BestMassage BM-EC77 Massage Chair Review 2021 [Buying Guide], Pros & Cons

Searching for an agreeable yet reasonable massage chair? You might be enticed to go to the BestMassage EC77 Electric Full Body Shiatsu massage chair.

The chair offers a significant number of the highlights found on pricier models, including zero gravity w/warmth and full body massage through eight massage focuses inside the backrest, alongside a weighty assortment of airbags in the arms, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet.

The chair retails for just $600 however can be discovered online for under $500. Accessible through the wellbeing and magnificence segments of online retailers like Amazon and eBay, this electric full body massage chair may appear as though a great worth contrasted with extravagance estimated models like the smash hit Cozzia Qi massage chair.

Be that as it may, before you make an interest in any electric massage chair, set aside effort to think about your necessities, alongside the disadvantages and advantages of a particular model.

BestMassage BM-EC77 Massage Chair Reviews : Buying Guide

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Top Features :

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Functional diversity
  • Air massage system with heat therapy
  • Space save
  • Modern design

The BestMassage EC77 offers a portion of similar highlights as pricier massage chairs. Yet, frequently, the capacities don’t fill in just as they would on extravagance models.

What We Like

  • Zero gravity w/heat at a moderate cost
  • 30 airbags for pressure massage
  • Three massage settings
  • Four kinds of massage
  • Natural, handheld LED regulator

What We Dislike

  • Helpless client care
  • Purchaser pays return dispatching if there is an issue
  • No maintenance agreement
  • Get together required
  • White Glove Service not accessible
  • Reports of parts breaking following a year
  • Awkward massage insight
  • Restricted stature change

Zero Gravity gives sensation of weightlessness

The BestMassage EC77 leans back as well as slants in reverse to a 45-degree point to advance a sensation of weightlessness, known as Zero Gravity while empowering a more profound massage.

Airbags add to full body massage

  • BestMassage EC-77 airbags  all out of 30 airbags length from the shoulders to the feet to give pressure massage treatment. In any case, in the event that you’ve done any examination on massage chairs, you realize that it isn’t generally the quantity of airbags that matter, however the general quality.
  • BestMassage chair airbags will in general be uproarious and the EC77 is no special case. The pressure may likewise feel excessively close and awkward, particularly for bigger people.

Warmth advances post-exercise recuperation

  • This zero gravity w/heat massage chair warms the lower back, giving relief from discomfort and muscle recuperation after an exercise.
  • Not at all like some better quality electric massage chair chairs, the warmth doesn’t stretch out all over the chairback yet is focused distinctly on your midsection, and a few analysts said it was sufficiently hot.

Four sorts of massage conceivable

The BestMassage EC77 utilizes eight massage heads crossing from the shoulders to the lower back, which move to give four unique kinds of massage: Shiatsu, tapping, manipulating, and thumping. These are not the double or quad rollers found on mainstream Japanese-planned massage chairs. These are produced using modest Chinese parts and don’t have the humanlike feel of an extravagance massage chair.

Natural LED regulator puts massage capacities in your grasp

  • BestMassage EC-77 RemoteThe handheld LED regulator permits the client to look over three pre-customized massages, or target movement on wanted regions. Physically switch on the warmth, pick the sort of massage, and change the speed of the rollers utilizing the catches on the instinctive far off.
  • Heads-up, however. More than one BestMassage EC77 audit announced a breaking down regulator directly out of the container.
  • From the nature of the massage to home conveyance and administration after the deal, the BestMassage EC77 misses the mark in numerous spaces.

Agonizing or awkward massage

  • A few commentators said the massage was not as profound and incredible as they have encountered somewhere else, while others called the massage difficult because of absence of top notch cushioning in the chair. One BestMassage EC77 commentator grumbled that there was insufficient head support, making the neck massage awkward.
  • Numerous commentators appeared to be surrendered to the not exactly loosening up experience, noticing that you get what you pay for. These purchasers appeared to feel that any comfortable massage was superior to none by any means, and the massage chair conveyed the experience they expected at the cost.

Not intended for taller or bigger individuals

  • Albeit the chair includes a movable footstool, a few BestMassage EC77 audits noticed that the chair doesn’t fit anybody more than 6′ tall. Moreover, heavier individuals or even individuals with more extensive shoulders might be awkward in the chair, particularly when the upper airbags expand.
  • A couple of analysts likewise grumbled that the electric massage chair needed more tallness change for individuals of shifting statures to appreciate an agreeable back or neck massage.

Some gathering required

  • The BestMassage EC77 boats to your home in two separate boxes, gauging a sum of 300+ lbs. Subsequent to discovering a companion to help you transport the chair into your home after it has been dropped at your doorstep, you’ll need to adhere to the guidance manual to gather it. Numerous analysts said the directions were fundamentally useless and waded through gathering all alone, in the long run sorting it out.
  • In the event that you as of now experience the ill effects of back inconvenience and are searching for a shiatsu massage chair to mitigate back torment, don’t endeavor to move the chair.
  • Numerous extravagance model massage chairs offer white glove administration. Experts convey the massage chair straightforwardly where you need it and gather it for you. At that point they set aside the effort to tell you the best way to work the controller and access every one of the highlights.
  • At the point when you buy a BestMassage EC77, you are left to sort it out all alone.

Purchaser be careful: FDA “recorded” assignment amounts to nothing

  • BestMassage EC77 ReviewSome photographs online show this massage chair with a FDA seal. This doesn’t mean it can treat an ailment or injury. It simply implies the maker paid cash to have the massage chair “recorded” with the FDA.
  • You are not getting a more compelling chair, or a FDA-investigated, or doctor affirmed massage chair. This chair may assist with reducing back torment, help in muscle recuperation, and help you feel invigorated or restored.
  • However, it’s similarly as likely the BestMassage EC77 will cause migraines in the event that it separates.
  • The BestMassage EC77 retails for around $600 and is accessible for even less through wellbeing and magnificence retailers. This doesn’t come close to $5,000 massage chairs, yet it is as yet a powerful amount of cash for some individuals.

Parts break following a year, audits say

  • BestMassage EC77 audits on trustworthy destinations show that parts break after a year—or sooner. Also, it is almost difficult to track down client assistance or backing for these electric massage chairs.
  • Amazon, eBay and different destinations are loaded up with BestMassage EC77 surveys from buyers who bought the massage chair just to have it quit working following two months, nine months, or even only a couple days.

No client care

Most shoppers who had issues said their calls and messages were disregarded by BestMassage and the parent organization, Cavalier Wholesales. (Peruse our audit of Cavalier Wholesale here.)

You may need to pay for delivery, just as parts and fixes

The organization can’t dispatch parts and won’t send an individual to your home for administration, so you are left paying to transport the chair back for fix.

No maintenance agreement alternatives

The chair just accompanies a one-year guarantee, with no alternative to broaden the guarantee.

Contrast this with the guarantee accessible on chairs bought through and different specialists. Respectable massage chair sellers give a maintenance agreement of as long as five years for parts and work. The guarantee incorporates a “Fix or Replace Promise,” so you are ensured to have a functioning massage chair and it shouldn’t cost a dime.

You may need to pay to dispose of your BestMassage electric massage chair

Possibly you approve of a “expendable” model that you can supplant if the calfskin tears or parts break. However, the BestMassage EC77 massage chair weighs more than 300 lbs. furthermore, you can’t simply put it out with your family garbage.

You may end up paying to have somebody remove the chair.

BestMassage BM-EC77 Massage Chair Features

Zero Gravity Massage Chair : Press the zero-gravity button,Zero gravity massage chairs lift your feet to a similar level as your heart, limiting the strain of gravity on your vertebrae, easing the inconvenience of back torment. 14 massage focuses cooperate with different regions to give a totally loosening up massage.Supports head, neck, shoulder, abdomen, back, leg, and foot massage with heating(back). Your heart can work less and you can loosen up additional.

Utilitarian DIVERSITY : 3 preset auto massage programs have distinctive massage strategies to give you the best massage experience.Including exceptional extending programs for full body extending, double foot rollers on the feet region are appropriate for most,but you can likewise pick power speed and airbag strain to control your own massage.

AIR MASSAGE SYSTEM with HEAT THERAPY : There are all out 35 air packs which are deliberately situated in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet. Joined with heat treatment framework, your muscles and joints will recuperate quicker with expanded blood course and less agony and aches.Multiple Air sack for your hip and your midsection line which blows up for pressure massage to adjust lower back and pelvis territory.

SPACE SAVE AND MODERN DESIGN : Space saving innovation just requires 10 creeps from the divider. Expertly made for style, this massage chair can be the ideal emphasize for living room,home theater,balcony and office. All the plan is to present to you the ideal massage insight.

What You Will Got : We need you to be glad for the chair, let us know whether you are definitely not.

FAQ : Can massage cause blood clots?

Profound vein apoplexy and blood clusters anyplace in the body are an illustration of a genuine medical issue that can be antagonistically influenced by a massage. Talking with the specialist before rub is the most ideal approach to stay away from any responses including a deadly response. Profound tissue knead centres around layers of connective tissue in the body. This tissue lines the skin, separating muscles into their practical gatherings.

The motivation behind profound tissue knead is to extend the connective tissue layer by layer until even the most profound layer has been delivered. With any sort of massage, however, particularly profound tissue, the danger with blood clumps is that it might loosen up and travel to undesirable spaces of the body like your heart or lungs causing a lethal respiratory failure or an impeded course. This is the reason it is critical to have composed endorsement from the MD treating your coagulation prior to getting rub.

Expecting your danger factors, assuming any, will incredibly assist you with staying away from this issue. After medical procedure, follow physician’s instructions and keep awake and moving to get blood streaming to the space that requirements mended.

In case you are sitting grinding away for delayed timeframes, get up and walk the workplace to guarantee blood stream is getting to the lower appendages. In the event that you do have a family background of clumps, there is no mischief in requesting that your PCP watch out with ultrasounds or different tests. Finally, on the off chance that you do have a blood coagulation, keep away from kneads. In case they are in the mid-region or are intense.

And effectively being dealt with. And get a specialist’s note of endorsement in case they are in the lower body. Indeed, even with the specialist’s note, your advisor might in any case feel more great just working the upper segment of your body to guarantee the coagulation disappears totally normally.

Symptoms of blood clusters include:

• When Skin seems to be stained. Or dazzling red is the noticeable sign
• Incredibly delicate veins that are agonizing at the smallest touch
• Skin that feels warm particularly on the off chance. This feels warm around regions where red, stained, or agonize.
• Torment that happens in your legs when you walk or hold up
• Abrupt enlarging of the legs – it can happen to one leg or the two legs simultaneously

BestMassage BM-EC77 Massage Chair











  • Space Saving Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Cheap in Cost


  • Availability can be the Issue


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  1. Was wondering how to contact the BestMassage company? Looking to purchase a new controller for my BM-EC77 chair.

    • If you would like to return part or all of your order please contact our customer service department at [email protected] or 773-764-6542 and let them know what you would like to return and the reason for the return and if you would like a refund or a replacement.

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