal posture
  • Faster customer support who always replies within 12 hours
  • All chair installation and assembly processes are hustle free.

Reasons To Buy This Massage Chair

Bosscare chairs can be your personal aromatherapy massager. All their products are made from high-quality materials. In fact they have ten years + of experience in manufacturing health care items.

Their Massage Chairs are functional and aesthetic. Bosscare only used Flexible and skin-friendly leathers. It is water-resistant and helps to prevent allergies, dust, etc.

So why should you buy Bosscare Massage Chairs?

  • Verified Inspection of quality and safety of users
  • Used only environmentally friendly materials
  • More than ten years of experience in the business
  • Strongly compete with top Japanese massage chair brands like Kahuna or Osaki

Health Benefits of Massage Chair

A Massage Chair is suited for athletes, patients, and every household. No one denies a relaxing massage session at home. That’s why such luxury furniture is best for fulfilling individual desires. So what are the health benefits you get? Discuss below.

Boost Muscle recovery

As mentioned, massage Chairs include artificial hands. These are types of rollers that offer professional massage. So that muscles can soothe, lose and recover faster than expected.

It’s a pain reliever.

Remember regular massage promotes mobility and flexibility in the muscles. It helps to prevent stiffness, pain, and headache effectively.

Improve mental health

These chairs are known for therapeutic massage. Honestly, this is a style of massage that stimulates mood-regulating hormones. Most commonly, serotonin and dopamine reduce stress and change mood.

Bosscare Massage Chair Manual

If You face any issue or you wanna repair it after warranty, Here is the manual that you can download. but if you need more detail you can contact customer support or comment here. 

Bosscare Massage Chair Warranty

Bosscare generally provides up to 3 years of warranty on all their product. Although it can be changed as per their policy. You can check details on the product broacher.

Final Thought

These are the details of the Top Brand Bosscare Massage Chair. No doubt, this health care manufacturing company has a rising future. Their top professionals work with ethics and commitment to their users. Above three items are their top-selling massage chairs in this segment under $2000. Individuals who want the best Massage Chair should check out those lists.

FAQ's of Bosscare Massage Chair