6 Best Places in Thailand to Massage – Where to go in Bangkok for a massage

Let us now discuss these message places in Thailand. Detail description of this Massage Places will help to know well about them. This will also help to find which type of massage is more suitable for your body type and lifestyle.

1. Sukhumvit road central Bangkok

Sukhumvit road central Bangkok massage

Many people visit Bangkok to see the beauty of the night cities. This city has many popular massage centers. As this is the central part of Bangkok all the touring spots are near this place.

2. Arima onsen Silom district

Arima onsen Silom district

This massage center has professional therapists which are working there for years. Thus they manage to keep their massage quality unique instated of huge competitors. Also, they provide foot, facial, traditional massage along with reflexology and oil massage. 

3. Charlie beauty Khaosan road Bangkok

Charlie beauty Khaosan road Bangkok

This massage and beauty salon has is known for better customer service and satisfaction. Moreover, all the therapists are friendly and good at their work. Their fish spa and facial massage are famous all over the city. Many people used to have a tattoo when they visit this salon.

4. Loi Kroh massage Chiang Mai city

Loi Kroh massage Chiang Mai city

This massage center provides a yoga facility along with herbal massage. Also, the oil they use contains some medicinal herbs for greater relaxation. Moreover, the yoga instructor teaches yoga personally as per the requirement of the customer.

5. Siam Hop, MBK Center Bangkok

Siam Hop, MBK Center Bangkok

This massage center is near Bangkok. There are many facilities to travel to MBK center. Moreover, travel agencies are conscious of the virus situation and taking all the effort for safety purposes. This center provides the list of massages as you enter and provides the best services. 

6. Christan Massage Phuket

Christan Massage Phuket

Phuket is famous for beaches and natural beauty. Many people find it interesting to take a massage after enjoying the beach party. You can find foot massage as well as reflexology massage all over the city. 

Moreover, many travel agencies provide their services for those who have an interest in taking the massage. These tours are having a short duration. As there are a lot of massage places in Bangkok these agencies have several services to these locations.